How I reduced my Myopia from -3.25 to -1.00 [Road to 20/20 Vision]

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Hello, I’m Jason and I am going to share with you guys how I started to cure my myopia. This post consists of everything I know from how I found out that my eyesight can be cured, to the period when I ignored the information and applied them one step at a time to where I am today. I also included a video guide where I showed my progress and show how I reduce my myopia.

Summary: To fix your eyesight naturally, you need to do and learn the concept of hormesis. The way you do hormesis in your eyes to make them stronger is called active focusing. Active Focusing is a concept in which you focus your eyes at a certain distance to strengthen your ciliary muscles.

This is my video on how exactly did I reduce my myopia and the glasses that I’ve used before. Feel free to check so you’ll get the basics of how I did it. For a full FREE course, you may find the link in the recommended section at the end of this article.

How to Print Push and Active Focus for Beginners

My Story and How My Myopia Started

So to tell my story on how I got myopia in the first place when I was about 13 yrs old, I got my first eyeglasses. Well, it was from a checkup since I’ve been complaining that I can’t see the board on school clearly. However, I hated it.

Well to be honest with you. At first, I love having those glasses! I was able to see clearly. I was able to read car plates from far away, but that did not last.

A few months after, I have prescribed a higher grade which I think was -1.25 diopters for both eyes. I started to hate that I can’t do anything without my glasses. Also, I don’t look great with glasses. Never have I ever heard people tell me that I look with glasses on, they always say that I look better without it.

I just dream of having a perfect vision. However, things get worse and worse. From -1.25, I got -1.75 in 1 year. When I got to college, my eye grade is already -2.50.

So I said, enough is enough. I told the optometrist to help me with this and how can I cure my nearsightedness. I guess you already know their answer.

It is pure genetics. They said. They also told me not to force my eye and to use glasses all the time. They said it would help my eye deal with UV rays or something. I forgot the type of lens they gave me but it gives a green glow (you can’t blame me for that, I wear only contact lenses now). They even advised me to get those fancy transition lens that switches to shades when the sun is up. They say that UV rays are one of the reasons for my Myopia.

They said that it would be forever. I am going to wear these glasses forever! I can’t do anything about it since my dad is also myopic. My mom doesn’t wear glasses btw. However, if it is genetics, I just accepted that fact until my eye grade turned to -3.25.

Those may be one of the most depressing moments of my life. Imaging I have to wear eyeglasses every day for the rest of my life.

As I got really annoyed with these glasses, remember when they told you that it really hurts a little while using a new pair of glasses? Spoiler alert, that is most of the time the reason why your myopia gets worse and worst. In fact, they have a SCIENTIFIC TERM for that. Lens-induced Myopia.

Anyway, so I started to do what an ordinary millennial will do when we got a query, we check the internet for answers. That’s where I learned about this stuff. Not on one website but on multiple ones. Already feeling lucky that you will get all of these in one article? 🙂 No problem!


Why I decided to write this Article

When I get to a conversation with people and I say that I got my myopia from -3.25 to -2.00, people are always asking how did I do it and if they can also do it.

Of course, I can’t tell them everything because if I do, all the time for our conversation is very precious. I am a very busy person and that is because I focused on self-improvement. Ever since I quit video games, I started to focus on myself. If you are interested in knowing how I started improving me by quitting video games, or you just realized that video game addiction is linked to myopia since you are always looking at screens. Maybe you want a reboot and check my tips in this article: Quitting games

So by writing this, I can just direct them to the article I wrote. Another is just imagined how many people are ignorant of this fact? They believe that this is 100% due to their genetics, and no lifestyle change can remove those eyeglasses which is a pain to wear all the time. Trust me, I still know how that feels. And I feel that it is one of the reasons you might be checking this article out.

I did not reduce my Myopia to 20/20 yet, but I already reduced it by a significant amount. So amazing right? That’s why I want to share this with everybody.

Before I start writing this article, here are some of the things I want you to know:

First, I will be 100% Honest with you guys. This Article will impart even my failures in reducing my Myopia. I might also offend people by saying that the method they are doing did not work for me. So I’m sorry in advance.

Second, I have no ways to prove that I reduced my myopia except by sharing the result of the test I’ve discovered which will be shared below. But I hands-on swear that what I say I true and correct to the best of my abilities.

Third, these things are the product of my research. What I did, learned, applied in my journey to reduce my myopia. As of this writing, my prescription is -1.75 diopters which is a very big achievement in my opinion.

Fourth, this article is far from perfect. So I urge you to feel free to ask in the comment section below which is a great help for you and me. I can answer your question and make this article better to help more people.

