How to stop yourself from crying while studying?

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As a former lecturer, I saw students forcing themselves into studying. It is sad to see seeing them hiding their tears when studying. Sometimes, I can see the hopelessness in their eyes as they try to learn as many as they could but possibly can. I remember when I was a student and I also felt that feeling of helplessness. That feeling can really make a person cry out once they can’t take it anymore. Thus, this article will answer how do you stop yourself from crying while studying.

How do you stop yourself from crying while studying? To stop yourself from crying while studying, it is important to first try to find ways to remove procrastination. Procrastination makes us squeeze our time into studying which is very stressful. Another way is to try to find a deep reason why you’re studying.

Now that you have a short answer, it is time for me to give tips in order for you to stop yourself from crying. I know how stressful exam weeks or just your subjects are in general. So I prepared some tips for you to try.

1. Find a Deeper Purpose to Studying

When trying to stop yourself from crying during studying, it is important to find your real purpose on why you study. Knowing the exact reason why you’re studying would give you more strength to carry on. Furthermore, studying just for the sake of passing an exam is a shallow reason which makes people burned out.

It is important to find your “why” for doing things. I know that majority of students now study just for the sake of passing.

But it is not strong enough to force ourselves. Being happy with studying means that you are doing it willingly. You can’t force yourself to be happy in doing things if you don’t have a solid reason behind it.

That’s what I’m talking about in my other article on how to stop crying over exams. It is a good read if you are also having trouble with your exams. I recommend you to read this article. Here is the link: How to Stop Crying During and Over Exams.

But the point is you can’t be happy if you don’t have a reason why you’re studying.

Furthermore, you might be having a solid reason but it seems like you think you’re not enough and failing to deliver results.

That is completely normal. We are all humans and we have limitations.

If that’s the case, then maybe you are just not effective in studying. I have this article you can read as I gave some tips for you to be good in your studies: How to be a hardworking Student.

Furthermore, the next tips are some good ways for you to be more efficient which would prevent the feeling that you’re not good enough.

2. Organize Your Study Area

Organizing your study area is important to reduce stress while studying. When studying, it is important to reduce as much stress as possible. The reason is too much stress can lead to intense emotion which involves crying. Thus, it is important to organize your area.

Sometimes, we feel like everything is a mess that we just can’t study efficiently.

This improper organization of your study area forces us to be stressed than usual when studying.

When we are stressed out, our learning abilities will be severely affected. Furthermore, it causes us to be more emotional.

Thus, keep everything near you when studying. Stay as organized as you possibly can.

Prepare everything including your snacks, books, notes, and everything you need in your study session. This lessens your stress. Instead of looking for things when studying, you could easily reach out for your belongings.

3. Make Studying a Habit

It would always be hard to force ourselves into studying. This leads us to be more stressed every time we study which can make others cry. What people miss is that they have habits by their side which can make them force themselves into studying easier.

When I was a student, I have a routine I used when studying.

I wake up at 4 AM, be at school at 5:30 AM, and study until 7 AM.

This schedule makes me study every day regardless if there’s an exam or not. I was able to force myself to study a lot easier because it’s already my habit.

If you’re interested in knowing my study habits, you can check out my video on YouTube. Here is the link:

I also know someone who is more extreme than I am. He wakes up at 12 midnight then studies until 4 -6 AM, then goes to school.

I am not at that level since that’s an extreme study ethic. But he was able to do it also thanks to habit.

4. Time Management

One of the reasons why studying can cause people to cry is that they just don’t see they’re learning. This can usually be attributed to bad time management skills which make them accomplish less with more time. In short, they need to be more effective in order to prevent stress.

Most people I know who are crying when studying are the ones who are not efficient with studying.

Because they are always fed up with failing marks even if they’re studying hard, they feel so hopeless leading them to give up and just cry instead.

If that’s the case, then here is a good thing you can do right now. Learn proper time management.

This would make you more effective in studying which leads to fewer frustrations.

If you need more information, you can check out this article where I explained how you can get addicted and love studying. Here is the link: How to get addicted and love studying

5. Proper Preparation Is Key

Proper preparation is key to prevent stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of students crying over their exams and while studying. Instead of procrastinating, we can actually force ourselves to study just a little every day which is better than cramming.

What I did when I was a student was to force myself into studying by making sure that it is in my habit.

