The Importance of Knowing Your Values

Lots of people know that values are very important in their lives. In fact, values are so important that parents start teaching them to children as early as possible. However, when you ask why values are important, it seems that most of us don’t know its answer. Why are values important anyway? To be specific, why is it important to know your personal values?

It is important to know your personal values because they will be your guiding principles throughout life. Values help analyze the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future. As we have different aspirations, we will need a different set of values to guide us in reaching the life we want.

Throughout our life, values will be with us. Thus, we always know that we need a perfect set of values to live by. But when we ask ourselves why we need to know, it seems that most are lost.

Knowing why might be one of the most important things to understand because it is the “Why” that will be the greatest source of motivation to start knowing our real personal values.

Thus, we need to fix our values. If you don’t have any idea where or what values to start incorporating into your life, then I recommend reading my article where I discussed 25 important values in self-development: What are the Values Needed for Self-development?

Why is it important to know your personal values?

When we are young, we are being taught with a set of values to follow on. But as we grow up, we have an important task. Look for the values that are personal to you. Look for what’s important to you. We will answer here why is it important. Why is it important to know your personal values?

It is important to know your personal values because they will be your key principles in life. This is because we are different from each other. One tip may work for you, but not for others, or the other way around. Our own values shape our individuality and make us unique.

While values are being taught in schools, and our parents teach them to us at a very young age, when we grow to being an adult, we just have to find our personal values.

I think the reason for the quarterlife crisis that people in the mid 20s usually have is because they haven’t set their real personal values in life.

Without values, we find no meaning towards things. Without values, we won’t find any goals we want to achieve.

This is the reason why we have to find out our personal values ourselves. It is our guiding light towards our past, present, and future.

It will tell us if what we did in the past is wrong or right. If it is wrong, then we learn from it to make our present right. It also guides our present in order for us to have a correct judgement in the things that come to us. Finally, it is the guide for our future because they are the ones that will shape our goals for us to be happy.

Chasing something without regard to your own personal values is very disastrous. That is why you see people with lots of money complaining about how lonely it is to be in their position.

The most common reason for this is that they did not follow their own goals. It might be the goal their family taught them, learned from TV, from their idol and many more.

That’s why I recommend my article about the 25 values we need for self development. Also, I recommend this article that goes more in depth of the topic: Why values are important for self-development?

Why is it important to know your personal development values?

Since this website is about personal development or self-improvement, we have to talk about this topic. Why is it important to know your personal development values?

It is important to know your personal development values because it will make your personal development so much easier. Rather than memorizing a lot of habits and tips for personal development, you just need to stick to one value, and all of the tips, tricks, and habits will follow.

To give a perfect example to this, one of my personal development values is efficiency.

I am a person who will always look for ways to be a very productive person. To do this, while listening to podcasts or reading books, I am always on the look for these productivity tips.

When I find a productivity tip, I don’t need to tell myself to remember that tip. It will immediately grab my attention to try it.

Because efficiency is one of my core values, I started to be productive without thinking about is. For example, I know that deep work is very efficient, that is why I am always blocking hours into my day to work on my projects. Just doing deep work for a few hours will be like you being productive for a week.

I now do deep work and respect my blocked time because one of my core values is efficiency. It makes everything simpler. Rather than memorizing that I need to block my time, I need to eliminate distractions, I need to focus on one thing, and I need to do deep work, I just do them because they’re my personal development values.

Why is it important to study personal development?

Now that we know the importance of personal values, and personal development values, It is time for us to answer another question. Why is it important to study personal development?

It is important to study personal development because it will give us a happier and meaningful life. Furthermore, it prevents us from committing errors. This is because various successful people have already committed these errors for us so we don’t have to experience them ourselves.

Imagine you are building a bridge.

Would you just build it without looking at studying engineering, design, and more? Can you imagine the disaster that can happen if you built a beautiful bridge but lacks the foundation?

People who build bridges studied how to calculate the strength of the bridge, and computing what is the maximum weight it can carry. They got it by studying and people do not recommend them learning that by experience.

They got it from learning from others.

It is the same for personal development. There are lots of successful artists, businessman, or people we look up to. Sometimes, we are dreaming for the life they have.

Fortunately, most of them made a book that will list their success, failures and the things they did.

They basically gave us a roadmap on how they reached their goals.

This will prevent too many errors on our part. We are already given a map. I have numerous book reviews on this website and youtube channel where I gave a review and summarized a lot of good books I’ve personally read.

You can find my book reviews here: Book Reviews. You can also go to my YouTube Channel for videos. This is especially helpful for the ones who prefer watching videos: YouTube Channel

What is the importance of moral values in our life?

To finalize this article, we will discuss the importance of moral values. Basically we will answer what is the importance of moral values in our life.

The importance of moral values in our life is that it helps us guide whether things are right or wrong. The reason for that is because it is where our conscience usually refers to. Our moral values in life are the core of our conscience which means that moral values shape how we react to things around us.

In this article, I have discussed the value of personal values and personal development values. But there is another area which needs to be discussed and that is our moral values.

Our moral values is the other side of the spectrum. While personal development values focuses on the values needed for self improvement, moral values are what we usually use through our daily lives.

For example, if you value is Honesty. In personal development, it means that you must be honest to yourself whether you doing the right thing or wrong.

In morality, honesty is only about being honest to yourself but also when you know that stealing is inherently bad.

It is what society wants us to do and usually, it is what our parents, guardian and school teach us.

But on the self-development values, they usually don’t teach it as much as moral values. So you need to really find them yourself.

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