Fifth, there are lots of information in this article that might take you days to fully grasp all of the concepts, principle and practices. I suggest you bookmark this page or save this website’s link for future references.

Sixth, this will be a very long article so if you only want the treatment part without knowing the principles in reducing myopia and what it is, you can just to the How I started Treating Myopia section. BUT, I suggest that you read everything so you know what you are doing.

Last, I am just one guy trying to explain everything. While it is true that I’ve finished my Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, I am still not an optometrist. However, I tried to explain everything as clear and accurately as I could.

With those in mind, let us start

Why I wanted to Cure m Myopia

Why I wanted to Cure my Myopia

As I said in my story above, I hated how I can’t survive a day without those glasses. Also, I look a lot better without it.

I started using contact lenses but it is quite a hassle since you need to apply and remove in every day, there are lots of infection scares out there with the use of these lenses. However, I’m still using contact lenses right now to improve my eyesight, more on it later.

But the ultimate reason for me wanting to reverse my myopia is that I just dream of a day where I can just jump on my bed, enjoy nature, traveling without having to worry about glasses anymore. Can you feel what I’m feeling when I say that dream? Just imagine the day you go lens-free and enjoy the world as we see it from our 20/20 vision.

That’s right! That’s my ultimate reason. I want to enjoy life without those glasses. Plus, traveling will be a lot easier. I also hate it when moisture starts accumulating on my glasses. Driving with glasses. It makes me feel that my eyes tire easily. I know I’m not the only one out here, am I right?

And I think you also hate it. I know that’s the reason why you’ve cheeked this article. Don’t worry I’m not wasting your time. I know you’ve been reading a lot now. I promise you that what you will get from here is truly worth it.


What Exactly is Myopia

What exactly is Myopia?

If you ask an optometrist, they would say that the cause of your myopia is the elongation of your eyeball.

They are absolutely right about that.

When your eye elongates, images started to get blurry since you can’t fully focus the image to your retina.

So why did your eyeball suddenly become elongated? They just blame it on genetics. Like how they explained it to me.

HOWEVER, not me since I am going to introduce you to the root cause of your myopia.

I present you with, ciliary spasm.

What is that Ciliary spasm?

Ciliary Spasm

Did you see the ciliary muscle on that eye anatomy above? Remember that it is a muscle and muscles sometimes have spasms.

These muscles hold your lens and form them to help you see clearly. When they spasm, it decreases the quality of the image you see. Can you guess what that is? There is a scientific term for that. It is called Pseudomyopia.

Yup, as in Pseudo (Fake), Myopia (Nearsightedness). So Fake Myopia, Why fake? More on it later.

How can glasses make your eyesight worse?

Do you remember when I told you in my story when I complained that I can’t see the board in the classroom? Thus, I had my first pair of glasses?

That is because growing up, I was addicted to video games. As you already know, I already quit video games. I shared the link to my article on that here. But what happened is that the reason for ciliary spasm is continuous near work. I’m not working but I’ve been looking at screens all night, reading books at school. All near work. Thus, my ciliary muscles did have those spasms.

Now, since your local optometrist did not explain this to you. Surprised? Me either. They gave me glasses as a treatment for my FAKE myopia.

Why is it fake? simple. The reason why I can’t see clearly is that it is a ciliary spasm, not the elongation of my eyeball.

Now that they’ve given me those glasses that they thought I would wear for the rest of my life, those glasses are what caused me to have myopia in the first place. Now, I don’t have pseudomyopia but real myopia. Lens-induced myopia it is.

Now, let me tell you how this happens.

Remember when you have an optometrist check? Darkroom, small letters, try to read the smallest letter?

Here is my question for you to answer, you do realize that you can see better when the sun is up compared to a dark room?

Exactly! Sunlight is good for your eyes. I really wonder why they made those transition lenses. Hmmm.

Note: Do not look directly in the sun. While sunlight is good for your eyesight, looking at it directly is too much to handle for your eyes. Everything that is too much is bad. Always Remember that rule.

Anyway, the sunlight is great as its light can make clearer images to your eyes.

Now, imagine getting a full correction for a dark room and you started using those glasses outside while the sun is out?

Do you see where I’m going? You are being overprescribed. Imagine how stressed your eyes have become because of that. Since you are overprescribed, the eye has to compensate by increasing your myopia since it is really stressed out from that glasses.

That’s why I have prescribed a low prescription when I was 13, then got to -2.25 in college, then -3.25 soon after graduating.

Now, do you realize now why you need to wear glasses every day? I felt that pain when I found out about this stuff.

