What I Learned from “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

Lessons from the Compound Effect

The marketing industry has been lying to us. They are wiring us to believe of easy success. That instant gratification is always there. They are teaching us that we don’t need to work hard on our goals. Is it the truth though? Far away from reality. In fact, everything that is big took years to make. Starting today, I want you to start doubting anyone promising that you will be the best version of yourself only with 3 installments on your credit card.

Here is the summary for the book Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

The Compound effect by Darren Hardy Focuses on the real factor on how to achieve success. It teaches about how to do things consistently over time will be your ultimate weapon to reach your dreams and goals in life. It focuses on building your own momentum to snowball to success.

Here is the thing, because we are always being told that everything is easy, we became someone who gives up easily. What’s worse is that since we are used to instant gratification, we question ourselves why we did not make it. Just as what I said in my book review for the 5 second rule, the results didn’t matter as long as you did the action. It takes years to make a big impact in any industry. Make a business? It’s not easy. It will take tons of hours of hard work. Rejection from your close ones. Have a good health? Not easy. You need to build a consistent workout routine and have a proper healthy diet. There is only one thing that works all the time. It’s doing things consistently and hustle until you make it.

So that’s what the compound effect is. Over time, you make yourself better each day, you work on yourself each day and it will compound to success. To make you understand this concept, let’s make the famous penny analogy. If you have a choice, will you accept 1 million in cash? or a Penny that will double everyday for 30 days? If you already know this analogy, then you chose the penny. At day 7, you have 0.64 dollars. At this stage, you might be questioning yourself of your decision already. That’s normal. We just need to continue doing what we do and not give up because of day 15 you will have 163.84 dollars. Oh, you are regretting this already? You are thinking that the 1 million at the start is the best choice. The thing is at day 30, IF ONLY YOU CONTINUE, you will have 5,368,709.12 dollars.

We need to break free of the instant gratification mindset that is instilled to us by media. Your perfect body will not be achieved by buying the most expensive blender, or having the best workout routine. What matter is you use the blender to make healthy shakes and do the workout routine consistently to see results. Same with making money, you won’t make thousands in only a few minutes. It takes years to build a business to make it profitable. The only thing that differentiates the successful ones you are seeing is that even if they went down and start doubting themselves, they still continued to wake up everyday. Even if people are laughing at them, they still got up and did the work.

Turn your enemies into Motivation

Most of us HATE to have enemies but here is the thing. That is if you think that way. Turn your enemies in to motivation. David had Goliath, America had the British, The British had the Americans, Luke had Darth Vader, Rocky had Apollo Creed, Apple has Microsoft. Enemies are there to give us the power to stand up and fight with courage. On the road to success, one of the bumps you will face are these enemies. Never ever get discourage by them. Turn them into motivation by thinking how you will stand up to them. If you think that way, it will be easier for you. There is an innate power to anger which can be used to fuel your work. Use it wisely. Don’t use it to hurt yourself. Your reaction is totally dependent on yourself.

That is how it should work. People are belittling you? Prove them otherwise. You are getting bullied? Work on yourself with more intensity and shut them up with results. Once you have the motivation, you can use it very efficiently by building habits that will compound to a new you. If you want to learn how to use motivation wisely, I recommend you watch my book review for Atomic Habits by James Clear. Link in the description box.

Use Momentum to your Advantage

Just like in physics, momentum also takes place in creating success. Here is something you need to remember. The hardest thing to do, is to start. That is always the case for everything. Starting your first business is hard. Creating your first website is hard. But here is the good news. It gets better. The more you do things, the easier it will be. The hardest road blocks are the ones at first. What’s important is you did the action. Without action, there will be no result. As simple as that. So what is really important is the action. Force yourself into taking action. You don’t want to do the action? Use the 5 second rule. Good start to kickstart recreating yourself.

When I first started this channel, I just told myself this. The hardest is the first one. I never waited to feel like it or that I’m ready. I just told myself that I need to do it right now. I actually just used my phone and it is really ugly. I have no experience in making videos. I don’t know even how to edit videos. I remember that time where I always search google because I don’t know how to do the thing I want to do in edit. But right now, after about 17 videos, it became easier. There will still be times where I don’t know what to do so I google it, but it is not as hard as the time I once did it. Why am I telling this story, I want to prove that all it takes for you and your goals. Is to take deep breathe and do it. After that, do it consistently. If you are looking for the sign to do what you want in life then here it is. I am giving you the sign right now. Do what you want and do not give up.

I am not a successful guy, far away from it. But I always remember to do my best everyday. I don’t want to give up. Same as what I said in my other book review for the four agreements, just do your best consistently over time. What happened, I am happy. I might not succeed but at least I wake up everyday with a light in my eyes. I sleep at night knowing that I did my best for the day. I sleep knowing that tomorrow is not a grind, but I think it as a tiny step towards my dreams. I followed my dreams by doing the action and do it continuously. I hope you do too. I hope I gave you a reason to reach your goals. I know you can do it. Also, wish me luck. See you in the next video.

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