Productivity: Is it a Skill? | Details, Explanation, and Example

When it comes to productivity, my eyes are always open to finding new tips to make myself and others better. As a creator and writer in the self-improvement niche, productivity is one of my main concerns when it comes to writing. One of the concepts that people always ask is if productivity is a skill. And to that, my answer will always be the same.

Productivity is a skill because it is something that anyone can improve over time. This means that we can get better as long as we practice productivity throughout our life. Productivity is not stagnant in the sense that you are just born with it. You need to develop it through sheer experience and hard work.

This article will revolve around this topic, we would explain in more detail why is productivity a skill. Furthermore, we are going to explain a little about productivity. I am also going to give my own self as an example of why productivity is something that can be improved. Thus, a skill.

Is productivity a skill

Productivity is a life skill since it is something that you can improve over time. It is something that we use and should improve throughout our life. Our productivity skills can change for the better or for the worse depending on how we act. This makes productivity a life skill.

When some people would say that they aren’t just productive enough, I actually feel sad.

The reason is that I would always want to change their perspective to: “They aren’t productive enough ‘yet.'”

The “yet ” is an important part of the statement since it implies that there is room for improvement.

Here is the thing, when talking about productivity, it is something that would always change. Daily, weekly, or even hourly.

The reason is that there is always a way to make things better or worse.

The reason for this is because we are emotional creatures. We are most if not always affected by our mood.

We can get motivated today and work too much because we feel like it. There are days that we just want to lay in bed because of the cold weather.

That’s the thing about productivity. It is not constant and it changes.

However, the reason why productivity is a skill is that even if that’s the case, we can use it to make us work even if we don’t feel like doing things.

That’s the concept of the book the 5 Seconds Rule by Mel Robbins where she teaches in her book about what we can do to force ourselves into doing things.

I made a video here where I made a book summary of the book, you can check it out if you’re interested. In book summaries.

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But back to my point of why productivity is a skill.

What makes productivity a skill is because it is our responsibility to be better, or worse. it’s just like the skill of playing the guitar. You get better the more you practice, and you won’t improve or lose your touch when you don’t practice.

The perfect example of this is me. When I first started to create websites and write content, I was really bad at productivity. I was so bad at time management that 2 of my websites failed, and started to get better

That time, I have 2 choices, to improve or not.

However, for a whole 2 years, it was so bad that I failed. When I decided that it’s really time to change my life, I started to turn the tables.

Right now, in just a few months, I am earning enough for me to have a comfortable life. I won’t say that I earn a lot since I’m still not at that level. But I’m earning enough for me to eat properly and have shelter above my head.

Why did that happen? I learned to be productive and made more content.

From someone who writes articles once a month, I changed it to make 7-8 articles each week. Thus, the increase in my rate of content production made this website way better than before.

And that is just in 3 months’ time where I really decided to learn and apply productivity. The reason why I’m saying apply is that I am learning and reading books for quite some time now, but never really applied.

That’s like reading a book about how to play the guitar without using the guitar.

Another reason for productivity is a skill. It is something that you apply to get better at it.

We know that time management is a big part of productivity. If you’re interested in knowing how to be better at time management, I have an article that you can read. It is a good read if you’re really interested in preventing poor time management. Here is the link: How to avoid poor Time Management

How do you explain productivity?

Productivity can be explained as the ability to produce more with less time. That means a machine making more products in less time is considered to be more productive. A person doing more things in a shorter amount of time is considered to be a productive person.

There is a reason why this is included in the article. If we want a better understanding of productivity, we have to explain it.

In my simple explanation, productivity is our ability to produce more with less time.

According to Oxford Languages, the meaning of ability is “the possession of the means or skill to do something.” That’s why if productivity is an ability that we use to manage our time in order to do more, then it is a skill.

I hope you’ve seen the link between the two. Our abilities are our skills to do something.

But productivity doesn’t always mean that we’re talking about a person.

Productivity can be used for machines. That’s why factories are always worried about increasing their productivity and found out that they can use machines to improve their productivity.

For example, as someone interested in toy cars, most of us will be familiar with Hot Wheels. The reason these cars are cheap is that they were able to produce more car models with less time because of automation.

The ability of the machine to produce more is also productivity.

If a person can be productive, so can machines.

Productivity is a general term for producing more with less time.

However, when we’re talking about productivity as a skill, then it is solely focused on humans.

And your power to get better or worse with productivity makes it a skill.

What is an example of productivity?

Productivity is the ability to produce more at a faster speed. An example of productivity is a person’s ability to produce or make results with their limited time. Another example of productivity is when a factory uses machines to produce more products in a span of time.

As we’ve already explained earlier, productivity is the ability of an individual to produce results with less time. It is how we maximize our limited time.

A perfect example is how I managed to make more content compared to who I was before. I was able to manage my time and find the perfect time for me to write where I am always in my “A” game.

This ability can from numerous hours of learning and applying what works for me and not. It is not something that I was just better at productivity.

This took a lot of learning, applying, and self-reflection.

Can you see where I am going? Even examples of productivity are linked to it being a skill.

I believe that learning, applying, and self-reflection are important when talking about productivity. You should always know where you are and where you will be going.

That’s why I suggest you read my other article about self-reflection as it helped me a lot in improving myself. Here is the link: How to develop your Self-Reflection Practice

Also, it can also be the ability of a group to produce more results. This makes the group productive or what others call a synergistic relationship between groups.

This makes most businesses succeed. Since they can do more with less time, most businesses are looking for this type of team.

Businesses also believe that productivity is a skill. That’s why you’re going to see businesses building workshops and lectures in making their workers more productive.

They see it as an investment since if they can make their people productive, they can be sure that they are an asset to their company.

As you can see, an individual is not the only thing involved in productivity. Productivity can also be applied in groups, machines, and many more.

But my point is this.

It is our responsibility or our ability to make us productive or not. This makes productivity a skill. If you want to practice productivity, then you’ll get better at it. If not, then you’re not going to be productive. The way your mastery of productivity changes makes it a skill.

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