How to Jog if you have dog phobia [Simple Tips]

It is always preached that jogging or walking everyday, has many health benefits. It boost our metabolism, have more energy throughout the day, lose weight, improved brain function and so much more. However, being someone who is scared of dogs, I know what it felt like when we want to try this out but we can’t help but think of the stray dogs on the roads. So I though of this is knew that a lot of us have the same problem hence, I compiled a list of things we would to of how we can to jog outside even if we are scared of dogs.

Here are my quick tips in order for you to jog in the morning even if you are scared of dogs. 

  1. Don’t look at them in the eyes
  2. Act Normal
  3. Avoid them if possible
  4. Do not Panic
  5. Join a Gym
  6. Tell the Owner

I actually experienced and used there tips firsthand. So I know these works. I hope it also help you have some exercise.

Growing up, I always wanted to jog outside, feel the mornings and get ready to start the day. The problem is there are lost of stray dogs or even dogs with owners along the street. While some are harmless, some are really scary. I remember by days being so scared of them but thankfully, I was able to help myself overcome my intense fear of dogs. If you are interested, you may check out my article in: How to Overcome the fear of dogs

With lots of physical and mental benefits of exercising, I can’t help but to find ways in order to jog in the morning. However, dogs especially the stray ones are a big pain.

Simple Steps to jog if there are stray dogs

Want to jog in the mornings but scared of dogs in the park

It is actually surprising that this problem is not a major issue. In fact, when you ask people who regularly jogs, around 70% of them say they have encountered some sort of dog problem while jogging.

With about 70% of them experiencing the problem, it is something to think about why this is not solved easily.

There are a lot of reason for this of course, but the best thing to do is to help ourselves. This can’t remain to be a problem. Skipping or foregoing exercise helps no one and in the end, it will get to us. Most of us live sitting in the chair all day. We need some sort of exercise to stay healthy.

There are lots of story of people being attacked by dogs while jogging in the internet. While it is an issue we can’t solve completely, at least we can do something ourselves in order to start enjoying the sun in the morning.

How to Jog of you have Dog Phobia

Simple Tips to start jogging even if you are scared of dogs/ Stray dogs

I know this is a big problem so here are some of my tips to start jogging if you are scared of dogs.

While stray dogs are the source of most of the problems, trained dogs can also be at times. Here are quick tips in order for you to start enjoy exercising.

1. Don’t look at them in the eyes

This tip helped me a lot. It serves both ways, you the jogger and the dog.

it can serve you since you are staying your attention away from the dog. This helps you in not overthinking what the dog might do. Sometimes we are just overthinking anyway.

On the other hand, dogs can take it as a sign that we are not interested in them. This really helps especially if they are just experiencing fear. Fear that you might do something to to them. If you start by just not staring at their eyes.  It helps a lot bot for you and the dogs

Another is that if you look at their eyes, it makes them think that you are planning something, which will make them more aggressive. You will not want that do you?

2. Act Normal

What I mean by act normal is to just don’t mind them. This goes further in the “don’t look at them” tip.  Just acting normal will help since it signals that you are just passing by not threatening the dog.

By this, it also means do not panic and run faster as with our usual response it. Never do that.

3, Do not Panic

This is where is gets out of hand.

Showing fear, shouting or running will not do anything for the better. In fact, it will make the dog more aggressive.

Panicking will not help. If you can’t act normal, then it will always be better to just avoid them if possible.

4. Avoid them if possible

While this does not look like a good tip, it is always better to avoid it in the first place.

You can start finding routes or parks where there are fewer stray dogs.

Remember that avoiding the problem will always be effective since there will not be any dogs to think of.

It might be really hard to do this but it is really effective. If you can’t find routes or parks where you are comfortable, then consider joining a gym.

5. Join a Gym

I have experienced and tried all those tips but for me, I joined a gym after a few weeks of jogging.

While the tips above work and it did not cause any problems to me, joining a gym made my worries on dogs go 0%. I can run on the threadmill without worrying or checking my environment. While of course, it might come as a cheat, it made is easier for me to jog everyday.

6. Tell the Owner

If we just compliment all the dog owners when you see them taking care of their dogs and not keeping it leash in public, there will be more dog owners doing this.

Another if their dog gets aggressive. You can always tell them nicely so they can help you.

Of course, this does not work on stray dogs but if dog owners take care of their dogs outside, it will lessen the problem by alot.

What is the usual reason why dogs do this

It is also a good to know the common reasons why they are doing this (Scaring joggers and Cyclers) in the first place. These reasons are also important to know as it helps us to understand them.

Knowing also makes us prevent such problems arise.

1. They are being Territorial

Dogs are territorial, which means that there are times where you are stepping on what they think is their territory. This makes them anxious or even scared of you.

Actually this is the most common reason why dogs acts in aggression to joggers. If you experienced this or you think this is the reason, it is better to just go the other way.

2. They are Annoyed

Imagine this.

Dogs are territorial species. Which means for each jogger passing by their territory, they get annoyed showing their teeth, bark or showing aggression. But once the jogger passes, they are already fine with it.

It might not be a problem but imagine you are the 50th person who crosses his territory today. If it gets really annoyed, it might already start to attack.

This is also another reason why if you know that you are in their territory, better stay out of it.

3. They are Scared

Believe it or not, some are just scared.

If they are scared, they will protect themselves.

Even if we don’t mean any harm or just passing by, we do not know what dogs are thinking. This is a problem since scared dogs are thinking they are just protecting themselves. They don;t mean to hurt you, but they are think they are protecting themselves.


If you have further tips and suggestions, why not comment down below and help the community. I might also add your tip in the list if it is really helpful. Remember that exercising is an important aspect of our lives in order to stay fit and healthy.

Now go do your jogging. Enjoy!


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