Do you need to throw away my Glasses?

Not necessarily. Well based on my research, it depends. Once you get an eye grade that only needs -0.5 diopters, you may freely remove your glass and do the techniques I’m going to show you further in this article.

However, for most of us, we should NOT throw away our glasses immediately.

There is a thing called blur adaptation. This means that your brain has already adapted to the extent of your myopia.

Is it bad? DEFINITELY! If your brain thinks that your blurry eyesight is normal, there won’t be any improvements anymore. You should let your brain know that your eyes need to see clearly.

If I’m not going to throw away my glasses, should I change my prescription?

For most of us, we need to change or rather reduce our prescription. Don’t worry. The step-by-step procedure in choosing the right reduction on your prescription will be taught later in the article.

For now, just know that removing your glasses immediately is not a good option. Also,  reducing your prescription to a large extent is also not a wise choice.

What are the Options Available for Myopia Treatment?

For a complete list of available myopia treatments, check out this article I’ve made: Myopia Treatments

1. Glasses

These are by far the fastest, most convenient way to treat your myopia. Also, this is the number one reason why our eyesight gets worse and worse. If you do not know why just check the myopia portion above.

However, there is a way of using your glasses or contact lens to improve your vision again. Do not ditch this immediately.

Along with the speed and convenience, glasses can give you lies some disadvantage. First, you will get reliant on it. Which means that you need to wear it forever. I always dreamed of a life without the need of glasses.

Second, the steam on the glass is annoying!

Third, you can’t really swim with them. Especially for a person who loves traveling a lot, this is a pain.

Fourth, it is hard to sleep on sleepovers with glasses. Basically, you have to place them somewhere you could find them immediately. If not, then good luck the next day doing hide and seek.

Fifth, higher prescriptions are really heavy and always cause discomfort for your nose.

I could pile on more but I hope you get my point. Maybe you really hate it too.

Pro tip: This will be a long journey to recover your eyesight. It would be a big help if you use this hatred of yours for eye glasses. This is the reason why I’m still pressing on TBH.

However, I am counting on your extreme desire to live without the need for glasses. That’s why I’m preaching how it sucks.

If you really really hate glasses, you could also treat your myopia with contact lenses. More on it later.

2. Laser or LASIK Surgery

Alright, you still want a faster route. Then you can try LASIK eye surgery.

While it will bring your vision back to 20/20, it is not a great choice. If it is, I’ve already gotten one. But hear me out here.

Lasik is when a laser reshapes your cornea for it to act as a permanent lens for your eyes.

With that comes a lot of disadvantage,

First, it is so expensive!

Second, only 96% of patients get success in regaining their 20/20 eyesight. The 4%? Wasted money.

Third, reshaping your cornea means that it will get thinner. This makes up to tons of cases where their eyes become very sensitive. Thus eye irritation would be your lifetime problem. (This became the result of someone I know that went through the surgery. Also, the reason why I don’t want to risk it.) Just imagine needing eye drops and wearing shades every time to prevent your eyes from irritation.

Fourth, other side effects include: increase sensitivity to glare, seeing halos, difficulty driving at night, fluctuating vision, and dry eyes.


If you want to live with them the rest of your life, or you are just the risk-taker, then you are free to go through the surgery. The results are fast anyway.

Bates Method

3. Bates Method

I’ve used this method but failed.

The reason why it took me a long time to figure out the correct way to improve my vision is that I’ve used this method for a long time expecting results.

While there are cases when you will have sudden clear flashes (eyesight), but it is not permanent. I want something that will make my eyesight 20/20 all the time. Not on random occasions.

The Bates method was proposed in 1891 by an opthalmologist names William Bates.

To make things simple, he proposed that the reason for myopia which is the elongation of your eyeball is from the weakening of the muscles that surround your eye. ( See picture above.)

While that is true for your posture, it is not the same for your eye.

So to solve this, he proposed palming which is a way to relax your surrounding eye muscles for a while.

Note: There are people saying that palming reduced their myopia for a short while. This is TRUE because one of the muscles that is relaxed with the palming process is your ciliary muscles (Study how myopia works above.) Remember that one of the cause of your myopia is ciliary spasm, so he got that right.

So do you need to do palming every day? No. There is another way of relaxing your ciliary muscles which I use and it worked a lot better for me since the bates method gave me no result.

Another thing he got right is that sunlight is great for your eyesight which I already explained why above.

Of course, if Bates proposed that the surrounding muscle is the enemy, then there are also eye exercises which is the next one.

