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Many people are looking for answers regarding this topic about how do they get addicted or obsessed with studying. I don’t blame them because we are now filled with distractions that offer more immediate rewards rather than studying. We now live in a world where instant gratification is everywhere causing people to hate studying. Thus, there are people seeking answers and that’s what this article is all about. We’ll learn how to get addicted to studying.

You get addicted to studying by first, developing curiosity. After getting curious about the topic, the next goal is to create the habit of studying. The longer you maintain this habit, the more addicted and obsessed you’ll be in studying. Finally, track your progress and celebrate the results.

That is the basic process of how do people get addicted to studying. But of course, I have listed down the tips that would let us achieve that goal. Thus, I’ve placed the tips below.

Here are the tips for you to get obsessed with studying.

  1. Learn To Love the Topic You’re Studying
  2. Reduce Distractions
  3. Develop Curiosity
  4. Do Not Force Yourself Too Much
  5. Learn To Love the Process Not the End Point
  6. Know Your Preference in Studying
  7. Schedule Your Day
  8. Form a Habit
  9. Make Your Achievements Visible
  10. Celebrate Your Achievements

Now, we are going to study each of these tips in greater detail. We will find exactly how we can get addicted to learning more while reading this article.

Let’s now start. But first, let me give you an article that is interesting. It is about why studying gets exhausting to people. It can be a good article to read with this one as we need to understand the reasons why we get exhausted studying. Remember that our goal is to build a habit to love the act of studying and your energy levels are an important factor to maintain doing things. Here is the link: Why is studying so exhausting

Learn To Love the Topic You’re Studying

One of the most important things to remember if you want to get obsessed with studying is by learning to love the topic you’re studying. The simple reason being you won’t be addicted to something you really hate at the start. Most of the time, you don’t actually love studying but you actually love the topic.

Of course, there are worse addictions that we actually hate but have no control over. Much like how some smokers hate smoking but they can’t remove it because it’s now a habit.

However, most habits start by liking a certain thing, doing it continuously over time until it gets addicting to do.

That’s the same for studying. If you want to love studying, you first need to love the topic that you’re studying.

What I mean by this is that it is usually not the act of studying itself that you love or hate. It is usually the topic.

However, there are exceptions as we’ll discuss later. But for now, let’s start with the concept of the topic and not studying itself that you should be addicted to.

If you ask someone who is really studying hard, the most common reason you’re going to hear is that they just find the topic interesting.

They love what they’re studying because they love the topic.

For example, my cousin is interested in airplanes so he will be very glad to study about airplanes, but give him a medical topic then he’ll get bored in just a few seconds.

You see, in most cases, it is the topic that’s the problem. Studying itself is not something people love or hate, it is usually the topic that they love.

And when somebody loves the topic they are studying, it can be very easy to get addicted to studying.

However, there is an exception where someone is not interested in studying as a whole which we’ll discuss later.

But first, you need to find a deep reason why you love the topic you’re studying. If you don’t have any reason to love the topic, then try to find one.

You can find more information about not liking to study in this article: Why you don’t like to study

Reduce Distractions

Reducing distractions are a good way to building your love for studying. The reason is that distractions usually seem more rewarding compared to studying. Because of these distractions, people find studying to be relatively boring. Thus, they can’t build their obsession.

The deeper reason for failing to develop an addiction to studying is distractions.

This is the common reason why there are people who are just bored with studying itself.

As I said, there is an exception where people don’t care about the topic, but they find studying itself as boring.

The reason studying can get boring is that they usually have more rewarding things to do at the moment. Examples of these distractions are games and social media.

That’s why it is easy to spot people playing all night until morning but it will be rare to see someone studying for about 4 hours every day even if it is optimal for learning.

Compared to distractions such as gaming and social media, studying looks boring.

The reason is that our brains are designed to look for immediate gratification. Or instant rewards.

We are talking about the dopamine system of the feel-good hormone.

Let me explain in a simpler manner. The feel-good hormone dopamine is released when we are having fun or we anticipate having fun.

Gaming for example releases dopamine. That’s why games with multiple colors, level-up systems, and rare item systems are fun. The reason is that they produce dopamine. You can easily receive that dopamine reward with playing.

