Why is time management a way of life?

The moment I made time management a way of my life, my life changed a lot. I was able to get more things done. I was able to take care of my career, health, finances, and many more. That’s why this article is about why time management is a way of life.

Ever since I vowed to improve my life, time management has been a part of the things I’ve improved. Having time management as a way of life does not mean that you are good with time management, it just means that you will do whatever it takes to learn and improve your time management skills. So let me start this article by giving you a solid reason why time management is a way of life.

Time management is a way of life because time management is a choice. It is our choice whether we want to incorporate time management to make our lives better or not. Furthermore, it is a commitment and process which would last a lifetime.

Our choices are our way of life. The way we will want to live will be our choice. Whether we want things to be for the better or worse will be depending on our decision. Thus, whatever way of life you want would be your choice.

This article is about giving you a solid reason why time management is a life choice or a way of life. Furthermore, it would give you the benefits or advantages of doing time management in order to give you motivation, as the reader, to start trying to make time management a way of life.

Why is time management considered a way of life?

Time management is considered to be a way of life because it is our choice whether we want to apply this skill or not. If we chose to apply time management, then our life would be significantly better. Thus, making time management a way of life ultimately depends on our choice.

I can confidently say that time management has been an important part of my life.

I don’t consider myself perfect in time management, I know that it is lifelong learning.

I explained this in further detail in my other article where I discussed that time management is a skill that we learn and not something that we are just born with. If you are interested in reading that article, I believe it can help you especially if you are at a point in your life where you are doubting the skills that you can learn time management. Here is the link: Time Management: Is it a Life Skill?

But to my point.

I believe that time management is something that you’re going to learn by experience. It is not something that you’ll instantly be good about.

In fact, I believe that time management is a lifelong process where there is no stopping point as you can get better every time you learn something new.

And the learnings just never stop.

Time management is our choice. Whether we like to apply this in our life is in our hands. That is the reason why it is a way of life.

The moment you understand that improving yourself is a lifelong process, then it is your way of life. Time management is part of the self-improvement process.

This depends on your values. Especially if one of your values is “improvement”. If this is one of your values, then I believe that having time management as a way of life is very useful for the reason that you would see yourself improving your productivity the more you learn about time management.

That is because time management is a meta-skill. This means that it makes a lot of aspects of our life for the better as we will discuss later.

But why is time management considered a way of life?

Time management is a way of life not only because it is our choice to include it in our lives, but also it is something that lasts a lifetime. Learning time management is a lifelong process in which we get better each and every time we learn something new.

If you are excited about that, I can feel your excitement. I was also very excited when I made time management a way of life. When I saw how much improvement I can make in a few weeks or months, I became so happy that I didn’t care if there isn’t an end to improvement.

That is because I believe that the happiest part of our lives is the process of how we reach our goals.

This article is so deep, I’m impressed with myself for going this deep in this article. But I really hope you get my point on why time management is a way of life and why it should be a way of life.

In the next portion, I am going to give you more reasons why you should also consider time management as a way of your life since I will give you its benefits.

Benefits of Time Management Infographic

What are the benefits of time management?

Now, we are done explaining why time management is a way of life, let us now discuss the benefits of having time management as a way of life. But first, let me give all of the benefits in a list format.

Here are the benefits of time management:

  • Time Management Can Improve Your Performance
  • Time Management Makes Work Quality Better
  • Time Management Helps Makes Us Work Faster
  • Time Management Can Decrease Stress Levels
  • Time Management Makes Us More Efficient
  • Time Management Boosts Our Confidence
  • Time Management Gives More Career Opportunities

These are the benefits of making time management our way of life. I am now going to explain each of these benefits below.

1. Time Management Can Improve Your Performance

When I was starting to make time management one of my values in life, my work performance got a lot better.

As someone who is a freelancer, one of the hardest things for us is how to manage our time.

You see, we don’t have a real boss so we are always in battle with ourselves when we are trying to make something to make us better.

Most of us don’t even have a schedule to follow like 9-5 or 8-4.

Thus, I saw that when I became a freelancer, my work performance got worse.

Here comes time management to the rescue since ever since I’ve made a deal with myself to make time management my life skill, my work performance got better.

In fact, the reason why this website got better is because of time management. I was able to block some time to work on this website so it can have more viewers.

So one of the benefits of time management is that can improve your performance. The reason is that you are going to give more time to focus on your work which would only improve the quality, but also the speed at which you finish your task.

2. Time Management Makes Work Quality Better

The moment you make time management your way of life, you will be able to understand the value of focusing on your work.

Also, I came to understand that rest is important.