4. Eye Exercises

I’ve also used this method but also failed

Eye yoga, Bates method, Magic 10 minutes daily eye exercise for clear eyesight.

Nobody got time to do them every day. Plus, it doesn’t work. I’m sorry if I offended some people who use this. But it simply didn’t work for me.

As I said, the problem is not the surrounding muscle. It is the ciliary spasm (Pseudomyopia) that later became lens-induced myopia due to your use of over-prescribed glasses.

Plus, putting a time of the day to do this exercise is tedious. No Offense 😛

5. Carrot Juice

I also tried to gulp down and chew tons of carrots.

While it is good for the eyes, with some people swearing that improves their eyesight. Well not for me. While this is a factor in improving your eyesight,  you need the right habits which I learned more about after I gulped down tons of carrots for a few months.

What’s great though is my skin became smooth and glowing because of the crazy amount of vitamin A I was consuming that time.

However, there are scientific studies showing that carrots can really help vision. In fact, I went to study research papers behind it and it might really work. If you’re interested in what I’ve found between the link between carrots (Vitamin A) and eyesight, you may check out this article: Can Carrots cure Astigmatism?

6. Hormesis

Hormesis is the one that actually worked for me and what I’ve used.

Finally! Something that worked wonders for me.

For starters, hormesis is placing some stress on your body in order to improve its function.

It is just like putting on some weights to get more muscles.

While currently, your eyes may be weak, doing hormesis, which is basically training your eyes to look farther away, it signals your eyes that it needs to be stronger. Thus, lower prescription in the long run.

However, do not push it too much.

As with stress, too much stress can cause more harm than good.

It is like putting some 110 lbs/50kg or barbel on your first day at the gym. Imagine the disaster that might cause.

Start small and gradual. Do not worry, I am going to teach you how I do hormesis later. You just need to know that this is the only thing that worked for me.

Now can you see why blur adaptation,(which is discussed above) is one of the worse things you could do for your eyesight? If your brain thinks that your myopia is normal, then it is over. We need to always tell your eyes and brain that you need clearer eyesight. That’s how hormesis work.

Know the best part is? It is completely free!

Why I chose the Natural Way by Hormesis?

As I mentioned the reasons above, it is simple.

The side effects of laser eye surgery and the reliance on these glasses just don’t feel right for me. One thing I know through the years is that my body is not an idiot.

It can maintain balance in our body like control sugar levels which justifies intermittent fasting, it can increase our muscle strength if we give it the right stimuli, and it can reverse our myopia or presbyopia with the right stimuli.

The natural way is always the one with minimal to no side effects and is cheaper. That’s what I’m always looking for.

How did I learned about Treating my Myopia Naturally

As an adult in this internet era, I did what a normal person who has queries would do. I went up for an internet search.

Of course, that was a few years ago. I think that was 2014 when I started to get serious about finding out how can I fix this.

At that time, the bates method and the eye yoga exercises are famous ways to cure your eyesight.

As for me, I tried doing these exercises for a few months. To make things short. It did not work out. So I just accepted the fact that I can’t reduce my prescription.

Here are the reasons why I’ve failed that time:

  • The lack of available resource to learn about these things online.
    You are lucky because I already told you what works and what doesn’t. I did not have that luxury before.
  • Doing a 15 minute eye exercises is a pain especially for a college student like me. I got to take up and be at school at 7AM.
    P.S. I am not a morning person those times. Right now I wake up at 4:30 everyday for self improvement. If you want to start to improve yourself and get your life together, may I suggest you to check my article on my 1 day dopamine fast? It really helped me get ready to get that motivation.  I’ve already shared the link .
  • I’m so impatient those times of my life. So I stopped after a few months.
  • I have no ways to see if there are any improvements on my eyesight.
    (Which is why you are lucky again because I am going to teach you how to get your correct eye grade and prescription later in this article.)

So there you go. Why I failed.

However, a few years later. About 2017, I am really desperate  to treat my myopia so I went for another google search on treating Myopia, this time I am researching more and eliminating some sources that Bates method works (You know why I am eliminating them don’t you? They did not work for me.)

I am so lucky to have stumbled on this video


However, I failed again. More on it later.

How I started Treating my Myopia

To continue, I was excited to see that video that I quickly hoped to incorporate into my habits.

I failed again simply because there is no way to check if I have any improvements.

But basically, what I did to treat my myopia is right. I just do not have the correct way of checking if I’m improving or not. Thus, I lost my motivation.

So how I started?

As the video said, it comes up with active reading on the edge of blur.

Here it is, if you have an eye grade of more than 2.00 diopters (which is 3.25 for me), there is a certain distance where you can read the text but they are a bit blurry.

