Positive Values: Importance and How to Built it

We always know that positive values are important in life. There are numerous values we can have including honesty, integrity, justice, and so on. These are so important that schools are teaching positive values to people as early as possible. At home, we are also being taught values whether something we did is good, or bad. In time, it will shape us into a person with strict moral values even if we have no idea about it.

The thing is that when we are asked if positive values are important in our lives, we just say that they are important. When you ask why most will just have no answer It is not your fault, all of us started that way since we are taught positive values early on our life without telling us why. I am going to answer and dive deep into the topic in this article. Why are positive values important?

Positive values are important because they affect our morality and our core beliefs. Without a set of values in our lives, we will just be lost on what to do. Positive values are the ones that give meaning, and long-lasting happiness while negative ones are mostly for short-term happiness.

Positive values are usually the ones that will bring you long-lasting happiness in life. Negative values are usually a product of someone who lacks willpower. That is why these are mostly detrimental for us. In this article, we are going to deep dive into this topic. As you can see, this is just the introduction but we already discussed a lot of things.

Why are positive values important?

Positive values are important because they are the ones that would bring us long-lasting happiness in life. Positive values usually give positive changes. These values are associated with knowing the right things to do that guides our conscience in order for us to live a good life.

In my previous article, I taught about how important it is to have a clear set of values for yourself. It is important because these will be the ones who will build a person’s identity. Without a clear sense of identity, we will just be lost leading to what others call to life crisis where we do not know what we want in life.

If you are interested in that article, you should read it. It has good points you have to know aside from getting positive values. Here is the article: What is the importance of having clear values in life?

Now that I’ve made the point of the importance of clear personal values, it is time to discuss about positive values.

It is one thing to get a clear set of values. However, it is another to get a good set of them.

This is because there are hundreds of different values a person can have, and they will matter in a different manner in each person.

The best example I can give you especially if we are talking about self-development is this. Some people will prefer to have quantity. They want to have lots of businesses to invest in. Multiple websites to give their attention to. Multiple things they want to learn.

There are some people on the other hand that are focused on only one thing. One business, one website, and one skill. These are people who prefer quality than quantity.

Are any of these wrong? It depends.

It depends on the person’s value in life. What are the things they prefer? Our difference with each other makes us human.

The problem comes with negative values.

For example, one of my key values is efficiency. Which is why I always find ways to be more productive and always improve myself whenever possible.

That is why I am a fan of the time-blocking technique and eliminating distractions such as social media especially when working. That is why I did a social media detox for 1 week. You can see my experiences here: I did the Social Media Detox for a week. It is also a good read if you are interested. My productivity skyrocketed after and during that detox.

The problem is that the opposite of efficiency or productivity is a negative value which is being counterproductive.

There is nothing wrong with having a good rest. I am a fan of having a good rest and just chilling after a long day of work. But some people who have so many regards this value take it to another level.

This leads to not just being productive, which is alright, but on extremes, they start to forget about their health. They tend to not exercise, not work on their future, and live their lives without regard to being better even if they feel miserable.

Sometimes, after a long day of work, I check forums to see how people are doing. It is quite sad that I always find people who know that they are very lazy and they hate themselves because of it. They know that they want to have a life change, but they don’t know what or how to change.

The easiest way for that is to start changing their values from negative to positive one.

Yes, there are positive and negative values. Let’s discuss them further.

What is positive value?

Positive values are a group or set of values that will bring positive change to an individual. Having these values in a person’s core usually resonates in an individual. These positive changes are mostly for the good of not just the person, but also their environment.

There is a concept that I always hear. It is that negativity is contagious.

It is so contagious that when we are with negative people all the time, we tend to see the world in their view. That’s why you can always see people bashing each other out in public. If one gets angry, the other one also gets angry.

But the thing is positive values are also contagious. Being positive produces an environment that makes every one around us happy. Happiness is also contagious that we can easily laugh when people around us are laughing.

These positive values are what brings positive change to an individual seeking improvement in their lives.

For example, when I am productive, I am working my way towards my goals and dreams in an efficient manner. I am not destroying my health when working, and I take my rests seriously.

If one of your value is honesty, you will always be honest to your friends, and you won’t ever take something away from others. This makes our environment so much easier to live with.

These brings positive change to people

Are values always positive and good?

Values are not always positive and good. There are bad values a person can learn which will be detrimental not just for their wellbeing, but also for their environment. Good values will always bring positive outcomes to people while bad values will bring negative outcomes.

As we’ve already discussed above, there are negative values that people need to worry about. This actually comes when we are not careful when doing self reflection. Most bad values come to us because we are not aware.

That is why I always talk about having a good system for self-reflection. Which I discussed in my other article. It consists of good tips and an infographic you can use to remind yourself on how to do an efficient self-reflection session. Here is the link: How do you Reflect on Personal Development or Growth

Another thing to do is to know what are the good values for you to take. You should really understand that it is easier to get good or positive values if you know what they are. I also have another article which talks about the 25 most important values for self-development which I believe are the key ones you can have towards a good life.

Here is the link if you want to check it out. Again, I placed an infographic so you can also understand them as easy as possible: What are the Values Needed for Self-development?

How do you get positive values?

Now that you have an idea on what values are important for a better life, it is time to learn about this topic. Let us answer how do we get positive values?

The best way to getting positive values is to start with a self-reflection. That way, you will have a deeper understanding of your own self. Once you already understood who you are, it is time to start learning new positive values by learning them from various resources.

I learned more about my values in life after a self-reflection a few months back. This in turn made me better and I love the process in which my life is now going.

For the start, after the realization became the time where this site grew at a rate that I am so happy with. This is because I started pouring my energy into this website.

And it all started with a proper self-reflection.

Reflection is important as in here, you will find the positive and the negative values you have in life. Then there is one simple instruction. Remove the negative ones and add positive ones.

It can be easily done if you change your environment. For example, I have been very productive because I don’t work on my bed. Furthermore, I make sure that when I am working, I won’t have any access to distractions including email.

My environment is perfect for productivity and efficiency. Thus, I was able to work harder to this website.

It is the same to you. In whatever value you want to have, make sure the environment will be in your favor. The best way for that is to have friends who share the same values as you want to build. That way, you can passively learn their habits.

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

I know how hard it is to change your environment. So you have 2 options. Environment or your social group.


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