Are Values Important in Self Development?

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When you hear someone talking about self-development, you always hear about productivity, tips, hacks, and more. But all of those are only part of something bigger and they are called values. Values are what drives everyone to act on their own based on their perceptions. For self improvement, values are always part of the equation. So we have to answer why are values important for self-development?

Values are important for self development because they are a set of beliefs and behaviors that you can follow towards personal development. People with good values will find it very easy to improve themselves over time. Thus, values are essential for lasting results.

That is the main reason why values are important. They are the core beliefs of a person. That’s why changing a person’s value is a big step towards improving their lives. We need to find the right values for us to know what steps we have to take. This article, will dive more into this including the importance of value, 5 most important values for self improvement, and to answer if self improvement is a value.

Why values are important for self-development?

Values are important for self-development because they are the core beliefs of a certain individual. This means that every move of a person is dependent on their core values. A person with the right values will automatically act towards their improvement as an individual.

For that reason, value makes things easier to follow and core values makes them move automatically in their favor.

For example, one of my core values is actually efficiency.

So I always make sure to do things fast but efficient.

I do not need to continuously think that I need to eliminate distractions, I should not do multitasking, or I need to block my time.

All of these are part of efficiency.

That’s why when I am learning and finding out a new way to be more productive, I will easily remember them.

This is because I value productivity and efficiency a lot.

That is why, finding the right values makes self-improvement so much easier.

Another is how it affects our judgement, which will be discussed on the next section.

What is the importance of values?

The importance of values is that it makes things simpler to follow. For example, rather than reminding yourself to work without distractions, and to prevent multitasking, you can just remember that one of your core values is efficiency. Making things simpler makes things easier to follow.

This makes it easier to follow as we can only remember few things at the same time.

Our brain can actually only remember a few things which mean that we can only take note of specific self-help tips in our brain.

Values changes this.

With values, it is usually engrained into our personality. We become the habits that are associated with our values.

That is why I always look for efficiency and I don’t need to take note of many tips to become more productive. This is because I automatically act with efficiency in mind.

Next is judgement.

In self development, judgement is very important. This is because we are all different and there are things that can work for us, and things that don’t.

For example in my case, I am a believer on the work hard mentality rather than work smart. While others swear by only working smart.

I am not a fan of the 4 hour workweek, but some are a big fan.

That does not mean that I am wrong, or they are wrong. Neither is wrong between us. It is a matter of our core beliefs and my core belief is that hard work will bring you joy and success in life.

And I also believe in working smart, thus the productivity. But that does not mean that I will let go of working hard.

Working hard is one of my values, and I always consider that when judging.

If you do not understand what I mean by self-development is personal, here is an article where I go in-depth on that topic. This is the product of what I’ve realized after learning from lots of articles, books, videos, and podcasts: What can we learn from Personal Development?

What are the five important values in Self Development?

There are lots of important values in self-development, but if I can only choose the 5 most important ones, they are commitment, responsibility, hope, passion, and honesty.

Here are the five important values in self development:

  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Hope
  • Passion
  • Honesty

1. Commitment

Commitment is an important value in self-development because anything big in life requires us to work without giving up. The reason for this is success does not come easy and fast. Commitment is a value that helps us stick to our goals for a long time.

In life, almost all success came from years of hard work. This is true for sports professionals, artists, businessman, and a content creator like me.

Commitment is the one that keeps us working even if times are tough. While most people give up, the successful ones stay till they get their reward.

Most people fail in life because they gave up too early instead of trying to stay and be strong.

It is the same with self improvement. Improving yourself requires a lot of commitment and acceptance that you need to make yourself better.

I do not know why you want to improve. It might be personal, or because of your environment.

But the thing you need to remember is you can’t receive the best results if you are half-hearted. Almost only the committed ones get the best things in life.

2. Responsibility

Responsibility is an important value in self-development because it is your duty to take care of yourself. Responsibility is your response to whatever life throws at us. You can either respond in a good way, or a bad way. It all depends on how you’re responsible for yourself.

3. Hope

Hope is an important value in self-development because it is what keeps us from moving even if times are tough. It is the belief that there is a brighter future ahead of us, and we just need to constantly move in order to succeed because success is always in the end.

4. Passion

Passion is an important in self-development because it is a value that makes us motivated to work for your goals. It is the one that drives us love our work. And loving your work produces grit. Grit is found to be more important than talent when it comes to success.

One thing to differentiate hope and passion is that hope is based on the future. For example, you want yourself to be a successful singer so you practice every day in order for your voice to be better.

Passion on the other hand, is more on the current. If you love singing, your passion is singing. If you love writing, then your passion is writing.

5. Honesty

Honesty is important for self development because this is a value that is needed to accept mistakes. Mistakes are one of the best teachers in life, and if you reject them, you will lose a lot of valuable lessons that might make you better.

There are more things to discuss with the values. In my other article, I have listed 15 values in self-development. Also, It goes more in-depth of the 5 values listed above. Here is the article: What are the Values Needed for Self-development?

Is self-development a value?

Self-development is a group of values to make a person’s life better. Some of these values include commitment, responsibility, hope, passion, and honesty. These values are what drives a person to make themselves better and ultimately become successful.

Every person has a different set of values, but when we are talking about self-development, it consists of the 5 values listed above.

People who are more into self-development usually have more than 5 values. That’s why I have the article discussing the 15 values for self-development.

Values are very important. As you can see, all self development has a value in them. Not only does it make things easier to follow, it is also the one that shapes the individual.

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  1. For Beginners7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – Personal development has a lot of concepts and ideas to learn. Thus it can be really hard for beginners to know where to start. Thus, I recommend this book since all the basic concepts of personal development are here(except finance, check what I recommended for that)
  2. ProductivityThe One Thing by Gary Keller – This book teaches us the power of focusing on one thing which is the ultimate source of productivity. The concepts taught are what I am using to constantly publish YouTube videos while maintaining this website.
  3. Busy?Make Time by Jack Knapp – This book teaches us how to make time for the things we love. The concept is really simple but I think that makes it a book worth reading.
  4. HealthLifespan by Dr.Sinclair – This Book teaches about the latest scientific research on lifespan. In his book, he has shared numerous things he is doing to slow down his aging process. This can be as easy as eating less which he recommends.
  5. FinanceThe Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason – Perhaps one of the first books I’ve read about Finance, this book for me is the best if we are talking about learning basic finance such as basic saving and investing. The concepts are very simple but effective.


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