How does Time Management affect our lives [15 Benefits]

Usually, I have a lot of things to do everyday. This means that Time Management has been a big part of my life since it helps me keep up even if things can get really busy. Once you’ve learned how to properly manage your time, your life will be significantly better. That’s also what happened in my life. So I want to share with you the benefits I had when I started learning and applying time management skills.

Time management affects our lives for the better because it teaches us how to properly manage our time. When we learn how to properly manage our time, we learn to value and give time to things that matter to us which makes us happier and more fulfilled.

To be more specific, there are many benefits to time management. I got lots of ideas in mind so I will show more benefits to boost your motivation in order to work on yourself.

These are the benefits of Time Management and its effect on our lives.

  1. Time Management Makes Us More Efficient
  2. Time Management Helps Us Understand Ourselves More
  3. Time Management Helps Us Accomplish More With Less Time
  4. Time Management Produces Better Work-Life Balance
  5. Time Management Improves Our Self-Discipline
  6. Time Management Improves Our Personal Relationships
  7. Time Management Gives Us More Time To Relax
  8. Time Management Improves Our Decision-Making Abilities
  9. Time Management Reduces Stress
  10. Time Management Makes Our Quality of Work Better
  11. Time Management Improves Our Career
  12. Time Management Opens Up New Opportunities
  13. Time Management Increases Our Reputation
  14. Time Management Boosts Our Confidence
  15. Time Management Makes Life a lot Simpler

Basically, time management affects our life on a daily basis by helping us make more time for the things that matter. Because of that, time management allows us to have a proper balance in our life where we can accomplish more with less time needed.

Now that I’ve explained these benefits in a summarized manner, let’s discuss them on more detail in this article.

1. Time Management Makes Us More Efficient

Time management makes us more efficient because we can finish more things with less time. The reason for this is because effective time management lets us focus more on the task at hand making it faster and more efficient to accomplish these tasks.

When I learned how to manage my time, I began to have more free time even if I had a lot of things to do. My todo list is usually packed and when people see it, they become surprised on how I finish all of my tasks fast.

Actually, it is simple. I learned to be more efficient.

I know that focusing on things makes us work not just faster, but better. Thus, our result to time ratio is much better when we learn how to focus on things.

That means I respect my schedule. I usually block notifications and sometimes put my phone into airplane more when I really need to finish the work as fast as possible.

This makes me finish a day worth of work in about 4 hours per day.

2. Time Management Helps Us Understand Ourselves More

Time Management helps us understand ourselves more because we would often give more time to ourselves the moment we learn proper time management. The reason is because we finish more with less time which gives time for self-discovery.

Self-help gurus call the opposite of this the rat race.

In my opinion, I define rat race as a life which seems like our days our only filled with work.

Example of this is my life a few years back when I was working in a hospital. I am just going waking up in the morning because I have to go to work. I have to eat because I have to work. I rest because I’m tired of work.

When this happens, I remember the time where I think that I’ve forgotten myself because of how my life only revolves around my work.

That’s the problem. We tend to forget ourselves. We tend to ask ourselves about the things we want to accomplish or the life we want because we give no time to ourselves for self-reflection.

That’s why I always stress the importance of self-reflection. When we learn how to give time to self-reflection, we can understand ourselves on what we truly want.

For example, I was able to understand that one of the things that makes me happy is to make these posts or videos that help people. You don’t know how happy I feel inside every time a person emails me how I helped them.

With more time freed thanks to time management, we would have more time for self-discovery. More time to understand what you truly want in life. An understanding on what really makes you happy.

If you want to learn more on why I am saying this, especially on why knowing yourself more makes you happy, I have an in-depth article discussing the importance of having clear values in life. Your values are what makes your personality. Here is the link: What is the importance of having clear values in life?

3. Time Management Helps Us Accomplish More With Less Time

Time Management helps us accomplish more with less time because we tend to focus more on things when they are scheduled. Focusing on things makes us work more efficiently which makes us accomplish more work with less time needed.

When we learn how to properly schedule things, we tend to focus more.

This helps us accomplish more things with less time. As an example, the work I can do in just 4 hours is equivalent to about 2 days of work for my past self.

I can accomplish more things in just 4 hours of time compared to the past version of me.

The reason for that is not only do I have more focus, I also know myself more.

For example, since I am a lark, I tend to work better right after having a complete night of sleep.

So, my most mentally demanding tasks are usually done about 4 hours after waking up such as when I am writing this article.