I know when I can work on at least 80% of my potential to make my work better. I also know when not to work on something because my work would be worse.

For example, if I didn’t have enough sleep, I usually won’t bother doing a creative writing process like this article. The reason is that the product would just be too bad that I won’t even have fun reading it.

All of my articles are made with me knowing that I can function at least 80% of my real potential. The reason is simple, I want my quality of work to be better.

Everything from infographics, photos, and the ideas in these posts are made because I know when I should work on writing or not.

Knowing when to do something is a part of time management and if you made this your way of life, then I can attest that your quality of work would be significantly better.

3. Time Management Helps Makes Us Work Faster

If there is one thing I can say about how effective time management changed my life, it is that it helped me work faster on the things that matter.

For example, I am usually done with my important work before 12noon. So after that, I am free to do whatever I like.

The reason is simple, one of time management’s important skills is time blocking. This time blocking allows us to focus on one thing at a given time which boosts our focus and speed in finishing a task.

For example, when I’m not focused, it usually takes me 4 hours to write a 2,000-word article. But if I am focused, I can finish an article that long in just an hour and a half.

I went more in detail on the value of focus in a separate article where I discussed the concept of switching costs, it is about the number of goals we should have so that we can have the best result possible. It is a good read if you want to achieve your goals in a very efficient manner. Here is the link: Is it bad to have too many goals?

Thus, time management helps us work faster. The bonus is that the remaining time can be used for other things such as when I want to treat myself or watch some movies to have some fun.

That way, I can enjoy myself without the guilt that my to-do list is still unfinished because I was able to finish my tasks early.

Not just early, but I can finish more than what others can in a day.

4. Time Management Can Decrease Stress Levels

When I learned how to manage my time, my stress levels decreased a lot.

As I said, I was able to finish my tasks faster and I was able to do things more effectively. This made me finish many tasks as short as possible.

This produces time where I can relax and enjoy without any guilt since I’ve finished all of my to-do lists for the day.

How long since that happened to you? I wanted to ask you that question because I’ve never experienced that before.

Finishing all my to-do in half a day is unheard of. I am guilt-free in doing other things I love because my work has been finished.

Once you make time management a way of life, your stress levels will reduce. You can finish not just more, but also better. The time it will save can be allotted to things that you also cared about such as your family, relationships, and personal needs.

5. Time Management Makes Us More Efficient

Time management makes us more efficient because time management teaches us the value of focusing on things that matter. This means one of the things you will learn is when is the right time to do the tasks more efficiently.

One of the concepts of time management is that you won’t be your best self all the time.

Your best will be different when you got a full sleep, when you’re not sick, and when you’re just in the mood to do things.

Thus, we would learn the right scheduling or time blocking for us to do the things we need to do efficiently.

So if you want to be more efficient, then I urge you to make time management a way of your life.

But of course, don’t expect to be extremely efficient at the start. As I said, you’ll just get better along the way as long as you are aware that you want to be time-efficient.

Fun things are in the process, and making time management a way of life is a lifelong process. The longer you do it, the better you become. It is not instant

6. Time Management Boosts Our Confidence

When we learn how to manage our time, we would finish a lot of tasks fast. The result is that since we’ve finished a lot of tasks, our life would improve.

It doesn’t matter if the task is about your relationships, your work, your family, or your hobbies. Because you can finish more than the past you can, your confidence will improve.

You will start to value yourself more and that is very important.

Furthermore, since you’re making a lot of things faster and more efficient, it is obvious that your quality of life would be better. You would see yourself get better and ultimately, it would boost your confidence.

As I said in one of my articles, empty confidence is useless. Real confidence is when your confidence comes from your real skills. This kind of skill is close to unbreakable.

No amount of confidence pose and tricks can beat that kind of confidence and if you want to build this kind of confidence, then managing your time to hone your skills are important. For more information regarding this, check this article: Which is more important confidence or skill?

7. Time Management Gives More Career Opportunities

Because of time management, your quality of work would tremendously improve.

With the rise of your work quality, it is obvious that more career opportunities will open for you.

For example, because I was able to make this website bigger, I was offered a production supervisor job in a tech company.

Because I was able to be a lecturer, I was offered to be a visiting professor at a University.

People are not blind to the quality of work you are doing. When they see the quality of your work, they know that you are someone valuable.

Thus, it gives you more career opportunities in the future.

Make your work speak for itself, it is the best feeling in the world. But the first thing you need to do is to put time management as a way of your life.

This would be the best gift you would give to yourself.

I hope you understood its importance in our lives and I gave you reasons to consider time management as a way of life.

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