Vacation in Bacolod and Negros Occidental [Places, Food, Experiences, Tips]

Vacation Trip to Bacolod

So chances are you are trying to find a Bacolod Itinerary for your tour. You should really try to visit this place. I live in the city so it is kind of an exciting experience for me in my trip there. It is really a great place to relax and calm yourself on your busy schedule.  So here is a summary of my vacation in Bacolod.

In this article, I am going to tell you some bits of information about Bacolod. My experiences such as the places, food, getting cheap plane tickets and hotels, what to expect in this place, what to bring home to your loved ones, and of course, my tips for a perfect vacation.

So if you are following my blog, recently, I went to a 90 days no gaming challenge and I finished it. I tried to appreciate everything real in my life, and traveling will be one of them. You can check my article here No game challenge.

A little bit about Bacolod

Bacolod city is the Capital of Negros Occidental. This is considered as a highly urbanized place in the Philippines. If you are someone who loves to visit a city and at the same time, get in touch with nature, this is a perfect place for you as this place is filled with things to do that I did not finished the places I want to visit in just 5 days.

So instead, I wrote the things I would also want to go to on the last part of this article.

I do suggest going there for a whole week tour.

To make your vacation more worthwhile, you should know more about Bacolod. Like the some culture, where the city’s name came from and more.

Bacolod came from an old Hiligaynon language which means “Hill or Mountain” which is because they said that the first settlement in Bacolod came from the Mountains which is a place now called “Granada.” This is also where I stayed for this whole tour.

People are really friendly, actually they have an accent that seems that they always care about others. Because of their friendly accent in speaking, it is also called the “City of Smiles.” Although, I asked a friend and she can’t seem to notice that about their accent. Eitherway, you will really appreciate how friendly they are.

In Bacolod, you don’t have to worry about speaking in English, the people can really speak English and help you if you are in trouble. So language is not much of a problem if you want to visit this place.

Temperature: Bacolod has an average annual temperature is 27.1 °C. Also, it seems like it always rains. I think it is because this place is still surrounded with nature and trees. So it would be better if you bring some umbrella.

My Whole Trip to Bacolod

I am actually lucky, I have a family friend who is from this City. Thus, I do not need to book hotels, and they also showed us around. We just need to take care of our food and get some plane tickets.

So this article is about the places that I went, food and my experiences in the whole tour. I will also place a warning especially on some restaurants because we are almost scammed. More on this later.

Of course, this is still a lovely trip. Do not worry! 😀

How I got Cheap Plane Tickets

I used a website to get some cheap plane tickets. I use

They scan almost all airlines and get the cheapest plane ticket you could find. They are also connected online to these Airlines so if they have some discounts, you could also get it. What I love is that you can scan for free and they do not have service charge or mark-up at all on their bookings.

Of course, you can also use their hotel bookings. But I did not used it because we already have a place to stay.

What I greatly loved and appreciated in Bacolod?

SquidWhat I appreciated in Bacolod is the Seafoods! They are way cheaper than the others and this is the first time a saw a really large squid which we only got for 350 pesos (about $7). If you are a seafood lover like me, this is a place to go!

Just look at that big squid. Isn’t it amazing? 🙂 it is almost as big as my head.

To save some more money, why not try to go to the Local market place and buy there. It would be a unique experience for you. Or you could just eat in their restaurants.

Another are the fresh fruits and vegetables. This is also the first time that I saw the cacao fruit. Here is a picture.

That’s me holding the Cacao fruit. The seeds are said to be used in making our beloved chocolates. And because of my appreciation to chocolates and how they make our lives happier, I need to take a picture of this fruit.

Bacolod Tourist Spots I’ve went to

So here are the things that I’ve visited in Negros Occidental. The thing is that I did not have the tour in just Bacolod City. We went around the province itself so there are places here that are not within the city limits.

But I suggest you to go outside the city tour. Especially if you are a Nature lover such as me.

Campuestohan Highland Resort (Perfect for Picture taking, Attractions and Rides)


This is the first place I went to. You will appreciate here the rides and the picture taking.

If you happen to visit Campuestohan, I suggest that you bring some extra clothes for swimming as they have a pool there. You would also love to swim since it is really nice and there are artificial waves being made in the pool. Also, they spray some bubbles so it would really bring fun to the next level.

TIP! I did not do this but, you could go to the bubbles and have a very great instagram worthy picture. I realized that it would be a good picture the day after I went to this place so.. too bad. So do not forget to try having that picture.

Bring some extra money other than for the tickets. They have some more rides such as the zipline. There are many picture (Instagram) worthy places to have some pictures so if you are into that, you won’t go wrong with this.

I can’t specify the Instagram worthy pictures here because it is said that they regularly change the designs in to something new. When I went there, there were some animals (Dinosaur, Shark, Monkey and more) that you could take some pictures. You can also see some of those animals in my picture here.