To explain, your vision has 3 edges.

  • Edge of Focus – This is the distance where you can see the crisp clear image or texts when reading. This is usually the distance where you can read conveniently.
  • Edge of Blur – This is the distance where you will see a slight blur. You can still read the texts but it is not comfortable.
  • Edge of Readability – This is where the texts are so blurred that you can’t read it anymore.

Now that you understand what these edges are, the general rule is to read on the Edge of blur. To explain where that is, here is a picture below.


Basically, you make it a habit to read on this edge of blur. This will signal your eyes and brain that it needs to get a clearer image. Thus, improving your eyesight.

Note: There may be times that reading too much on the edge of blur will cause some eye strain. That is normal because you are training you eyes to be better and stronger. However, once you felt that. Rest for a while. Like I said, when you start going to a gym, you go do try the light weight before the heavy weights. The important thing is that you are giving the right stress for it to improve.

So basically, I started reading blog, books, subtitles on the edge of blur.  However, that is not enough.

As I said, there is no means of knowing if I’m on the right track. I can’t go to an optometrist because they will just give me the largest prescription they can give. So I got no choice but to make this a habit.

Since there is no means of knowing if I’ve improved, I lost my motivation to continue.

That is not until I learned more.

How I manage to get back on track

This is because I found the website called End Myopia. It is a great website since I learned a lot of things. Plus, the community is nice since you are all on the journey to improving your eyesight. You may check it out. I can tell you that it helped me tons and it is because of what I learned there that I pressed on.

Plus, I learned more about eyesight that I incorporated some more habits with print pushing (reading on the edge of blur). Thus, I got significant results.

It is also a great plus that I can now measure my eye grade and put the correct prescription.

How to Reduce Prescription Lenses

Things I did to Lessen my Myopia for Good

Now that we are on the good part, I have explained the main focus of this method. It is to give some stress to my eyes to tell it to improve.

That is the basic concept. However, there are tons of ways to get it to the next level other than print pushing.

So here are the things I did to lessen my Myopia!

1. Know your Correct Eye Grade

This is the first and one of the most important steps.

The reason why I failed twice on this journey is that I have no means of knowing what is my eye grade.

To know your eye grade, here are the things you need.

  • Smart Phone/Computer
  • Internet
  • Measuring tape

You need the centimeter measurement because it will be the one you will use in measuring your eye grade.

I do suggest you use this measuring tape. It is lightweight, cheap, and easy to carry so you can check your eye grade anywhere. Here is the link: Cloth Measuring Tape

Now, use this link to measure your eye grade: Measure your eye grade

Just enter the distance you’ve measured from the word Focus to your eyes on the EDGE OF BLUR. Remember to have a separate measurement for each eye.

Here are some of the measurements I have just for example:

  • 05/17
    Right: 40cm, Left: 33cm
  • 06/04
    Right: 48cm, Left: 46cm
  • 06/09
    Right: 48cm, Left:48cm
  • 06/19
    Right: 50cm, Left: 50cm
  • 06/28
    Right: 52cm, Left: 53cm
  • 07/02
    Right:56cm, Left:57cm

With that, with the use of the calculator, you can see that I’m currently on -1.75 diopters.

Now, to the next step.

2. Reduced Prescription

Some people over-complicate things when it comes to reducing prescriptions so here is my rule.


For a more detailed guide on how reduced lenses work, you may check out this article: What is Reduced Lens Method

So for example, my current eye grade is -1.75, I am wearing a -1.25 contact lens. Same with eyeglasses.

Basically, you reduce your prescription to induce a slight blur. Now that you have a blur, you can finally tell your brain that it still needs to improve via hormesis.

So if your eye grade is -2.50, start with -2.00. If -4.00, then start with -3.50.

I hope you get what I mean.

Note: Do not drop -1.00 diopters immediately. By now, I’ve explained why blur adaptation is. By dropping your prescription too much, you will start inducing blur adaptation which believe me is a very bad thing to do to your eyes.

Combining this will give you the best amount of hormesis for close-up work and looking far away. Just remember to always read on the edge of blur.

Now let’s get to the real fun part.

Once you start reading on the edge of blur, try to force your eyes into reading the text clearly. You will notice that after staring at it for some time, the text will become clearer.

This is called active focusing. This is where you will force your eyes to make your current Edge of blur become the edge of focus. This is the best exercise in my opinion to work on your eye.

Do note that active focusing is not the same as lowering your eyelids so you can see more. Feel the power of your ciliary muscles on the eye working to make the text clearer. I promise you that you would be surprised that your eyes can do that.