For a whole year, I was studying from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM every day.

This prepares me for exams in which I don’t need to pull an all-nighter just to pass my exams. The reason is that I have already studied the topic even before the exam schedule.

This leads to less stress and is way better than cramming.

Since I don’t do an all-nighter, I am generally in a better mood every day compared to others who had no sleep at all.

6. Focus Into Studying

Focusing on studying is one of the best productivity and time management tips you instantly apply in your studying. The reason is that we can learn faster when we focus. This way we can learn more with less time which prevents the feeling of hopelessness.

If you can remember one of my tips above, I said that one reason why people cry over their studies is that people feel like they’re not enough.

They study a lot but aren’t moving or still failing.

I said that the reason is that they are just not productive enough. Thus, the fastest way to be efficient in studying is to actually focus on studying.

You won’t be able to study efficiently if you’re browsing social media while studying. You won’t be efficient if your games are on while you study.

Instead, focus on your studies to get more results making you learn more, pass your exams, and be stress-free.

7. Do Not Procrastinate

One of the biggest reasons why students cry over their studies is that many are prone to procrastination. Procrastination might be harmful at first but it piles up all our work so we have no choice but to force ourselves into finishing it in less time. The pressure it gives is just a lot that causes stress.

I am also guilty of procrastination.

If you remember by study schedule, I said that I only did that for 1 year. My college is 4 years so those 3 years were the years of my procrastination.

While it might seem like we are evading our duties as a student, the work just gets a lot bigger as time goes by.

That’s why a project is being postponed until the day before submission, or your studies being postponed until the day of the exam.

Procrastination just delays our stress and instantly throws it on us on deadlines. The stress it gives is just not enough for any benefits it can give if there is any.

8. Proper Scheduling

One way to prevent us from crying while studying is to reduce our workload. This can be done by proper scheduling. Instead of studying the whole semester of subjects in 1 night, why not schedule studying each day topic by topic. This prevents too much stress caused by procrastination.

Now, how do you prevent procrastination?

Make sure that you do proper scheduling and be clear on what you’re going to study today.

To prevent too much stress, make sure to start studying little by little and not do an all-nighter.

Proper scheduling is an important part of time management which would help you a lot when studying.

It is important that you give a certain time just for you to study. It builds discipline and prevents being overworked.

9. Accept That Setbacks Are a Part of Life

Sometimes, no matter how you study, you would still fail a thing or two on exams. That’s normal since some of it is outside of our control. Accepting that there are setbacks and knowing that we can rise again would lift a lot on our shoulders rather than crying.

There are just numerous things in life that we can’t control. One of which is the exams.

While studying is in our control, there will just be times where we fail.

The reason is that the contents of the exams are just outside our control. I remember I had a 17/60 score in microbiology

I didn’t mind because I actually tried my best and I know that I can still improve and turn things around for the finals.

Sometimes, setbacks are a part of life and we need to accept them.

10. There Is Always a Room for Improvement

Some people who are taking their grades seriously can still fail. The problem here is that if their mentality is they already did their best and there is no room for improvement, they would start questioning their abilities leading to too much stress and even cry.

You should always understand that there will always be room for improvement.

If you now think that you can’t make mistakes since you already know how to manage your time, and learn more with less time, then change the mentality.

As I said, there are things in life which we can’t control.

Plus, a fixed mindset is not just bad for our studies but our career in general.

Instead, have a growth mindset. Know that you can always improve.

If you believe you can improve, then most likely, you’re really going to improve.

11. Take Some Breaks and Treat Yourself

Sometimes, people are just too hard on themselves that they don’t take breaks while studying or after studying. This leads to more stress because we also deserve rest especially if we did a good job. Make sure to treat yourself once in a while so you can easily force yourself to study in the future.

When I was a student, after having a good study session, I would go to the cafeteria to order some good meals as a treat.

Sometimes, I go for a good cup of coffee or tea which is refreshing.

Treat yourself if you did well. Do not be too hard on yourself since it would make it harder for you to study in the future.

If you don’t want to force yourself, give some rewards if you did a good job.

I had a friend who would put gummy bears on his book while reading and when he reaches that part of the book, he would have a gummy bear.

It seems weird but it really works.

I think that’s too extreme but just treat yourself if you think you deserve it.

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