Mambukal Resort (HOT SPRING!)

Mambukal ResortI love to try some hot springs. This is the place where I experienced going in a real hot spring. What I mean by this is that you could smell the sulfur that comes along this amazing place.

It does not smell good though, it is sulfur. But the experience that you gain by getting in the natural hot spring is definitely worth it.

Some people claimed that it has therapeutic benefits. My mother said that it eased her spine.

We also talked with an old lady that is visiting this hot spring quarterly because she claimed that it cured her disease (not sure what it was). She is about 80 years old.

For me, I love the feeling after you’ve dipped into the hot spring. I feel so refreshed and relaxed. My skin and muscles came out to be softer, and I happened to drank a lot of water after the experience. They said that it is because you sweat a lot while in the hot spring.


This is also enjoyable since you will see literally a lot of bats flying around. I love how I am connected to nature in here. The problem is that one of my companions was hit when a bat pooped.

So beware of their feces 🙂

Don Salvador (Nature VIEW!)

Don Salvador Lion's HeadIf you are in for the view, you would definitely love what this has to offer you. The view is simply amazing. Plus they sell chips that are actually cheap in my opinion (I hope you found the rhyme 😀 ). The chips are made from sweet potatoes, banana, pork skin and more.

I’ll put a picture here on the view.

To know if you are in the right place, you would see the characteristic lion’s head

Baguio’s (Another place in the Philippines) Lion head is much bigger and better in my opinion, but you are here for the view! The view is super awesome and you would surely what it has to offer you. Here is a picture of mine with the view.

See how good looking the view is?

It is super relaxing and I can’t help but to appreciate nature on this photo. I love the color green as it is very relaxing.

Just look at the trees and the mountains. I guess you would want to visit it too right?

And oh, the first picture you saw when you visited this article is also in Don Salvador

Ruins (Instagram and Picture Worthy)

Another great picture for Instagram fanatics. By the way, you can follow me on instagram. Here is the link:

As the name implies, this is a ruined place. As it is once a mansion of a rich people in Bacolod named Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga Lacson. It is built in the 1900s and said to be destroyed on the second world war.

So how Instagram worthy? Let me say that a lot of wedding photos were taken in this place.

Yes, that good 🙂

If wedding photos are made in that place, I think that is a good enough sign that this is really a place to be. You will greatly love the place.

Tip #1: there is a table at the far side of the Ruins. It is glass, place your phone and have a glass effect picture. Here is a sample

Glass Picture in the ruins
Photo Credits to:

The reason I don’t have the picture is because we are in a hurry for dinner because we are extremely hungry that time. TIME FOR SEAFOODS YAY! But this is also the time we were almost scammed. More on it later.

Tip #2: Go to the ruins around 4PM. The sunset will give it a gold color which looks really cool. We went there about 5:30 so we did not experienced it much. I still have a picture of me with a somewhat gold color but it would be better for you to come at 4pm to get a picture better than mine

Duyan Cafe (Perfect View and Relaxation)

Duyan Cafe View
Duyan Cafe View

Another picture worthy view for you. Duyan cafe offers a view that you would definitely love. Just look at that awesome view! There are no words to describe it other than Majestic.

This is a perfect place for relaxation. Since this is a cafe, you can order some coffee or chocolate and enjoy the view while sipping your hot cup of coffee/chocolate. This is also one of the places that I deeply enjoy. You will not go wrong checking this place out.

New Government Center

You need to go to their city hall. It is not that modern looking but it is a great place to go to enjoy your city tour. There is a fountain and a section that kind of like a park. There is also a big “BACOLOD” sign you can have a picture in.

I think the decoration changes every time, so I will not go into details. You might experience a different design on the city hall when you go to the place, but overall a city tour will just not go right for me if I did not visit its center.

That’s just me. I don’t know about you 🙂

Manokan Country

In the Philippines, Bacolod is known for two things. One is that they always smile because of their accent. That’s why their place is called the “City of Smiles.” The second is chicken inasal!

Chicken inasal is widely popular in the Philippines, and I think that the dish came from this City. They also said that the Chicken Inasal in Bacolod is nothing like what we are eating in my place. So I guess it is time to try it out!

By the way, “Manok” is the Tagalog word for Chicken. That’s why it is named Manokan Country.

Bacolod Inasal
Bacolod Chicken Inasal
What I think about the Authentic Bacolod Inasal

They are right! The chicken meat is soft, the taste is great and even the sauce is perfect for the dish. (JUST WOW!)

Tip: Add some chili! It would taste even better!

It is definitely worth the try! You won’t regret trying food out!

Ugh, I am just remembering how tasty this is and I became hungry while writing this article lol.

