Being Successful with No Social Skills: Is it Possible?

So you might think that you have no social skills and might be wondering if what would you career be like. Would you be successful without any social skills? Can you reach the corporate ladder? Can you be a good businessman? We will find out in this article if you can be successful without social skill.

You can reach a certain level of success without social skills. In fact, it is a good practice that you can learn how to move on your own feet. However, it has a limit where you need to have some social skills to reach a higher level. For example, you need a team to do bigger projects.

But what do I mean by reaching a certain level, or that you can learn how to get on your feet. We will dive into it further in this article.

Can you be successful without social skills?

You can be successful without social skills. In fact, if you chose this route, you can strive for excellence within yourself. Getting good at a certain skill requires a lot of deliberate practice, which people with poor to no social skills can do instead of socializing.

Not caring for socialization brings a lot of free time for you to work on yourself.

This is because sometimes, extreme socialization can cause you to forget your own.

What are your dreams? What are your goals? What do you want in life? If your goal is to be one of the best in a certain field, then you will need a lot of time to practice.

People who don’t have social skills often learn to stand on their own. This is one of the best skill you can build in life.

Imagine just waiting for someone to do something. People who just practiced everything on their own will know how important it is to do things for themselves.

They learn to be independent even if it can be sometimes hard to do something.

A perfect example might be Tesla. Because of his independence in making himself better, it took a lot of tries for him to be successful.

His tries took a lot of his time, but he was able to stand on his own feet.

Standing on your own feet means that you can progress in life, and do what you want in life without needing anybody’s help.

If you think that doing things your own way is bad, legends became legends because they practiced on their own everyday. Honing their craft without needing anybody to help them.

They know that needing help can slow down their growth, so they took things into their own hands.

While most will tell you that having success without social skills is bad for your career, they don’t know what it feels like to be one.

I understood this concept of standing on my own feet on my own. On this blog, on my YouTube channel. It turned me into what people called very skillful. However, I still don’t believe that’s true.

I was able to build this website you are reading right now. This is because I took things into my own hands. I searched for how to make my own website, and make better articles.

The result is I was able to reach you who is reading this article, and I am here to tell you that you can also upgrade yourself.

I want to share with you this article on knowing if you have bad or no social skills, it is a good self-assessment to find it out yourself. I believe that sometimes, a proper self-assessment is necessary so you will know what to work on: How do you know if you have bad social skills?

Can you succeed without social skills?

You can definitely succeed without social skills. You just need to know your strengths not only your weaknesses. Granted that people without social skills have a big weakness, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any strengths they can use to succeed.

Having no social skills is a big weakness. You can’t work with others well. You can’t lead a team which will prevent you from having a managerial position even if you are very skilled.

But that doesn’t mean that it is over.

As I said, there is something called deliberate practice where you can use to hone your skills and talents to serve you better. It will also teach you independence.

What if you use the art of deliberate practice to improve your social skills.

That is the reason why I said you should read the article about “How do you know if you have bad social skills” later. This will give you a proper assessment where you need to improve.

You can’t address the lack of social skills by just addressing your lack of social skills by talking to people.

You need to find out the specifics and from there, work your way. Work on your weakness. It is just like practicing every skill.

It will be really bad at first, but it will be completely okay.

Talk to people around you, the waiter at the coffee shop, the cashier in the store. Work your way to self improvement.

For a much better assessment, here is another article where we tackle the deep cause of poor social skills. It is another way for you to find things yourself the specific things that needs any improvement: What causes poor social skills?

Now, most of you will just think that you are an introvert or a loner. You don’t have social skills because you are such. Let me give an encouragement in the next section.

Why are Loners not the same as having a Poor Social Skills

Loners are not the same as people with poor social skills because skills can be learned and be improved upon. Being a loner just means that you probably enjoy your time alone. Thus, you don’t want to always be talking with someone. There is nothing wrong with being a loner.

However, being a loner doesn’t mean that it is a perfect excuse not to work on your social skills.

It is a skill because it can be improved upon. There might be times that you might want some company, so work your way into improving your social skills. There is no such thing as a person with no social skill.

Actually, they just lack the practice they need, and need the push to do something to improve.

This is the push. You can be successful without any social skills, but you also need people to be able to reach the fullest of heights.

You need people to do something larger than what you can do alone. Honing your craft to be so good is one thing. But being very good, and at the same time able to handle a team is a legend.

Actually, introverts are really good in a certain way. They are really good at speaking in camera and using technology to their advantage. Here is a video summary of the book Quiet. I made this video to show people that introverts are also good in some ways.

Video Summary of Quiet

Where can Introverts excel using their Social Skills?

Introverts excel with their social skills on social media. There are numerous internet celebrity that are introverts. They can be alright because they practiced speaking to the camera well.

Being an introvert is not bad. I made this section because it pains me that some people think that they need to be an extrovert.

I am an introvert myself and I figured out how to use this in my favor.

There is no reason to be sad that you are an introvert.

Social Media is a good outlet in which an introvert can use their social skills. They can use technology in their favor and are generally more comfortable speaking on a camera compared to extroverts. In fact, A lot of famous social media influencers are introverts.

So be proud.

Improve your social skills. It is learnable.


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