What I learned from “Trump: Think like a Billionaire” | Book Review and Summary

One of the people who we think of when we hear success is maybe Donald Trump. For one, he is the 45th President of the United States of America, but before going into politics, he is already a successful businessman and a TV Personality. He is a billionaire with a very firm spirit and a very resilient mentality. He showed proper work ethic to be a billionaire not just in the book but how he acts in real life. Whether we like it or not, when it comes to business and life, he is one the people we can look up to because he knows what it means to be on top. This Donald Trump Book is a good read.

Think like a billionaire focuses on the right mindset and tips to be successful in your journey in life. If you want to be a billionaire, a millionaire or just have a happy and fulfilling life, then this book is for you. You will get Donald Trump’s mindset that will guide you on your way to success.

As I’ve read his book, he showed the proper mindset and how we should think to be a billionaire. I get it, not all of us wants to be a Billionaire, some of us might even disagree on how he takes a look upon life, but what I like is that he is just showing his mentality in the book, which for me is a good one because I know that he is not sugar coating anything, he is being authentic. This is book is a real masterpiece if you want to know how a billionaire lives his life and what mindset do you need to have in order to achieve your goals.

Think like a Billionaire by Donald Trump Summary and Review

Think like a billionaire is mostly Donald Trump showing his personality, he also showed how he thinks and his tips for success in life and business. This book comes with parts such to be successful both in life and real estate, the other part is his likes and dislikes and the last part is when he is telling what he does in a week in life in detail. This video is about how I applied his principles and how it fixed my mentality in order to achieve my goals in life. And that’s what I’m going to share with you guys.

Lesson 1: Love what you are doing

One of the main key points that had I agreed on in his book is that he is telling that if you just love what you’re doing, you don’t need a vacation. if you just love your job, you don’t need one. Which means that to be successful, you should love what you are doing. This makes you forget being tired on work because you love what you do. Like you don’t need a vacation because work feels like vacation. This is quite weird at first but he has a point. How can we stay motivated working on something for so long if in the first place, we don’t like what we are doing?

Actually, I’ve experienced this. Prior to starting this channel this is a daunting task. I have no experience in making videos, I have no experience speaking in front of a camera, I have no experience in video editing and how this vlog work. I just tried it. After I uploaded my first video, I feel just happy. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. I’m just happy to share what I know to people.

And it works, I work on my channel mostly on Sunday but I  don’t mind. I’m just happy making these videos for you guys. When I have free-time, I study on how to make my videos better and everything is fine by me. I am just happy doing this and I don’t feel tired even if sometimes, I’m doing this late at night. It made a big difference on what I think about success and happiness. Everything seems great to me because I am doing what I like.

Lesson 2: Sign all the Check.

Not all of us have business, but this principle affects a lot of aspect in our lives. I like his emphasis on being thoughtful with money and owning to what you have.

I mean we live in a society where we are constantly being fed with distractions, we lose not just on our money, time but also our attention. Although it is not written in the book, but as I’ve read this lesson, I thought about how we just give people our time, money and energy without thinking the consequences. What I mean for example is sometimes, we buy things we don’t need. We buy clothes we don’t really need because we think it looks good. We give some people our attention even if they even don’t care for us. This lesson taught me about the importance of respecting yourself. Respecting what you have and just be mindful on what you are giving to people.

This might look simple, but think of the consequences. We have limited time, energy and money. Why do we just give them to people. We need to think of everything. Like how Trump sees to itself that the money he is spending is worth it. We also need to apply this in real life by thinking if it is worth it giving our someone our attention.

Lesson 3: Think of Yourself as a One Man Army

Thinking of yourself as a one man army increases your chances for success. Why? It challenges you to new heights and gives you a new mentality of success. Challenges to do all things by yourself will turn you into very productive machine, and it helps a lot. Asking people for help or depending on people might even be bad for us because we have expectations for them.

I get it, you might think that all of us need someone. We can’t be alone all the time, we are just human. And you are right. But what this book teaches us is to be independent. From what I see, being independent will bring people to you in the future.What’s also good in this is that if you do everything all by yourself, you become an expert at an alarming rate on that specific task. What happens when you become an expert? You attract experts. And once a group of experts work together, you’ll make a masterpiece.

Let me give this as an example. Right now, I am a one man army for this channel. I do everything from scripting, recording, editing, uploading. It’s hard, it’s challenging but people around me are being surprised by the rate of my growth with my video quality becoming better each video. Because I give everything in this channel. Since I do everything, I am forced to learn how to make these videos better without asking for someone’s help. Some people offer to help me but I don’t force them. This makes me independent and just the growth of skills in making videos even astonish me.

Lesson 4: Success Breeds Success

I don’t consider myself successful in anything but what I hear from people who I think are successful is they started with having one success.

This means the hardest part to be successful is to have what people call their first lucky break. Your first successful business deal. Your first promotion. Your first viral video. After that, more success will be easier to achieve. To achieve this requires tremendous hard work to get. Getting that first success is the real challenge but what comes after are more success and that’s just a fact of life. The more success you have, the more success you will have. This means that we should all do whatever it takes to get that first success, and everything will snowball for that.

While this looks very daunting to us, it is actually a great motivator for us. We just need one success to have a snowball of success. Trump explains that this is a fact of life. A rule if you must say. so just one success. As they always say, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There are still lots of lesson this book has taught me. But for me, these are the ones that made a big impact on my life. His life is really an inspiration to people who dream success and it gave me a new view on the importance of hard work for success. How important it is to be mindful on what you have. And the importance of being focused on what you are doing regardless on what people think. I hope you also learned a something from this video and may we have grit to face the challenges life throws at us.

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