4. Print Pushing

Now that we are on the print pushing part, it is simply reading a book, blog, or whatever it is on the edge of blur. By now, you already know how to do it.

But there is a problem.

When you reach the eye grade of -1.75 or lower, the edge of blur when reading becomes very far away. Thus it will be harder to read.

You would look like an old man with presbyopia reading a newspaper.

Is there a solution? There is. However, some people recommend it, some people don’t. For me, I’m doing it but I tell you that it strains your eye even more.

Putting up reading glasses will do the trick. They are the reverse of your eyeglasses for myopia. In fact, the reading glasses are called PLUS LENSES.

Remember your eye prescription? It is always on the negative (-) diopters. Now, if you add some plus lenses. It would feel like you’ve gained some more myopia.

In short, negative diopters reduce your myopia, positive lenses increase it while you wear them.

This will make you read on a closer range, which is quite easier rather than stretching your arms just to read a book.

So if you have low myopia, you can switch to plus lenses to reduce the distance of the edge of blur. This way, you can start print pushing again.

Now, when I read a book, I read on the edge of blur. When I check out a site, I am always on the edge of blur.

Reading a lot gives more stress to signal your eyes that it needs to improve more.

However, do not ever do it. There is such thing as overwork. We are here to improve your eyesight not make it worse.

Just remember the general rule. When your eyes feel tired, rest.

6. Look far away

As I’ve said, reading on close up is only part of the equation for your myopia. The reason for your reduced prescription is to focus and still read on the edge of blur on far away objects.

Look at the clouds, trees, Street signs, or whatever it is. Tell your brain that you need to see far objects clearly. Combine this with print pushing then you have what it takes to improve.

I make it a rule to look far away, for at least an hour each day.

Now, there is a bonus I would like to share

Remember when I told you that I use contact lenses? If I wear one, I can’t do print pushing on close-up work right? No, I have a trick.

Remember how contact lenses are Negative lenses and reading glasses are Positive lenses? Check this out.

I currently have an eye grade of 1.75.

This makes me wear -1.25 contact lenses.

Now, by computing, I have a 0.50 eye grade with my contact lenses. Perfect for looking far away. (1.75 – 1.25 = 0.50)

I need to get my eye grade to 2.00 so I can print push on close-up work such as when writing this Article. Thus, I’m wearing a plus lens of +1.50.

Check this out, with contact lenses on, I have an eye grade of 0.50. Plus +1.50 lens (0.50+1.50), I now have 2.00 eye grade.

Now, I can do print pushing while writing this article.

So can you improve your eyesight with contact lenses? Definitely!

The Secret Ingredients to Succeed

It’s all about the right habits, mindset that makes it FUN

Remember, that it took years to get your eyesight work. It is reasonable that it will also take a long time for it to get back to 20/20.

As for my past failures. There is one reason why I still failed with the right information.

It is my habit.

Making print pushing and hormesis as a habit for your eye improvement is the most important and the secret sauce to your success.

Lose this, then you are done.

Everything you read, print push. Look far away, reduced prescription. Once this became your habit, you are on the right track.

Last is motivation.

Take notes on your eye measurement, there might be times that you will not improve for months. It is alright, that is normal.

Just continue and record them.

One day, with your 20/20 vision, you can check your notebook and look back on what you did to improve yourself.A great story to tell your friends and family how you magically cured your eyesight without supplements, laser surgery or any other future ways of improving eyesight.

Give yourself a pat for taking your time reading this very long article, which by the way is oversimplified IMO.

However, I really tried to put the most relevant information in this article for everybody. By this part, I have already explained how to cure your myopia.

If you are still interested, you may continue reading. The next parts are what to take note for, final verdict and the FAQ.

Remember to comment down below! If you have successfully reduced your diopters and want to share something to the people here, feel free to share them. 🙂

Things to note when taking the natural way to cure myopia

Things to note when taking the natural way to cure myopia

1. It will take time

Unlike Lasik surgery and eyeglasses, it will take you months to years depending on the degree of your myopia to turn it back to 20/20 again.

As I said, it is not surprising considering that it took years for your eyes to be that way.

Do not lose hope. There are a lot of people who successfully cured their myopia. One day, you would too. Just stick with the habit and I’m sure that you will get there.

2. It might get Frustrating

Yes, it is frustrating to see that you are not improving at the rate that you want.

However, are you going to quit just like that?

If you really want to improve your eyesight. Stick to it. Continue.

Imagine the day you will be free from your glasses. Imagine how happy you would be to see that day.