However, if you’re a night owl, then maybe a quiet night would work better on you.

Basically you know when you can accomplish more so you can schedule yourself to do the work on that specific time.

These reasons make you more productive in work and life in general.

4. Time Management Produces Better Work-Life Balance

Time management produces better work-life balance because we start to have more time for ourselves when we do more with less time. We start to give more time to our own needs such as relationships, goals, ambitions and many more.

A few years back, I really have bad time management skills.

This led to a series of problems and even to the point where I think I’ve lost my sense of identity.

I don’t even know what to do aside from working.

This led to my life revolving only around work which is completely fine if I love my work. But the truth is I didn’t like my work before.

Because of that. my work life balance is completely messed up since I didn’t really give time to myself.

That’s the problem if you don’t give time for yourself.

Work-life balance can happen once we learn how to properly manage our time. Because of time management, I was able to finish work earlier than before. This means that you can give more time for yourself.

If you work on an office, then this means less overtime which would give you more rest if needed, or to do things that matter to you.

If you want to know where to start in fixing your work-life balance, I recommend you do self-reflection. This might seem weird but it helped me a lot to find out what really makes me happy. This led to a more balanced life.

I made an article on how to do self-reflection which is really easy to follow. It is very suitable for beginners since I tried to explain it in a very easy manner. I recommend you read it after. Here is the link: How to develop your self-reflection practice

5. Time Management Improves Our Self-Discipline

Time management improves our self-discipline because we it teaches us the importance of following our schedule. Following our schedule build a habit of discipline which we can use on other aspects of our lives other than time management.

I am also a victim of now following my schedule.

But the more you follow and respect your schedule, the more consistent you become.

In time, following your schedule would become a new habit which would help you in life.

For example, one of the key aspects of discipline is to get out of bed when it is time to get out of bed.

It’s hard. When I first started to schedule things out, I find it hard to get out of bed. But right now, I still fail but it only happens on weekends.

If I really have work to do like right now, I woke up early, open my laptop, and then start writing.

Through repetition, I was able to turn this into a habit which improved my discipline.

Discipline is the key aspect of a lot of things in life. When we learn and apply discipline, a lot of good things happen. Not just in time management, but almost every aspect of our lives including career, relationships, finances, and goals.

6. Time Management Improves Our Personal Relationships

Time management improves our personal relationships because we can give more time in socializing once we have more free time. The reason for this is that we can free up a lot of time with time management which can be allocated to other people.

Imagine finishing a lot of work, or even a day’s worth if work in just about 4 hours.

How much time can you use socializing with others while remaining your producitivity.

With time management, you can use your free time to do something you love such as socializing.

You can also use that free time to fix your relationship with friends, family, colleagues, and more.

Furthermore, since we’ve improved our productivity, we can become more confident and it helps a lot in socializing with others since people can feel confidence.

Confidence instantly makes you a great communicator. Not just in personal relationships but also on work such as public speaking.

7. Time Management Gives Us More Time To Relax

Time management gives us more time to relax because we free up more time for ourselves when we practice time management. This leads to a life that is less stressful since we have fewer things to think about since we can accomplish a lot more.

There are 2 things to remember here.

One is that because you can give more time to yourself, we can give ourselves some time to wind down and relax.

The second is that we can relax guilt free when we learn time management.

This is because it is way better to relax when our work for the day is finished. When we can go to bed guilt free because all of our tasks are done.

When I first experienced that feeling of accomplishment, it was really wonderful.

With time management, you can easily finish your tasks provided that you know your limits. In time management, you should also know how much work is too much.

Once you get how much you can do, then finish your tasks for the day. The feeling of accomplishment once you’ve finished these tasks are just amazing and you can watch your favorite movies guilt-free since you’re done with your work for the day.

8. Time Management Improves Our Decision-Making Abilities

Time management improves our decision making abilities because we learn the habit of knowing which is best for a specific time once we learn how to do proper time management. This slowly makes us better in analyzing problems and provide better decisions.

As I said, one of the benefits of knowing how to properly manage your time is that you can easily see your limits. This is your decision making ability.

Even if I can accomplish a lot for a shorter time, I also know that going full speed for full 8 hours is a bad idea. I know that working for full 4-5 straight hours is already good enough since I’ve already accomplished a lot for that day.

This is decision making. Deciding what I can do is part of that.

Another is deciding when I should do it.

As an example, I know that my creative thinking is optimal right after waking up. Thus I schedule creative writing such as writing this post in the morning.

