What Does It Mean When You Can’t Get Someone Off Your Mind?

Chances are, you’re experiencing something unique. It might be that every time, you are thinking of the same person, which can be very confusing. I’ve also experienced this in my life, and I can attest to how hard it can be to find the root cause of why this is happening. So, I did some research and found reasons. What does it mean when you can’t get someone off your mind? Let’s find out.

As a general rule, not being able to get someone off your mind means that you are interested in the person’s personality, ideals, or actions. Furthermore, it might also mean that there are still things left unsaid or unresolved. Finally, it could be that you lack closure which usually happens when you have some good memories together.

In this blog post, we will look at the reasons you keep thinking about someone. I also made sure to cover every reason, from being attracted to having some inspiration.

Thinking of someone

What does it mean if you keep thinking about someone?

In general, if you keep thinking about someone, it means that you’re interested in the person. It might be that the person has a personality, traits, or actions that interests you to know more about them. Furthermore, it can also mean that you have some unresolved issues with the person, so you’re finding ways to seek closure.

Here are 13 good reasons why you can’t get someone off your mind. Feel free to find which among these specifically apply to your situation to have a good assessment.

1. You Are Physically Attracted

One of the most common reasons you can’t stop thinking of someone is that you’re physically attracted.

This is normal, and especially if you feel that the person is someone special.

There are numerous reasons why you might be attracted, but usually, you might like how the person looks, which is physical.

You can find out why you can’t stop thinking of the person’s face, especially if you find them handsome or beautiful.

This might be a very shallow reason, but physical attraction can happen to anyone.

2. You Made Some Good Memories Together

Maybe, the reason why you can’t get someone off your mind is because of some good memories together.

This is normal for people who always hang out together or people who have been in a relationship for a long time.

This is because a long time together means that you have a lot of memories together.

These memories can always come back to you, relating them to a person.

For example, if you always watch movies together, it is normal to think of the person while watching some movie.

It might also happen on things such as eating the favorite food of someone you were once with.

Our brains are fond of making connections, and it might be the reason why you can’t stop thinking of a person.

If that’s the case, make sure to check what’s currently happening around you and check some common things that also happened in the past.

3. You Can’t Forgive Yourself or the Person

One common reason why this might be happening is that you can’t forgive the person.

In moving on, it is essential to forgive no matter how hard it can be.

Furthermore, it can also be because you can’t forgive yourself.

We might think we’ve made some mistakes in the past, or we want to correct our wrongdoings.

We all make mistakes, and living in the past makes it hard for us to forget someone.

If the other person made some mistakes, it is crucial to understand that you’re hurting yourself by not forgiving them.

Think of it this way.

You’re hurt while they don’t think about it anymore. You’re the only one suffering from the stress of thinking of their mistakes.

The only thing we can do to move on in this scenario is to forgive both you and them. Also, we can learn from our mistakes and know that we can do better in the future.

4. You Might Be Interested in Them Because of Something They Did

Sometimes, our interest makes us think of the person.

This is especially true of people who we find unique.

It might be something that they did that’s interesting for you.

It can also be that they have a different view in life which you find interesting.

For example, if you’re a serious type and you see someone enjoying their life because they want to always feel free, then you’ll be interested why.

Generally, if someone has a different view from what you have, you might develop some interest in why they chose something different.

This means that the person’s ideals will always come to your mind making you think of the person.

That’s also why you’ll see someone say that they didn’t like a person because of their looks, but how they view life.

If you prefer living in the comfort of your home and you find someone who is always a fan of adventure, that might make you question your choices.

Thus, your interests might be the reason why you can’t stop thinking of someone.

Confused while thinking

5. You Might’ve Been Confused One Way or the Other

Perhaps what makes it hard for you to remove someone from your mind is because they confuse you with their actions.

This is related to being interested in someone.

For example, if you prefer having fun in your home and you see someone who seems to enjoy life by having some adventures, then it might cause some confusion in your brain why they are having fun.

This is also true when a person is hard to predict. That’s why you’ll see a person falling for someone because they can’t figure out what the person will do.

This is true on surprise gifts, dates, and many more.

In short, being unpredictable makes you think more of the person since you’ll always be wondering what’s going to come next.

Because you’re always thinking of the person’s moves, it can be hard to get them off your mind.

6. You Have Been Inspired by the Person

Being inspired is one of the reasons why you can’t get someone off your mind.

This always happens when a person is at the lowest point of their lives.

This can also be why people suffering from a breakdown will suddenly be in a relationship.

It is also the reason why someone can’t get over their past relationships.

Let’s give an example.

Suppose you’re having a tough time and you feel like everything is not working as you think it will be.

And then, someone came and helped you. Now, you’re going to feel in debt with the person, and you might also think that they helped you get up from your problems.

This sense of happiness that someone helped you can inspire you to always think of the person.

Because of their good acts, you start to always think of the person and how special that person is to you.

However, please take note that it can also be the reason why it’s hard to get over a relationship.

If someone who has always been there for you is suddenly gone, it can cause you to always think of them because you feel that you need them.

Sometimes, it is the inspiration the person gave us that makes us always think of them.

