Time Management: Is it a Life Skill?

I remember a few years back when I was bad at time management. In fact, I am always wondering why time just flies too fast and it seems that my life isn’t moving to my goals and dreams. Realizing that, I mustered my courage to try to learn the skills that relate to time management. It was one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life.

Thus, in this article, I am going to prove that time management is a life skill and not something you are just born with. I want to give you the main point of this article so you already know where we are going. Is time management a life skill?

Time management is a life skill because it is something that you can improve over time by learning and experience. People who are good at time management just learned this life skill by sheer effort. Thus, Time Management is not something you’re just born with.

Through experience and learning, you can also learn time management. It is a skill because it is something that can be learned and not inborn as I will prove later with examples. This article will prove that time management is a skill and what kind of skill is time management.

Is time management a skill?

Time management is a skill because it is not something you are born with. You need to improve your time management skill through effort, experience, and learning in order to be good at it. For this reason, time management is a skill.

To prove to you why time management is a skill and something you can learn through effort, let me tell you a little story of what I did before.

I have bad time management skills before. In fact, it is the main reason why I experienced failure early in my life.

You see, I had lots of plans for myself. Especially in the online space.

I made my first website then suddenly thought of making more because why not? The more the better I told myself.

But handling many websites at the same time requires a skill that I don’t have. Time management.

The result? All 4 websites didn’t improve in the first 2 years. In fact, this website you are reading right now only improved when I learned how to properly manage my time.

From someone who failed all 4 websites, to someone who now managed to make this website 10x better than those 4 websites combined. There is just one thing I know I’ve developed.

I’ve developed and learned how to manage my time.

That’s why time management is something you can improve upon. It is not something you should just accept you’re bad at. You can improve in time management.

The biggest response to this approach is that they know someone who is just good at time management ever since they were young so it is close to impossible that it’s something they’ve learned.

The truth is, while there are people who are really good at time management, it is very rare and in most cases, they just learned how to properly manage their time earlier in their life.

One such example is someone I’ve known personally. Her school grades are so high and she can manage all her school works ever since she was young.

If you look at her, it might seem like her time management skills are inborn. But if you dive deeper into her story, you’ll know why.

When she was little, she saw how her parents worked really hard just to make her go to school. For that reason, through empathy, she felt that she really needs to study hard. Thus, through experience, she learned how to properly manage her time and studies.

The result is she is always on top of her class looking like she knows everything about time management. But the real reason behind that is she worked so hard to improve her studies. Thus, she also improved her time management skills.

That’s why time management is a skill. While there may be some people who are born with it. But they are an outlier. In fact, I haven’t met anyone who is really like that. Almost all just learned how to properly manage their time through experience.

Thus, it is completely learnable.

For a more detailed explanation of why time management is a skill, you can check my other article where I got more in-depth on the topic including the reasons why we need these skills. Here is the link: Why Time Management is a Skill?

So now that I’ve explained that time management is a skill, the next question you might be asking is what kind of skill is time management? The next portion of the article will answer that.

What kind of skill is time management?

Time management is a kind of skill group. It is a group of skills combined. The reason for this is that time management is considered a meta-skill in which it affects all other skills such as communication, negotiation, and many more.

Time management is a group of skills. It is because time management affects a lot of aspects of our life.

These are the kinds of skills time management can affect:

  1. Commercial
  2. Communication
  3. Teamwork
  4. Negotiation and persuasion
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Leadership
  7. Organization
  8. Perseverance and motivation
  9. Ability to work under pressure
  10. Confidence

As you can see, time management can affect all of these skills. In fact, a person who is good at time management is usually also good at these skills.

That is why time management is a meta-skill. It is a kind of skill that improved other skills in life.

For example, a person who is good in time management can be good at problem-solving simply because they can manage their time well to actually have time to think about how to solve the problem.

Someone who is really good at time management can also be very confident because they know they can make time for the things that matter to them or even take care of themselves.

In fact, if you want to improve yourself tremendously as a person, then it is recommended for you to learn how to be confident. I have an article explaining why is confidence a good thing to develop. I know it is a good read if you want some motivation in learning how to be confident: Why is confidence a good trait?

Thus, if you’ve built your time management skills, it will become a skill that would improve many aspects of your life. It is not something that can be quantified in a single type of skill because it is a group kind of skill.

I hope you got what I mean in this article. Time management is a skill and not something you are born with. It is something that you can improve like how I improved how to be more efficient in managing my time.

If you are doubting your abilities, I’ve been there. I know how hard it can be to ask if you have what it takes to improve yourself to the next level.

That’s the reason why I built this website and my youtube channel. I want to help people like me who thought that they are just someone who is no good.

All of us can improve. The only thing that matters is that if we have the desire to build our skills. Including time management skills.


Jason Ong is a YouTuber and the one who owns this site. He shares what he learned with people and makes videos if necessary. He was a former lecturer. The things he taught are topics related to Clinical Laboratory Science or what others call Medical Technology. Right now, he is also working part-time in an app company as a production supervisor. You can visit his YouTube Channel on https://ongjason.com/youtube

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