Is My Myopia Bad? A Table Summary

Chances are you just got a pair of glasses or you just went through a healthcare professional and found out that your eyesight got worse and you need to know if the eye grade you currently have is already bad. Then this article got you covered as this is a summary of the various levels of myopia.

This is a Table Summary of the Various Levels of Myopia with regards to their severity. This will basically answer all of the queries you have if you have a bad eyesight or not.

Eye PrescriptionMyopia Level
-0.25 to -3.00Mild Myopia
-3.00 to -6.00Moderate Myopia
-6.00 aboveSevere or High Myopia
Eye prescription corresponding to Severity of Myopia

Myopia from the range of -0.25 to -3.00 is considered mild myopia, -3.00 to -6.00 range is considered as moderate myopia, and -6.00 above is already considered as severe myopia.

The difference in the severity does not only depend on the prescription but also what a person can see in the Snellen chart.

A Photo of an Eyeglass

The Difference between Normal, Mild, Moderate and Severe Myopia

Normal is what people call 20/20 vision which means that a person can see the eye chart at 20 feet away. Mild myopia means that a person can’t see the small texts in the chart but they can see the large texts well.

Moderate Myopia (-3.00 to -6.00) on the other hand can not see the small and larger texts which means that the only thing they can see in the chart is actually the largest letter.

Severe Myopia on the other hand can’t even see the largest text in the chart.

Here is a table summarizing all of the common eye grades and what they can see in the snellen chart.

Snellen ScoreDiopters DistanceMyopia GradeNeed Glasses?
20/200.00No MyopiaNo Need for Glasses
20/30-0.5079 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/40-0.7552 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/50-1.0039 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/70-1.2531 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometimes
20/100-1.5026 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometimes
20/150-2.0020 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometimes
20/200-2.5016 inMild myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/250-3.0013 inMild myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/300-3.5011 inModerate myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/400-4.0010 inModerate myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
Note: High or Severe Myopia is -6.00 and more and can’t see even the largest letter in chart

This table shows the various eye grades corresponding to the size of the text they can read in the Snellen Chart. Take note that eye grade greater than -4.00 is actually already considered severe which means that they can’t read all the letters in the chart.

A Drawing Illustration Differentiation Normal and an Eye with Myopia

An eye with myopia has actually a differently shaped eyes which is characterized as elongated. The severity of this elongation differentiates the severity of myopia and the amount of prescription they will need.

Eye Prescriptions That are Considered Bad

Eye prescriptions that are more than -6.00 are considered as bad or severe myopia as they can’t even read the largest text in the Snellen chart. This means that people with this eye grade will always need glasses or their quality of life will be severely decreased.

Eye Prescriptions That are Considered Mild

People with moderate myopia have a prescription from -0.25 to -3.00 which involves -0.50, -0.75, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50 until -3.00. These people can usually read the large texts in the Snellen Chart (refer to the table above for details).

In this eye grade, people with the low level of mild which is from -0.25 to -1.00 can actually do well even without glasses. They will still require glasses on doing things that needs attention to detail such as when driving but they can function well without glasses.

From -1.25 to -2.00 is different, they will need it more than people from the low mild level. They will definitely use it more since at this level, object farther than your arms reach can now be a bit blurry.

-2.00 to -3.00 is actually pretty close to moderate myopia with is actually when people even need to put texts near them to actually read. This is when people really notice that their eyesight is bad because they can’t read things if it is more than their arms length.

Eye Prescriptions That are Considered Moderate

People with moderate myopia have a prescription from -3.00 to -6.00, these includes -3.00, -3.25, -3.50, -3.75, -4.00 up to -6.00.

People with this level of myopia will also find it hard to live without glasses. In fact, the only thing they can read in the Snellen chart is the largest text. This level also needs a person to wear glasses all the time which is necessary to not really affect their quality of life.

Can Myopia be Cured?

There are numerous ways to cure myopia, here is a table summary on all of the available treatments you can have.

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)Surgery
Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK)Surgery
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)Surgery
Atropine DropsSlows Progression
Dual Focus LensSlows Progression
OrthokeratologySlows Progression
Print Pushing MethodNatural/Hormesis
Lens Reduction TherapyNatural/Hormesis
Active FocusingNatural/Hormesis
Bates MethodEye Exercise
Eye YogaEye Relaxation
Treatments for Myopia with their corresponding Type of Treatment

These methods are classified under different categories such as surgical, corrective, contact lens and natural.

For more in depth information on them, you may check this article: Treatments and Cure For Myopia without Glasses

Are there Natural Ways to Cure Myopia?

There are many claimed ways to cure myopia. One of the most commonly known is actually the Bates Method which consists of exercises and practices to fix your eyesight. However, in this research paper which studied 43 research papers, it has been proven that this method does not work in any way in treating myopia. But Bates is not the only natural method in curing myopia

Rawstron, John Albert, et al. “A Systematic Review of the Applicability and Efficacy of Eye Exercises.” Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus, vol. 42, no. 2, 2005, pp. 82–88. Crossref, doi:10.3928/01913913-20050301-02.

In actuality, there is a method which involves hormesis that can help. In fact, I am a living proof of this as I was able to reduce my myopia from -3.25 to now -1.25 as of this writing. This method is called active focusing.

Myopia can be cured in a natural way. However, it takes time and science has not yet proven this. The method which actually helped me is the Active Focusing Method which I’ve shared in this video below.

I have written all of what I’ve learned in this article and I’ve made a video to show visually how it’s done. This is the article: How I reduced my Myopia, and for more videos regarding the topic, you can check my channel here in this link:

Other Claimed Natural Ways to Improve Myopia include: Eye Yoga, Palming, Eye Exercises.

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Reading Glasses/ Positive Lens

A quick warning. Do not use a positive lens if your eye grade is more than -2.00. You do not need one if your eye grade is still high.

But always get a good quality pair of these glasses since low-quality pair of positive lenses might not be very accurate.

Furthermore, some of these cheap pairs are not optical grade, which means their surface is not smooth. Non-optical grade glasses confuse the eyes.

If you are in the last stages of print pushing (-2.00 below), don’t waste your efforts by having a low-quality positive lens.

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Negative Lens/ Myopia Glasses

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