That’s also what I think to keep me going on this journey.

3. You will sometimes get headaches

As I said, Print pushing or Active focusing is like an exercise to your eyes.

By putting stress, there will be times that your eyes will be uncomfortable. There will be headaches and teary eyes which I also experienced.

Remember to rest. Do not overdo it.

Most importantly, CONTINUE!

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

4. It is hard to Incorporate the Habit especially when Reading

Reading on the edge of blur is uncomfortable for your brain and eyes. it doesn’t get the crisp clear image that your brain wants.

That’s why you can sometimes slip and read on the edge of readability. When you do come back to your senses, read again on the edge of blur.

Just like a new habit, it would take a lot of hard work to make it one.

But once it becomes a habit, it would be a breeze.

Wishing to be Free form Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I really need to do all the things you have recommended to improve my vision?

No, you do not need to gulp down tons of carrot juice. Although it helps a lot especially on night blindness, you can successfully improve your vision just by hormesis alone.

But anyways, after putting these things into your habits, it will just feel normal to print push and active focus.

2. If there is ONE thing I could change in my lifestyle to improve my vision, what it is?

In my opinion, if there is one thing you could do to improve your eyesight from my tips above, it would be the reduction of your prescription.

Granted that the results will be much slower, it is still for me the most significant thing you do. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR GLASSES. Reduced prescription is key

3. Would the result be faster if I will just drop like 1.0 diopters immediately?

No, as I said, we do not want blur adaptation where your brain thinks that the blur you have is normal.

We should always tell our brains that we need to improve our eyesight by focusing on the edge of blur and turn it into the edge of focus as much as possible.

4. I hate reading. Can I still improve my vision?

Well, I get this a lot.

If you hate reading, you could just do the reduced prescription and make sure to look far away. Look at the clouds, trees, street signs. The important thing is that you have to give your eyes that stress(Hormesis) for it to improve.

Or if you are using social media (which I do not think you hate) or browsing the internet, go to the edge of blur.

5. My work involves looking at close up range all the time, can I still improve my vision?

I have a blog that needs exactly a lot of close-up work. Active focusing on the edge of blur is key.

Remember to use reduced prescription when going outside for a walk outside. Once again, we do not want blur adaptation.

So do not lose hope, you can still improve your vision.

6. I don’t get results. Am I doing something wrong?

It took years for your eyes to become that way. So it is also not surprising to improve slow. Don’t get frustrated. Just put these unto your habits and you are on the right track.

7. I do not have the same prescription for both my eyes, can this method work? or Only one of my eye has myopia, can this method work?

Yes, I said to have a separate measurement for both eyes. That is because not all of us are lucky to have the same prescription.

The key take here is to reduce 0.50 on whatever the prescription is on the specific eye.

For example if your left eye is -2.50 and your right eye is -4.00, use -2.00 for your left and -3.50 on your right.

8. What is the Fastest Way to Cure Myopia

The fastest way to cure myopia is actually to do eye surgery. There might be some risks to it and expensive but it is the fastest and sure fire way to fix your eyesight.

But if you are looking for a natural way of curing your eyesight, there is only one thing I recommend after trying tons of methods, and that is active focusing.

9. How can I cure Myopia Naturally and Fast

The only natural way that can improve your vision fast (mine was only 2 weeks) is active focusing. It forces your eyes to fix themselves in a natural way. If you want to improve your eyesight easily and really fast, you may also relax your ciliary eye muscles.

This can be done by:

  • Resting your Eyes – compare how your eyesight is after waking up and before going to sleep or tired. You will notice that you will see clearly right after waking up. That is because your ciliary muscles have relaxed.
  • Bates Palming method – The Palming method in Bates can actually make your eyesight clearer for a short while. That is because it relaxes your ciliary muscles artificially.

10. How can I improve my eyesight in 7 days

This is how you can improve your eyesight in 7 days or even less:

  1. Make sure to rest your eyes – Eyes that are fatigued actually see a lot less clearly than not. Try comparing your eyesight right after waking up and at night after a long day of work. You will definitely see a difference.
  2. Active Focusing – If you want a real permanent result, make sure to do active focusing. It teaches your eyes that you need it to see clearer, thus through hormesis, it will become stronger over time.
  3. Print Pushing – You can do Print Pushing at home as a form of active focusing, this will help you a lot especially if you don’t go out often.
  4. Lens reduction therapy – if you go out often, you can opt for lens reduction therapy since it is also a form of active focusing which is used for looking at things far away compared to print pushing which focuses on near work.
  5. Surgery – LASIK or LASEK surgery are the fastest way to bring your eyesight back to 20/20 but of course contains risks as it is a surgery

I made a guide for improving your eyesight fast here is the link: Improve Your Eyesight in 7 Days: A Step by Step Guide

11. Can Myopia Improve?

Myopia can be improved, there are numerous people who successfully reduced their myopia or some even got to 20/20 without surgery. It is a matter of having good habits to take care of your eyes and preventing things that harm them.