I promise you that you have to try this out so you will have the perfect Bacolod trip. Just go to Manokan place and try their authentic Inasal.

I know that the picture is not that impressive, but I promise you that what you will be tasting would be the best chicken dish you have ever tried!

Plus, they are not that expensive.

Warning on some Restaurants

There are some restaurants that targets tourist and we were almost scammed. (Not in the Inasal place alright? It is a seafood place)

What I mean by this is that you should always check your receipt before buying. I repeat.


That establishment added more items than what we ordered. The dishes did not even came to our table. If we did not checked the receipt, we would be overcharged by about 800 pesos. (About 16 dollars)

For example, we ordered a sweet and sour fish and they placed 2 in the quantity instead of 1. That should’ve charged us 300 pesos if we haven’t checked the receipt.

I heard from some locals that I’ve talked with that some establishment targets tourist and because they enjoy their food, they won’t check the receipt anymore. So some people overcharge you to get some more money.

Remember to always count the food that came to your table and check the receipt.

What should you Bring home to your Friends and Families (PASALUBONG)

Now, what should you bring to them?

I don’t recommend buying the T-shirts. It is just so ordinary (And you can’t eat them.. ) 🙂

What I recommend you to buy are their delicacies. They really taste great and I bought a whole box of delicacies on my way home. But my favorite is the Barquiron.


It is not that sweet and I love the crunch! It is also very popular within the city. No need to worry where you can find this since it is almost everywhere.

Another is the Piaya! Bring it to your loved ones.

So my recommendation: Barquiron and Piaya

Oh, it is not really from Bacolod but you might also want to try out the Dried mangoes. They are the best!


I’m sorry that the picture of my Barquiron is not intact. You see my tour is December 6-10 and I am writing this article on the 24th, because I am really busy with my other blog. I know that I bought a lot but I tend to binge eat them because they taste really good. So as of this date, that is the only remaining pack I have (LUCKY).

Will I go back again?

I went to Bacolod but the time is not enough to enjoy everything. I haven’t even visited the Beach yet. If their seafood are top notch, I am sure that their Beach are also worth seeing. 😀

Plus, I was informed that there is a tasty dish that I haven’t tried in Bacolod. That is so sad because I was informed when I was already at the airport.

So I will definitely go back. I’ve listed below the places that I want to experience in Bacolod on my next visit.

Bacolod tourist Spots, Places and Foods I will visit or try soon

So my friend told me that I don’t have enough time to fully visit every worth seeing spots in Bacolod. So I recommend you to spare at least a week to get to the good spots in this Province.

As you are checking this article. A big chance is that you want to have some tips and guide for your itinerary, so here are the places that has been mentioned to me that I have to visit soon. Plus the food 🙂

Bacolod Tourist Beach Spots

Lakawon Beach

Lakawon Beach is not within the city, it is on another city. But the place looks cool.  I watched a video how cool this looks and this is definitely on my Bucket list. Here is the video.

My Favor to you: Please go to that place and comment below your experience. I really want to know.

Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef is said to be one of the rising travel destinations in Bacolod. It is sad that I don’t have enough time to visit this place. So make sure to also visit it. Please also tell me the experience on the comments!

Here is a picture

Carbin Reef
Photo Courtesy of:
Negros Museum

This is said to be a musem portraying the lifestyle and society of the Locals. This include their furnitures and items from ancestral homes.

If you are in those things, you could visit this place.

For me, right now my priority is the Beach 🙂

In any case, if it is really worth seeing, comment down below so I would be inspired. 😛

Foods I need to Try soon!


This is the food that I haven’t tried. I think this is kind of a pork noodle soup (If it is the same as the Batchoy that I’ve eaten). They said that it really taste good. So make sure to try some.

This is also the food that my friend told me I should try when I get back to Bacolod. Too bad I don’t really have enough time.


Calea is said to have great tasting cakes in the city. I should also try this out in the future. I am not a sweet tooth, but vacation is where you have to explore. Also, I want to see what they mean by it is one of the best.

Bar 21

Bar 21 is said to be a place where you could eat Ilonggo Dishes (Their Local Dish). As of now, I have no idea what they are except for the Batchoy. I better check it out soon.



I am a single man that wrote a whole guide to Bacolod. I am not from this place

But I have tried my best to explain and describe everything to the best of my abilities.

I hope you liked my article, and I plan to make more travel articles soon because well… I want to enjoy what life has to offer. Plus, I have some money now because of my online business, I can now travel while still earning some cash.

In conclusion, Bacolod city is a perfect place to travel if you are into nature, seafood, view, food and pictures.

If you want to add more information, or you enjoyed my guide, please leave a comment below, or share this post on social media or wherever you want. That would be very helpful for my blog.

Also, share it to your travel buddies!!

You can also follow me on social media, just check the footer for the links. 🙂






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