7. You Felt You’re Special

Sometimes, it can be hard to stop thinking of someone if the person made you feel special.

This can be true when someone starts treating you in ways you don’t think you deserve.

For example, then someone suddenly cares for you despite not caring for them, you feel a sense that you’re special.

In time, it can make you always think of the person, especially since almost everyone wants to feel special.

8. You Feel Safe With the Person

Feeling safe with the person is one of the reasons why it can be hard to stop constantly thinking of someone.

We all want some security or safety, and when someone started to give this, most would begin to like the person.

In my example above, the security you can get when you’re feeling down is a perfect example.

Because we would start to need the feeling of safety and the person helped us stay safe, our brains can start associating the sense of security with the person.

That’s why we’ll start to think about them in hard times.

9. You Might Be Falling for the Person

Let’s stop kidding ourselves. One of the common reasons you keep thinking of someone is that you’re falling for the person.

Most of the reasons given in this blog post can be correlated to falling for someone.

There are many reasons for this to happen. For example, it can be because of unpredictability, safety, looks, and more.

If you always think of a person, it might be that you still have feelings and you care for the person, or you’re starting to like the person.

10. You Have Things Left Unsaid or Unresolved Questions

This is the hardest one to take, but I need to include it because it’s very crucial.

Sometimes, we can’t remove someone from our mind because there are things left unsaid and undone.

Some people call this closure, or they need to understand everything to move on.

However, not everyone can give this. As a result, a lot of relationships end up with no closure.

If you can’t have any closure, you can start to find closure within yourself by forgiving.

First, forgive the person and yourself for every wrongdoing you both did in the past.

Furthermore, it may also be some promises that didn’t happen, such as traveling to places together or some more profound promises.

Whatever the case, these unresolved things can be hard to solve.

For quick relief, I suggest writing your feelings down on a piece of paper or Journaling.

If you’re interested, you can watch my YouTube video explaining how to Journal Properly.

I make self-improvement videos on YouTube, and I gladly invite you to check my Channel to learn more about personal development. You can find my Channel by clicking here.

11. Contrary, You Might Not Be in Their Mind

Contrary to what others believe, there is no solid proof that you might be in the person’s mind if you keep thinking about them.

Of course, we can talk about some fourth dimension or magic, but that’s not our approach.

To explain, here is a simple illustration.

You might be thinking of the person all the time, but it doesn’t mean that they’re always thinking of you.

The reason why is because they aren’t obligated to think about you when you think of them.

In the illustration above, you might think of the person all the time, but they might think of you for a lesser time or vice versa.

This means that there might be times where you’re thinking of each other. However, it doesn’t happen all the time, as shown in the illustration.

The reason I include this is out of concern. Do not expect something from the person to prevent any disappointments.

If they’re also thinking of you, then great. If it’s not, you’re not hurt since you’re not expecting anything.

12. You’re Addicted to the Person

In Guy Winch’s TED Talk, he talked about the similarities between heartbreak and addiction.

He explained that the feeling of longingness or the thought of the person is the same as addiction.

In short, if you can’t get someone off your mind, you might be addicted to the person.

If we think about it, we can get addicted to video games, social media, and many more things.

So, it is not too much to think that we may also be addicted to the person. That’s why we can’t stop thinking about them.

If you think that this is the cause of the problem, don’t worry because the following tip will help solve the issue.

13. You Still Need Time

Whether you’re thinking of someone because of some unfinished business, or you think you’re in love, we can all agree that all of us can change.

Thus, time is essential in the process.

In time, you might meet another person who might be more interesting or better than the last one.

Furthermore, time helps us recover from the wounds if we are hurt in the past.

Time can help us get over our feelings for someone else.

This is also true when you find a person interesting. In time, you might see another more interesting person in your eyes, which will remove someone from your mind.

If nothing works from the causes above, the reason might be because you lack time.

What’s next? How about finding out if someone is thinking of you if you’re always thinking about them? I know this is an exciting topic for you. You can find my other blog post here: Is someone thinking of you when you can’t stop thinking about them?

Is it true that when you can’t stop thinking about someone, they are thinking about you too? It is not true that when you can’t stop thinking about someone, they are also thinking about you because you can’t think of each other all the time. There might be times where you think of each other, but it doesn’t happen 100% of the time.

Why am I thinking about someone from the past? Suddenly thinking about someone from the past might mean that you remembered some memories with them which are interesting. It could be that you’ve suddenly seen something that triggered some fun or sad memories together, which is normal. Furthermore, it can also mean that you’ve remembered some unresolved issues with the person in which you needed closure.

What do you do when you can’t get someone off your mind? In general, the best way to get someone off your mind is to forgive. It might be that you need to forgive yourself for your past actions or the other person for the things they’ve done to you. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you can always analyze and find the primary cause, which helps solve the issue.

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What does it mean if you think about someone every day? When you think about someone every day, it means that you are interested in them. It might be because of something they’ve done that made you feel special or safe. However, it doesn’t always mean that you have feelings for them since it might also mean that you just find the person interesting because of their personality, traits, and actions.

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