What I Learned “Quiet” By Susan Cain | Book Summary and Review

Quiet Book by Susan Cain Summary and Review

About a third of us in this world are introverts. Unlike what most say that being extroverted is the key to success, that is not true. Society thinks that introverts need to be more sociable to succeed. But that is far from reality. Introverts have a power that once tapped upon, will bring success. All of us, whether an introvert or an extrovert have a superpower. We can’t have all of them, but we can use what we have to the fullest.

Here is the summary of the book Quiet by Susan Cain:

This book, Quiet by Susan Cain, is all about how our society became focused on correlating success and being an extrovert, that being an introvert is a curse. But that is far away from the truth.  You just need to tap out your power as an introvert in order to reach your highest potential. 

If being an introvert is really bad, why are there tons of successful people who are introverted? Steve Wozniak, an introvert. Warren Buffett, also an introvert. Bill Gates, an introvert. Gandhi, an introvert. They are introvert but you know who they are. Those are example of introverts who used their power to the fullest. In this video, I’m going to show you how and what are the strengths of introverts.

Let’s start with the notion that you need to be more extroverted to be successful. Some people might argue that it is true. Ans it’s true. There are introverts who practiced hard to talk more, become more sociable and became successful. But to reach their true potential? I don’t think so. To reach the best version of yourself, the easiest way is to use your strengths and strengthen them more.

Let me give this as an example. Usain Bolt is known as the fastest man in the world. Why? He was born with a perfect physique for running and he practiced diligently to strengthen them more. He reached the top because he used his strength to his advantage. That’s why he became a legend. Now, let’s see Muggsy Bogues. Muggsy Bogues is the smallest player in the NBA which stood around 5’3″. Is he a good player? Definitely. He is a good player. In fact, he has a good record on assists and he even played for 14 seasons in the NBA. However, he did not became the best. With hard work, you can be successful, but to reach the best version of yourself, you need to use your inborn abilities to its fullest.

I hope I already made my point that to reach our highest potential, you need to build what you’re good with. So let’s start identifying some of the power of introverts.

What are Introverts Good at?


Introverts as known by most are people who loves time to be alone. Introverts prefers time alone and that is not a curse. With being alone comes independency. There are lost of things you can do while you are alone. It is also the best time to hone your craft in order to reach your true potential. Also, alone time is a perfect time to do deep work, which will boost the speed and efficiency of your tasks. If you want to know more about this skill, which is really amazing. Check out my video on deep work. Link in the description

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They said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Whether it is coding, video editing, musical instruments and many more. Guess who has the time to master skills even if they’re alone. Introverts. Warren Buffett used his time alone to study and get insights on the stock market to be considered the best investor. Wozniak spent numerous free time in order to learn more about engineering. The product, Apple computers. That’s a power of an introvert. You can use your lone time to master your craft. Because in this world. The thing that pays the most, is mastery.

Sales and Social Skills

WAIT?! Introverts and social skills? You have to be kidding me. Yes. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Guess what introverts are good at. Listening. Since we don’t talk a lot, we listen to people. Introverts prefer deep talks rather than small talks. They are good at listening and analyzing how people feel. You might think that it isn’t true, but it is a very powerful skill. Just listening to people lets them vent out their frustrations and you become a great listener. AND LISTENING IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART IN SOCIALIZING. Listening is communicating.

When it comes to selling, there is a very famous rule. You have two ears and one mouth. That’s why in selling, one of the key essentials taught is to listen to the customer. Find out what they want and need then give the product that suits them the best. That’s how selling works. How can you know what they want? Listening to them. Introverts are born to be a great listeners. They don’t need much training like extroverts to be a great listener. Use it to your advantage.

You might be wondering, how can an introvert live on environments that are for extroverts such as Media, Legal and Sales? There will be times where you will be forced to act like an extrovert, to speak, to share your voice. Can introverts thrive in these situations? Of course! We can! and Here is a good tip for you. Find restorative niches.

I know how it feels like to just be at home being by yourself and you are happy with it. That’s why you can see people telling that they just want to be at their home and they are having fun. It’s hard to explain why we love being alone but that is what we are. We love being alone. And that’s what the book calls restorative niches. Restoring your energy After a long day at work, learn to relax. Have some fun or vacation for yourself. Go to a restaurant by yourself. It’s amazing.

Analytical skills

Why did Warren Buffett become a legendary investor? That’s right. He has great analytical skills which is natural to introverts. Since we like being alone, we can easily tap our deep work skills and reach our creative side quickly. That’s why lots of great artist and inventors such as Tesla and Albert Einstein are introverts. Introverts are good in analyzing people, situations and many more because they are good observers. Combine that with their capacity to go deep on topics and you have a complete recipe for success.

The power of deep work is easy for introverts because they like to be alone. That is also the reason why they can easily analyze things in their head and imagine things that changed the world. Einstein is a perfect example. His deep analytical skills made him one of the smartest people to ever live. We have the capacity to imagine information in our head and that is a great source of creative powers. Introverts have that capability and you can also achieve it.

One more thing I want to emphasize in this video is to know yourself. Are you an introvert? and Extrovert? What are your likes? Dislikes? Goals? Dreams? That way, you can use your strengths to your advantage. I recommend you to watch my video on the Four Agreements to know a useful guide to know yourself better. Link in the description.

Being an introvert is not a curse. As I said, introverts have a power that they can use. We are not born with all the power in the world. We all have weakness and to reach the best version of you, all you need is to use your power to its full potential. I hope you get my message in this video. Don’t give up! and reach for the best. See you in the next video.

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