How does silence improve our daily life?

I usually prefer having a few minutes of quiet time every day. This has become a practice ever since I find that it actually helped me cope with my everyday life. As someone who has been having some quiet sessions for a few years, I learned a lot of things that silence improves in our daily life.

How does silence improve our daily life? Silence improves our daily lives by giving us some time to reflect. Self-reflection is very important to keep our feet on the ground and live in the present. Furthermore, it helps us make sure that what we are doing is always in line with our goals and aspirations in life.

This article would give you some more things silence can do to our life. While it may seem like I am overreacting with lots of benefits, I actually experienced each one of those through years of practicing mindfulness. I have listed 9 benefits you can get from having some downtime.

Gives us a Break

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits I’ve had from silence is that it made me have a break from a fast-changing world.

As someone who relies on social media and blogging for a living, I can’t help but be in line with technology, or I would get behind my competitors.

The problem here is that because the world just keeps moving, it seems like we have no time to take a break and enjoy the moment.

We are always chasing for an increase in traffic or views to our YouTube Channel.

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But what I’m saying is this.

Sometimes, we just need some time alone to recharge. To get away from the noise of the environment.

This might seem very simple, but upon more self-reflection, this is what keeps me going despite the highs and lows of life since in blogging, there are lots of things you can’t control.

That’s why I think having a break while in absolute silence is important. If you’re interested, I also have an article discussing this topic in detail. Here is the link: What is the importance of silence in life

Helps us Slow Down

With our fast-paced city life, it seems like everything just moves fast.

Most of us seem to live in cities that aren’t sleeping anymore. Furthermore, our jobs tend to be 24/7 thanks to technology and timezones.

Sometimes, it leads to stress just thinking about how we can cope up with others.

The truth is, right now, it is quite harder to slow down than before.

That’s where silence can improve our daily life. It actually helps us slow down.

Having a simple break while having a cup of coffee or tea is a good way to slow down.

That’s also why I did a social media detox even if I make a living with my blog. I just need to slow things down.

If you’re interested in social media detox, I actually made a complete guide so you can know how to do it and the benefits you can expect. Here is the link: Everything you need to know about Social Media Detox

Helps us live in the Moment

Having some silence in our lives helps us live in the moment.

Our society has switched to a society always looking forward to the next big thing. The next big product, software, company, and so much more.

A lot of people are so focused on their dreams and aspirations that they forget to appreciate the present moment.

In all honesty, just having a roof above your head and enough money to buy the things you need are enough. Having a family that supports you is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

Having some silence reflecting on these things is what makes our lives improve via silence.

Silence helps us see what we currently have and should be appreciative for.

Sometimes, we get to the flow of hedonic adaptation in which things seem always not enough. The truth is that most of us came a long way.

To help explain what hedonic adaptation is, here is an example.

I still remember the days where I was ecstatic earning $0.40 daily from my websites, right now, I came a long way, and making that in a day would stress me out.

Hedonic adaptation simply means that what is fun for you before isn’t fun now. That is because what makes us happy or our standards for being happy just increases as we go higher.

That’s why you’ll see millionaires that are not satisfied with life.

Just thinking of where I am right now thanks to silence has brought a big change and improved my life.

That is because there are lots of things to be grateful for in the present moment.

Gives us time for Self-Reflection

Silence gives us time to self-reflect which is very essential when it comes to improving our lives.

Silence helped me make sure that what I am doing is in line with my goals.

Questions such as: “Are what I am doing right now improve my life?”, “Am I happy with what I am doing?”, or “Am I doing my best every day?”

These self-reflections helped me get on my feet when I am starting to sway away from my goals and ambitions in life.

The reason is simple, there are just times that we get to the flow of waves. Making sure that we are on the right wave is what self-reflection is all about.

So, give yourself some time to reflect on your goals. I believe that silence would be the best way to do so.

I have made an article teaching how to properly do self-reflection. If you want to achieve more with less time during reflection, then I suggest you read this article: How to develop self-reflection practice

Helps us get used to silence

I see some stigma from people when it comes to silence.

The thing is a lot of people are plain uncomfortable in silence.

And as proof, you would often see people talk a lot just for the sake of trying to remove this silence in conversation.

People are trying to remove dead time or silence in conversation simply because they find silence as something uncomfortable.

While I don’t believe it should be considered to be uncomfortable, society thinks otherwise.

The more you are in silence, the more you get used to it.

As you already know, silence has numerous benefits to our daily lives.

While it can be awkward at first, it just gets better as you get used to silence and thinking.

Perhaps, I see that the most common reason why people try to stay away from silence is their denial of their inner thoughts.

When this happens, they are usually depriving themselves of some needs.

That is the need the be heard.

Like other people, your own minds deserve to be heard and it expects you to be the first one to understand what it wants.

Gives us time to think

Many devalue the importance of thinking.

The thing is that we can be better at thinking if we are in the zone of we are focused and I find that being in a quiet place is helpful when it comes to thinking.

In fact, to get the flow of ideas, I am writing this blog post while having some white noise app plugged into my ears. This is to make sure that I don’t have any distractions when I am thinking.

This alone helped me learn faster when I was in college and have ideas when writing.

Makes us more Creative

With the flow of ideas from silence, you can start to be more creative.

This is especially true for a creative writer such as me. I find that I can write better and faster when I am in a quiet or silent place.

Just the silence makes us more focused on our task which makes it easier for our brain to come up with fresh ideas to use.

This is especially helpful when it comes to our daily life and career.

Gives us time to Relax

Silence is really helpful when it comes to relaxing.

As I’ve explained, our world just seems faster compared to before thanks to technology which connects us to other parts of the world.

This makes us feel anxious that we are being left behind by our competitors simply because you can easily see that the world seems not sleeping at all.

By having some time to relax and reflect, we prevent this from happening.

Silence would just give us the time to relax that we deserve and in my opinion, it is a good way to cope up with our fast-changing environment.

Makes us More Productive

Silence helps us get into the Flow state or what others call the zone.

This state has been described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book “Flow”.

This has also been shown by Dr.Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work“.

Generally speaking, you will be more productive if you are 100% focused on the task. This is also what helped me cope up with publishing 3 videos a week on YouTube and an article a day on this website.

And the reason why you’ll be productive is that it is better to go in the zone when it is quiet.

You won’t get anything good with distractions. It just harms your productivity.

I actually have a video of the Video summary of Deep Work, I think you would get it more if you watch it since that is where I have explained the flow state in greater detail.

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