Compare that to studying that might takes years in order for you to use the things you’ve studied. Furthermore, looking at graphics on the computer is way rewarding than reading some texts for most people.

If we are filled with these distractions, then it is very hard to maintain our focus and to love studying.

Many people know this but not consciously. That’s why you’ll see people disabling their social media apps and accounts in exam week. They just know deep inside that if you are them, they prefer social media to study.

For example, since social media is more rewarding than working, I began doing a social media detox way before. It was a very nice experience thus, I made an article where I explained everything I learned including its benefits. Here is the link: Everything you need to know about Social Media Detox

Develop Curiosity

Developing curiosity is an important step in learning how to get addicted to studying. Curiosity is usually the start of loving something and by developing curiosity, we begin to understand the importance of what we’re studying and we get interested in studying itself.

People who reach high academic performance usually have one thing in common. They have a deep curiosity about the topic they’re studying.

Actually, the love for learning usually starts with curiosity. That’s why it is always fun when we do scientific experiments in school.

Experiments build our curiosity. It answers what is the importance of the things I’m studying. What are their real-world applications?

Curiosity is important if we want to get obsessed with studying. In fact, people who are studying until their old age all have a certain level of curiosity as they want to find more on the topics.

That’s why curiosity is important. It is usually our first step towards learning how to be addicted to studying. Without passion and curiosity, it would be hard to get addicted or to even maintain the love for studying.

Do Not Force Yourself Too Much

One common mistake when learning to get addicted to studying is by forcing yourself too much into doing things. While forcing yourself to do things helps in habit building, too much forcing causes us to start hating what we do. That’s why we need to find balance.

It is good to force yourself into studying or doing absolutely anything.

This is to build a habit and as I said, it gets easier as time goes by.

However, there are times where you are forcing yourself too much which would actually make a negative result.

Forcing yourself too much can force you to hate what you’re doing that may result in the opposite of what we want which is to get addicted to studying.

So check for yourself.

If you’re forcing yourself but you are feeling that you’re starting to hate yourself, you might need time to reflect.

What I mean by reflecting is because the most common reason why this is happening is that we are losing balance. It might be that we are always studying so we are forgetting to take care of our health, social, and other needs.

A proper balance and self-assessment if key.

If you need a guide on how to do a very efficient personal reflection session, then I made a guide for you. Here is the link: How do you Reflect on Personal Development or Growth

Learn To Love the Process Not the Endpoint

One key thing to note when we talk about learning to be obsessed with studying is to learn to love the process and not the endpoint. Sometimes, people are being too hard on themselves by not checking on their current achievements, making it hard to start loving to study.

What this means is that it is usual for the endpoint or our goal to be far away from what we can currently reach.

For example, I am a victim of this. When I was studying, I tend to just check out how many chapters left I have to read which is quite frustrating.

This makes me start questioning myself. I start questioning my abilities.

What if instead, we count how many pages or chapters have we read, we can now see that we are making progress instead of looking at the endpoint.

Sometimes, it is good to check for yourself how much progress have you made, or how long have you been in the process. That way, it can be very easy to continue building the habit of studying.

Remember that getting addicted to studying is not 100% love what you’re studying. Sometimes, there are just days where we don’t want to do anything and that’s normal. There are days where we do not even like what we are studying.

What we can count on those times are the habits we’ve built such as if we built a habit to study just 2 hours each day. That is better than no studying at all.

That’s why we are focusing on two things in order to start getting addicted to studying. Falling in love with studying and building the habit of studying.

Know Your Preference in Studying

Falling in love with studying means knowing what you prefer when you’re studying. Basically, there are three types of people with regards to their preference of studying. People who study alone, people studying in groups, and people who can both study alone and in groups.

People are different, so it is also obvious that they have different preferences when it comes to studying.

Basically, if you want to love or get obsessed with studying, you first have to know what you’re preferences are.

If you are not doing your preferred method of studying, then it would become really hard for you to study,

Thus, in a general sense, there are three types of preferences when it comes to studying.

Some people like studying alone. That involves me and people who love studying in secret. That’s why I had some guide on how to study in secret and to study or work alone effectively. This is simply because I belong to this type.

