The Importance of Having Clear Values

I always tell that values should be personal. The reason for this is because I am a firm believer that our difference also makes our values different from each other. There are actually hundreds of different values and it is really important that we are clear of our own values. Thus in this article, I will be talking about the topic. What is the importance of having clear values in life?

The importance of having clear values in life is because it directly leads us to the life we want. The reason for this is that all of us have different aspirations in life. Setting clear goals and values makes sure that we are on the right path towards a life where we will be happy.

Clear values are like the basic roadmap we have to success. These are the path that will lead us to the life we want. We will dive into this discussion later on why on some instances, we have to take not that life is not all about following others and how important it is to keep you values as clear as possible.

What is the importance of having clear values in life?

Clear values in life are important because without clear values, we won’t have any idea on handling what life throws at us. Values are things that guide us in life and without a clear set of values, we will not have a guide on how to handle that things happening around us.

Furthermore, having clear values makes us go through life with less worrying.

This is because of a phenomenon known as the paradox of choice.

This idea came from a book published by an American psychologist Barry Schwartz, in which people who are given too many options can cause them not to decide on something and also be confused. Instead of having the right decision, they end up making the worse decisions when given a lot of choices.

That is also why restaurants have the best seller, or the food for the day, so you can only choose from a few selections instead of checking their menu which might have 50 or even hundreds of variety of food.

This is to make sure that it will be easier for you to choose.

Now, did you remember that I said at the start of this article that there are hundreds of values? That is like going to a restaurant and you are given a menu with hundreds of dishes to check out.

Imagine the amount of stress you might have just to choose which is the one for you.

In my opinion, it is also the cause of what people call the quarter life crisis. In which the person don’t know what they will do in life.

This usually happens in the mid 20s and I am one of its victims.

At that age, we are usually opened up to the world. We can now see the world in the eyes of the adult. The problem is if we still don’t have clear values, we don’t know how to react on them.

The same happened to me, I always ask myself what do I want to do with my life. Will I make a business? Will I work oversees? Will I make my own site?

Right now, you probably know my answer as you are reading in this website.

But my point is this. Without a clear set of values, you won’t know what to do in life. It is the same as what I’ve experienced in my quarter life crisis.

To make it simpler to understand, let’s say that your clear values are your targets in dart. Without a clear target, how will you know that you’ve hit the bull’s eye?

This is a photo of a dart. It is the perfect metaphor for clear goals. Without any clear goals, how can you be sure that you are hitting the right target?

Think of your energy as the dart. How you will throw or use your energy when there is no target?

Most people throw their dart or energy on all directions because why not? The more target the better.

Here is the problem.

Humans don’t have that much energy to do that. We are made to focus on things that matter to us. This is what makes us successful.

What makes a person successful is how they manage their limited energy. Thus, one of the best productivity tip is to focus on one thing.

“Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.”

Andrew carnegie

I hope you already got the importance of having clear goals in life. It is to conserve your energy and will serve as our guide in handling whatever life throws at us.

Having clear values is important. Actually, in another article, I have discussed the importance of knowing your own values. I dropped a lot of helpful ideas there which will help you understand more about the importance of a clear system of values. Here is the link in case you want to read it: Why is it important to know your personal values?

What is the importance of value?

Now, we will answer another question that might come: What is the importance of value?

The importance of value is for us to have a concrete set of things to live by. In life, we should have a set of important values that we will always follow to the end. This is because these values are the things that we firmly believe is right for us.

Values are our core beliefs. The guiding principle in our life. The most respected people that exists have a set of values they follow.

Values makes them successful and it gives them confidence.

This confidence comes out and affect the people around them. People having values in life are the ones who are generally happier and people love to hang out with them.

So now that you know about value and why a clear set of values is important, I want to talk about how to make these clear values.

The best way to make a clear set of values is to do self reflection. Self Reflection gets you to know the deeper aspect of your own self. You will begin to understand what you are, what you want, and where you want to become. Doing this will make it obvious what set of values do you really care about.

I recommend you to check my guide on how to do self-reflection. It is what helped me understand myself and what helped me in my quarter-life crisis. If you are feeling lost in life, it is the best place to start because the only way to fix yourself is to first know yourself better: How do you Reflect on Personal Development or Growth?

Furthermore, I went to more specifics on the importance of values on self-improvement in another article. If you are into self-development, then this is a must-read: Why values are important for self-development?

What is the most important value in life?

I get this question a lot, so I will give my answer. What is the most important value in life?

Perhaps the most important value in life is honesty. Without honesty, you will not have a proper assessment of your life. Thus, you won’t be able to actually find out the things that need improvement. Life is full of ups and downs, and the only thing we can rely on is our honesty to ourselves.

I repeat. My answer.

If you ask me what value if the most important value, I will tell that it is honesty.

To be honest, this is hard to answer. This is because as I said, we each have a different set of core values.

In my opinion, it is honesty. This is because you know that my self reflection changed me and fixed my quarter life crisis.

It is the moment that I got my clear set of values from self-reflection that got me into who I am today. It is being honest with myself that led me to do the things that I love to do.

While it is true that you might have a different view in this, honesty is what I believe in.

Some people might argue that it is health, it is also true. Without good health, it is quite impossible to reach the pinnacle of success.

True, I also believe in that. That is why I think the answer to this will greatly depend on you as a person.

I just shared what I believe to be the most important value in life.

So here is the takeaway.

Find your core values, it is very important.

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