Should You Wear Glasses on -0.75 Prescription?

Chances are you were given a prescription for the first time and you are wondering if you should start wearing glasses. You know how glasses can be a pain but in all honesty, you’re lucky because 0.75 is still low and can be easily turned back to 20/20.

-0.75 diopters requires you to use glasses especially on looking at things far away such as when driving or crossing the street for your safety. However, for doing near work such as typing, it is not necessary.

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Print Pushing and Active Focusing for Beginners

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Is minus 0.75 eyesight bad?

The American Optometric Association states that -0.75 diopters is actually classified under Mild Myopia which means that -0.75 is not bad. In fact, the only thing you can’t usually see in the eye chart are actually the small letters unlike the severe ones which can’t even see the largest text.

Eye GradeMyopia Level
-0.25 to -3.00Mild Myopia
-3.00 to -6.00Moderate Myopia
-6.00 aboveSevere or High Myopia
Grades According to Severity of Myopia

As you can see in the table, -0.25 eye grade to -3.00 is still classified as mild myopia, meaning that it will be hard to see the small letters in texts. Other than that, they can still read large texts in the chart.

Moderate Myopia (-3.00 to -6.00) on the other hand can not see the small and larger texts which means that the only thing they can see in the chart is actually the largest letter.

Severe Myopia is are the cases where they can’t even see the largest text in the chart.

Can Myopia be Cured?

There are numerous methods to cure myopia, the most known and fastest method is to do surgery which can be LASIK, LASEK or PRK Surgery. On curing myopia, the natural and risk free way is to do active focusing also known as eye hormesis.

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)Surgery
Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK)Surgery
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)Surgery
Atropine DropsSlows Progression
Dual Focus LensSlows Progression
OrthokeratologySlows Progression
Print Pushing MethodNatural/Hormesis
Lens Reduction TherapyNatural/Hormesis
Active FocusingNatural/Hormesis
Bates MethodEye Exercise
Eye YogaEye Relaxation
Treatments for Myopia with their corresponding Type of Treatment

What worked for me since I don’t want to have surgery and to be honest, the Bates Method failed me is that I used active focusing method, which I teach in this blog and YouTube Channel. If you are wondering why I am against Bates Method, it is because I’ve tried it. The palming, exercises and all but it failed. Why? Because it strengthens the muscles around the eyes but only a little or not the ciliary muscles inside your eyes.

Active focusing on the other hand, focuses on your muscles inside your eyes, also called ciliary muscles which is why it helped me cure my myopia.

What degree of myopia requires glasses?

Generally speaking, you should start wearing eyeglasses at mild myopia level which is around -0.50. This requires you to wear glasses on seeing things far away since in this grade, far away objects will start getting blurry.

This does not mean that you should wear glasses all the time. In fact, there are instances that you don’t need glasses on mild myopia level such as when typing in your computer or writing some notes in class. It is always recommended that you wear glasses especially when driving or crossing the sidewalks to avoid accidents.

This is a table that will summarize if you need to wear glasses based on your eye grade. Remember that you might need to wear glasses all the time after -4.00. I have also included the Snellen Score in case you only have that data.

Snellen ScoreDiopters DistanceMyopia GradeNeed Glasses?
20/200.00No MyopiaNo Need for Glasses
20/30-0.5079 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/40-0.7552 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/50-1.0039 inMild myopiaUnlikely to Wear Everytime
20/70-1.2531 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometime
20/100-1.5026 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometime
20/150-2.0020 inMild myopiaMay Need Glasses Sometime
20/200-2.5016 inMild myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/250-3.0013 inMild myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/300-3.5011 inModerate myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
20/400-4.0010 inModerate myopiaNeed Glasses All the Time
Note: High or Severe Myopia is -6.00 and more and can’t see even the largest letter in chart

Should You wear Glasses for .75 astigmatism?

People who have jobs that are very detailed oriented needs 0.75 astigmatism correction with glasses. However, 0.75 is not actually that big of a correction. Some people who are not detailed oriented will not even see that big of a difference. Glasses are meant to improve your quality of life not the other way around

You should take note of the following because having some of these means that you might really need some correction: Red eyes, dizziness, fatigue especially in the eyes, difficulty reading texts.

In case you’ve experienced some of these symptoms, always consult a professional help to find the right prescription for you.

Positive and Negative Lenses are Different

Positive Lenses or Reading glasses are different from each other. It might be confusing but in summary, Positive lenses are used by people with farsightedness while negative lenses are used for people who are nearsighted

This needs to be included because you might need to check your prescription yourself if what you have myopia (nearsightedness) or presbyopia (farsightedness). They can not be interchanged.


-0.75 prescription is actually mild and won’t need you to always wear eye glasses. Eye glasses will be needed only if you need to see things far away.

Doing near work such as reading books or doing emails will not require you to wear glasses since it is very mild that you can function well without it.

In fact, I do not recommend using negative lenses on doing near work since it stresses you eyes really hard. If you are wondering what I mean by this, check out my video where I discuss why it can be a bad idea to do such.


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