This is also the reason why I learned to love studying. This is simply because I enjoy my quiet time when studying.

But not all people are like that. There are others that prefer to study by pair or by their group. It is not wrong. It is just that it’s their preference in studying. If that’s your preference then go with it.

There are also lucky ones that can study with both. But it is quite rare to see these people. Usually, a person would really have a preference.

Schedule Your Day

When we are talking about building an obsession with studying, we need to first build a habit of studying. That’s why it is important to schedule your day. Scheduling your day would give you a sense of direction on what you need to do and to make sure that studying is part of your day.

Scheduling our day means that we’re giving time to study. This is important because we tend to procrastinate if we start studying without a schedule.

What I mean by procrastination is that we are usually prone to oversleeping or doing nothing because we do not have a concrete set of the things we need to do for the day.

If we have a schedule we have some sort of things to follow.

Remember that if we want to be obsessed, we have to build a habit. That means we need to do things every day when possible.

That’s why we need to schedule a time to study on our day.

Furthermore, when scheduling, make sure to develop discipline and commitment. You need to be committed and disciplined enough to follow the schedule no matter what.

Doing a schedule without any commitment or discipline would most likely prevent you from following your schedule. That’s why it is necessary.

Form a Habit

Forming a habit is necessary if we want to build an obsession with studying. The reason is that there are just some days that we don’t like doing things, or that there are just topics that we don’t feel like studying. Habits make sure that we still study regardless of the situation.

Falling in love with studying is important especially when we are starting to build an obsession. However, we are emotional creatures.

That’s why it is normal for us to have bad days or just days where we don’t feel like doing things.

That’s where habits come into play.

Even on days where we don’t feel like doing things, it is our habits that would keep us on track. It is our habits that would force us to do the things we don’t want.

It is harder to break a habit rather than maintaining it.

That’s why it is good to have a good habit in place. Building it while we are loving the topic we’re studying is a good start.

Because being addicted to studying requires two things. One is to love what you’re studying. Another is to turn studying into a habit in case there will be days where we don’t want to do anything.

Make Your Achievements Visible

If we want to be addicted to studying, we should do our best to make it fun. Making it fun can be as easy as making our achievements visible. Making it visible such as check marks on days we studied is a helpful way for us to have a sense of accomplishment when habit building.

If you can remember when I discussed distractions, they are usually distractions because they are way more fun compared to studying.

The reason is usually that we can easily see our achievement on games, or we can easily see people liking our posts on social media.

That is because achievements on those platforms are visible.

That’s why, if we want to make our achievements visible, it is a good idea to also make our progress with studying visible.

One easy way is to check if we are studying daily or weekly.

This can be done as easily as having a checkmark on your calendar if you’ve studied that day.

That way, it will be extremely fun crossing a day in your calendar and you’ll feel quite sad if you are about to break a streak.

This is an easy way to build habits.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Celebrating your achievements is a way to make you fall in love with studying. Once you love studying, it can be very easy to turn it into an obsession. The way this happens is by celebrating small wins, we will begin to like studying more than others which becomes an addiction.

Celebrating your achievement is a way to make your achievements visible.

As I said, if you can see the results of your work, it can become very easy to track your progress.

But this requires a separate tip because it is bigger than just checking boxes on your calendar.

In one of my tips, I talked about enjoying the process, and one way to enjoy the process is to treat yourself and celebrate from time to time.

This can be done by doing many things such as buying yourself a drink when you pass your exams or treating yourself to some food for a job well done.

I also had a friend putting gummy bears on different paragraphs in his book so when he reached that part, he would eat a gummy bear.

As you can see, celebrating achievements is a way to make things more visible, plus it helps you enjoy the process. Sometimes, we just get hard on ourselves so we fail to be addicted to learning.

Remember that if you want to be addicted to learning, you have to make it fun.

It is important to know that the longer you stick with the tips mentioned, the easier it gets. The love for learning and discipline is a process. The more you try to get addicted to studying, the easier you can do it.

As with many things in life, the hardest part is always starting. Once you’ve started doing your best to get addicted to studying, it would get better and better as time goes by.

We are forming a habit, a habit that of loving studying. These tips are there to help you achieve that and I hope that you’ll slowly but surely become addicted to studying.

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