If you are looking for proof of people who have improved their eyesight, I am one of them. Some comments down below also shared their story. Also, there are comments in my YouTube Channel about their successes on doing active focusing, print pushing, and lens reduction therapy.

12. Can Eye Exercises Reduce Myopia

To conclude, there are numerous studies that say eye exercises can’t reduce myopia because the target of eye exercises is actually wrong. If you want to reduce myopia, you need to strengthen your ciliary muscles inside the eye. Not the muscles around the eyes which eye exercises focus on.

13. Can Sunlight Reduce Myopia?

According to researchers from Ohio State University Center, Exposure to UVB Rays from the Sun reduced the number of nearsighted kids. The kids who spend time outdoors are less likely to need glasses than kids who don’t get enough sunlight.

Study: Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science. “Scientists study effects of sunlight to reduce number of nearsighted kids.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 20 November 2014. <>

14. Can myopia be cured by yoga?

There is no scientific evidence that the eyes can be cured by Yoga. In fact, eye yoga targets a different set of muscles to fix your eyesight.

A 2016 study that tested palming, blinking, sideways viewing, front and sideways viewing, rotational viewing, up and down viewing, preliminary nose tip gazing, and near and distant viewing on students revealed that eye yoga can only help with eye fatigue but not myopia itself.

Thus, Eye Yoga is perfect for eye relaxation but not for curing your eyesight.

Study: “Effects of yogic eye exercises on eye fatigue in undergraduate nursing students”, Sang-Dol Kim, 28 Jun 2016.

Only the things I love

I believe that tools are essential, especially in improving our lifestyle. Because I am a minimalist, I only buy things that add value to my life.

In this part, I will give you the tools I use for improving my eyesight.

Myopia Calculator

First, let’s start with something free. The Myopia Calculator is something I’ve personally made for my viewers.

Go to the Myopia Calculator I’ve coded, which will give you the details you need to start print pushing and active focusing.

I also have video instructions in that blog post, making it easier to use the tool.

Active Focusing Full Course!

So you want to do active focusing but don’t know how? I got you covered with a completely free course!

You can visit the course here: Improve Eyesight Fast: Full tutorial with Proof.

My Story

Alright, who am I giving tips on how to reduce your eye grade? What’s my story?

You can find my whole story here: How I reduced my Myopia


Another free tool where you can learn more about eyesight is on YouTube.

While I do not make eyesight videos anymore, many YouTubers are out there that teach how to reduce your eyesight.

However, I am not one of them.

Of course, if you want to follow me, you can find my Channel by clicking the button below.

Tape Measure

Have a suitable measuring device. I don’t recommend cloth or simple tape measures since you must always stretch it hard when measuring.

Get a simple heavy-duty tape measure since you need to pull it out. You can also see that I’m using this measuring device in my videos.

Blue Light Glasses

Okay, one of the things you will learn from me is that preventing eye strain means getting enough sleep. Guess what? Blue light affects our sleep a lot.

That’s why I recommend wearing Blue Light Glasses at night about 2 hours before bedtime. That way, you will be sleepy enough and have a good night of sleep.

I use a yellow-colored one since it blocks the majority of blue light.

Reading Glasses/ Positive Lens

A quick warning. Do not use a positive lens if your eye grade is more than -2.00. You do not need one if your eye grade is still high.

But always get a good quality pair of these glasses since low-quality pair of positive lenses might not be very accurate.

Furthermore, some of these cheap pairs are not optical grade, which means their surface is not smooth. Non-optical grade glasses confuse the eyes.

If you are in the last stages of print pushing (-2.00 below), don’t waste your efforts by having a low-quality positive lens.

While there is a simple test for checking positive lens quality, it would be better to ensure that you have a high-quality lens.

So I recommend this positive lens which is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and accurate.

Negative Lens/ Myopia Glasses

This is one of the problems of most of my viewers; however, I’m sorry, but as of this time, I can’t give you recommendations on where to buy a pair online.

I am just lucky to befriend an optometrist who helped me get the grade I want. Let’s see in the future if I find anyone that would offer to help us get one online.

Of course, I will check their quality myself before recommending anything.

If you know someone who can help the community, go to my contact page and email me.

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