Vision Getting Worse in the 20s: How to Reverse it

As someone who reversed my myopia in my early 20s, some people ask me why their myopia gets worse and worse even in their 20s. As there are many reasons for your vision getting worse, there are also numerous treatments available. Thus, this article.

Myopia can get worse from their childhood years to their early 20s. For some, it can happen until their mid 20s and most roughly happens during puberty. Furthermore, Vision also gets worse due to the aging process.

Other factors that might make your vision get worse even in your 20s are cataracts, disease in the retina or cornea, aging lens of the eyes. So if it is not normal and you think your eyesight is getting worse fast, better consult a health professional to have a proper evaluation and treatment.

Can your vision get worse in your 20s?

Short answer is your vision can get worse even in your 20s. There are many underlying factors that can cause this to happen. The most common reason is that there are people who still develops myopia till their mid 20s while the other causes are: cataracts, aging eyes or disease in the cornea or retina.

If your eyesight gets worse at a very fast rate or you have an underlying condition, it is recommended to check up with a health expert to get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

But myopia itself can be cured through many methods. Some are invasive such as surgery which has more than 90+% success rate to 20/20, some are good options for slowing the progress in myopia such as Atropine drops and Ortho-K lens and there are natural treatment options like active focusing and print pushing however, it is not yet scientifically accepted unlike the other treatment options.

Why does my myopia keep getting worse?

The most usual cause of myopia getting worse is the your eye balls gets longer or in some case, your retina is becoming curved. These are instances that can happen due to a lot of factors. Here are some of the reasons why your myopia might be getting worse.

1. Not Enough Sunlight can cause Myopia

Not having enough sunlight can actually cause myopia. A research from the Ohio State University for Clinical and Translational science titled: “Scientists study effects of sunlight to reduce number of nearsighted kids.” It was found out by the research that UVB Rays from the sun actually helped children from having myopia or having poorer vision.

Source: Source: Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science. “Scientists study effects of sunlight to reduce number of nearsighted kids.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 20 November 2014. <>.

2. Follow the 20/20/20 rule to fix myopia

The 20/20/20 rule has been a famous advice from a lot of health professionals and doctors. It helps relax your eyes by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes of doing close-up work or what others call near work.

3. Using glasses especially on doing near work can cause myopia

Using myopia lens or what others call negative lenses can actually cause eye strain especially if you are using a very strong prescription and you use it to look at things near you.

Negative lenses are designed for you to look at things which are far from you. Using it for doing work near you can actually strain your eyes too much which may cause damage.

If you are sometimes wondering why people after getting their first glasses goes downhill on their eye grade, this is one of the most common reason.

4. Doing too much near work

Doing too much near work actually causes your eyes to spasm. Also known as ciliary spasm that causes pseudomyopia or spasm of accomodation.

Doing near work actually causes your ciliary muscle to contract. Too much of this causes it to spasm. Also known as spasm of accomodation or psudomyopia as discussed in a study by Laura Lindberg titled: [Spasm of Accomodation]

5. Proper check up with a health professional will help a lot

There are many reasons for getting a poor eyesight and there are other reasons aside from this such as cataracts, damaged retina and so much more. This means that a proper evaluation by a qualified health professionals will be a good choice as there might be an underlying cause that needs attention.

Getting a proper health consultation will give a long way especially in making sure that your eyes are perfectly healthy.

How can I stop myopia from increasing?

You can do the following to stop myopia from increasing

  1. Getting Enough sunlight
  2. Going Outdoors
  3. Using the 20/20/20 Rule
  4. Get Proper Rest and Sleep
  5. Don’t do too much near work
  6. Don’t use minus lenses on near work
  7. Active Focusing Method
  8. Getting a check-up with a qualified health professional

1. Getting Enough Sunlight

UVB Rays from the sun can help your eyes from getting worse.

2. Going Outdoors

Doing close work for too long causes your ciliary eye muscles to spasm. Also known as spasm of accomodation or pseudomyopia which causes vision to get worse. Going outside will prevent this to happen because looking at objects far away will actually relax the muscles.

While close work or looking things very near you causes your ciliary muscles to contract, looking at object far away causes it to relax.

3. Using the 20/20/20 Rule

The 20/20/20 formula has been recommended by health professionals because it helps relax your eyes by doing the following

  • Prevents you from doing too much close work or near work
  • Lets you see far away to relax your eye muscles
  • Gives enough time (20 seconds) to relax

This simple technique can bring you a long way.

4. Getting proper rest and sleep can help your vision

Your vision actually get worse over time due to fatigue. In fact, If you check it out, your vision is actually clearer right after waking up.

Getting proper rest to your eyes will bring great results!

5. Don’t do too much near work.

Doing a lot of near work causes ciliary spasms which is bad for your eyes. You can prevent this by limiting the amount of time in near work.

6. Don’t use minus lenses on near work

Minus lenses are designed for you to look at things at a distance. That’s why it is also called distance glasses. Doing it on near work strains your eyes a lot

7. Active Focusing Method

Active focusing is a method where you train your eyes to see far away. Giving it a little stress also known as hormesis to make it stronger. Like lifting weights in the gym making your muscles grow stronger, active focusing makes your eyes stronger so this method may even reverse myopia.

8. Getting a check-up with a qualified health professional

Seeking professional help is priceless. There are many reasons why eyesight gets worse and some of them are complications to an underlying condition such as cataracts. Seeking professional help can get you a proper diagnosis and the right treatment.

Can sunlight reverse myopia?

Sunlight has been shown to reduce the number of near sighted participants. This means going out in the sun will cause good as it helps your eyes from getting worse. Sunlight or more specifically the UVB Rays from the sun actually helps our eyes.

Also known as the “outdoor effect” which has been observed by numerous researchers about myopia, has been backed up by numerous evidence both scientific and anecdotal.

In fact, data shows that even children with genetic predisposition to myopia are three times less likely to develop myopia. According to a research paper published in Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Study: Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science. “Scientists study effects of sunlight to reduce number of nearsighted kids.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 20 November 2014. <>

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