These small decision making moments help me get better in decision making. Not just in time management, but in almost every aspect of my life.

9. Time Management Reduces Stress

Time management helps us reduce stress because we can finish more tasks in less time. Time management reduces the tasks lingering in our mind when we are not working anymore because we tend to finish them on time. Futhermore, it helps us get more sleep.

One of the biggest problems of now knowing time management is stress.

One reason is that people who are bad at it tend to feel guilty even when resting. Such example is when you are home and you try your best to relax but you know that there are still lots of work that you need to do.

This leads to stress.

Another thing is that finishing a lot of work in a day feels really good and it happens when you managed your time well. This makes you enjoy relaxation way better than relaxing with a lot of unfinished tasks in mind.

But life wouldn’t be stress-free if you know how to manage your time. Since there will be times where you really have a lot to do.

But it reduces stress since you can now finish more tasks with shorter time.

10. Time Management Makes Our Quality of Work Better

Time management makes our quality of work better because of the focus it gives. When we are really following our work time schedule, our focus will be better. This focus makes our work quality much better which can improve our career.

Because of the focus time management can give, we can work with not just less time, but also better quality.

Such example is writing. Without focus, it is completely obvious that I would not just have these ideas, but also you can see way more spelling errors and such.

We are not good at multi-tasking. We say we are but it has been proven multiple times by studies that multitasking is not our friend.

So time management makes our work better because you tend to respect your time. Respecting your time of work means that you are only working. No notifications or no social media. Just pure work and the outcome would always be something you are proud of.

11. Time Management Improves Our Career

With time management, we improve our career because we can do more things with less time. What happens is that people would see the quality of your work which would ultimately lead to new career opportunities.

People are not blind to your work when it really shows efficiency. People will start to look up to your work and if you’re working in an office, your boss will see how much efficient you are at work.

This means that you would be qualified for promotion or to other jobs.

Another reason for this is that the time you freed up can be used for learning new skills such as coding, accounting, software engineering, and many more.

These skills make you more important in your work environment.

12. Time Management Opens Up New Opportunities

Time management would open up new opportunities for you not just career wise but also on your hobbies. Most of us have goals which might seem not plausible to turn into a career but with your work efficiency, new opportunities would be possible.

One such example is this website.

90% of websites right now don’t earn a single penny. I know that and I didn’t stop.

New opportunities come to your once you know how to manage your time since you become known as someone who gets things done.

Your hobby might be to be an artist, singer, dancer or anything.

If you improve this skills with the free time you have, then there will come a day when you will be so skilled that you can turn these into a career.

13. Time Management Increases Our Reputation

Time management increases our reputation as someone who gets things done. This leads to better career opportunities since you become known in your industry as someone who gets lot of things done in a short amount of time.

Because you deliver work on time, you become more reputable in your industry once you’ve learned how to properly manage your time.

People are not blind to see the things you do, and once they see that you respect deadlines, you will be someone they can count on.

Once you’ve become someone who always meet deadlines, that would be your reputation to your work and industry.

Also remember that in life, reputation and first impression is always important. Once you’ve built your reputation, it would be so much easier meeting new people.

14. Time Management Boosts Our Confidence

Time management boosts our confidence because we become more and more confident when we accomplish new things. WIth time management, we can finish more things with less time which would ultimately improve our self-trust.

In my other article, I’ve explained that skills are the strong foundation of confidence.

This means that people who are truly confident are people who built their skills through sheer hardwork.

That’s why you can see a doctor telling you that they have been in practice for 20 years, or a chef proud that he or she has been a chef for 15 years.

If you give more time to skill development, then you would boost your confidence in the long run.

And that confidence your would built is something hard to break.

You can check out more about the topic on the relationship between skills and confidence here: Which is more important confidence or skill?

15. Time Management Makes Life a lot Simpler

Time management makes life a lot simpler because rather than not knowing what to do with time, you have a set of things scheduled out for you. Instead of wondering what you should do, you are clear with what you want to accomplish which make things simpler.

There are many things that complicate our life.

We might not be sure on the career we want. Or that we have a lot of goals in mind that we need to do.

Instead of using our energy on thinking what to do, people who are good in time management has thing scheduled for them.

And they know when to let go of something for something more important.

For example, I really want to learn how to code, but my priority right now is to make more content for this website.

In the future, maybe I’ll learn again. But right now, it is not my priority.

This makes my daily life much simpler and less prone to decision fatigue.

Ultimately, this makes my life much more satisfying and happier.

These are how time management affect our lives.

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