9 Reasons Why Personal Development Is Important in Our Life

At a certain part of our lives, we are going to learn about personal development. A lot of people would just wonder the reasons as to why it is important. I mean a lot of people are in their personal development journey but what really makes them keep moving? Why is personal development important especially in our daily lives?

Personal development is important in our life because it helps us gain more skills which we can use in order to lead a satisfying life. Furthermore, it helps us assess our life goals and skills in order to use them to their fullest potential. Lastly, it promotes self-respect and confidence.

In this article, I am going to provide more and deeper reasons as to why personal development is important. These reasons are what made people keep going. Also, it is also what kept me going in life and improving myself.

1. Personal development will help you find who you really are

Personal development will help you find you who really are because you would eventually find through self-improvement what works for you and what doesn’t. Furthermore, you will start realizing your hidden dreams and aspirations.

If you compare the former me to where I am right now, it would be extremely different. For one, I am a victim of what most call the quarter-life crisis which I don’t know what to do.

There were times where I question myself about what I really want in life and do I really want my work.

Because of personal development, I learned journaling which helped me find who I really am.

It helped me learn what are my goals and at the same time, it helped me assess my current skill level and what needs improvement.

Because in personal development, you first need to learn the areas that need improvement. That is the only effective way to start improving yourself.

Knowing your strengths and weakness will eventually make you find who you really are.

For example, if you are the type of guy that believes in the work smart mentality, then so be it. That’s your belief and you will find that through personal development.

For me, I am the type of guy that believes in working hard. I learned through my personal development that I prefer working hard to reach heights.

In starting personal development, I always recommend journaling. For me, it is the best thing way you can do to learn yourself.

Remember that reflection or journaling is a part of the personal development process. I actually made an easy guide you can check out if you’re interested in journaling. Here is the link: How to develop self-reflection practice

2. Personal development helps you reach your goals and dreams

Personal development would actually help us reach our goals and dreams because it would improve our skills over time. The more skillful you become, the easier you’ll reach your goals. Furthermore, personal development allows us to know exactly our goals which are very important in goal handling.

One of my biggest mistakes in goal setting is that I really don’t know what specifically my goals and dreams are.

I know it sounds quite weird but it is true.

A few years back, I don’t even know I am going to start making a YouTube Channel or create this website. The idea of creating this website came because I just felt like I should try blogging.

However, the more I did it, the more I realized that I like what I am doing.

Thus, I decided to also create a YouTube channel as I enjoy sharing the things I know.

You can find my YouTube Channel here:

I got this idea from as you can guess, self-reflection. I was able to ask myself what do I want.

At that time, I was working in a hospital as a laboratory personnel.

Little did I know that blogging is fun and I just tried. I love journaling and journaling through my own website was fun.

In there, I learned the value of sharing which is what I really wanted to do in life. Thus, I started to get serious about blogging and youtube.

As you can see, working on your goals is important, but knowing what are your goals are more important.

It is just like shooting a basketball. You can’t shoot a ball without the rim. You need to know your target.

And I believe, personal development helped me understand what my goals and dreams are. Right now, my goal is to share and reach as many people as possible. Thus, this website and my channel were born.

3. Personal development will give you more skills

The more you develop yourself, the more skills you’re going to obtain. The skills you develop will slowly make you an asset in any organization you are in.

This is one of the advantages of improving yourself.

When you finally decided to get better, you will slowly get better in whatever skill you try to develop.

This in turn would make you an asset for your dreams whatever that is.

Furthermore, you will be an asset to any organization or company you join.

The reason is that personal development would always involve skills. Furthermore, personal development has meta-skills.

Meta skills make all other skills better. For example, being more productive will improve your overall life not just your work.

Another example of a Meta-Skill is time management, you can find more information about it in an article I’ve made. You can find it here: Is time management a life skill?

Furthermore, if you want to start in time management, here is a youtube video that I’ve made about time management.

4. Personal development gives us satisfaction in life

Personal development gives us satisfaction in life by making us slowly better every time. You would always find joy because you will always be getting better. Furthermore, you would have a more satisfying life since you will be goal-focused and won’t feel stagnant.

When I started my personal development journey, I was able to be more satisfied with life.

The reason is that I’ve found what I really wanted to do. I was able to be clear on my values and goals.

When you finally found what you want to do, you would be happy and glad to wake up each day.

Usually, we feel stuck in life because we just don’t know what to do. That’s why it is important to know your goals.

I also need to add here that your goals aren’t permanent. They change through time and circumstances.

That’s why if you feel that your life or goal is always changing, it is perfectly fine as long as you finish what you start.

I find that the key to satisfaction is to have some goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. The important thing is that it gives us a reason to wake up and be satisfied with small victories.

5. Personal development makes us humble and grateful

Personal development makes us more humble and grateful because we would be more empathetic to others. This is because already felt what it feels like to be stuck in life. Plus, we experienced both sides of the coin. Thus, we would be more grateful for what we have while understanding the feeling of others.

What I learned from personal development is that I just became better.

I do not feel like I am a chosen one of some sort. I only know that I was able to improve myself because of my efforts.

That’s why when I see people stuck in life, I can feel empathy. I also know what it feels like to be stuck in life. To not know where I am going.

This makes us humble. We know that we simply got better because we did our best. We tried our best to improve our skills to make our lives better.

Thus, even if we’ve reached something higher, we would still know what it feels like to be down.

That also makes me grateful for the things I’ve achieved.

I am grateful for where I am. I am just grateful that I am moving on with my life and waking up every day with clear goals.

The thing I find with others on personal development is that they only have the end in mind. The thing here is it makes personal development toxic for them.

What I see is that people would say that they would only be happy once they’ve accomplished their goals.

For me, that is not the right approach.

The thing is to be grateful for what you have right now while improving yourself. Enjoy each small success and treat yourself.

As I said, personal development is a lifelong process and you should try finding joy in the journey and not the end.

6. Personal development makes us more sociable

Personal development makes us more sociable because social skills are a part of personal development. In personal development, you are going to learn more about being friendly, reading body language, and other things related to communication.

One of the things you will study in personal development is being more sociable.

That is especially true for me since I am an introvert.

In fact, I can relate to almost all introverts that I made a post on Reddit that went viral. It is a post about how introverts socialize.

You can find it here: How do introverts socialize

But my point here is that reading body language, learning to be likable, and various social skills are part of personal development.

We are social creatures. Communication will always be part of our society. That’s why social skills development is very important.

Some people would start learning personal development just for this. Some will enroll in classes just to be better at conversation.

That’s how important social skills are.

7. Personal development makes us happier

Personal development makes us happier because we would learn how to enjoy the process. We would also slowly see some improvements in our personality and skills which would eventually make us more satisfied and happier.

I find that one of the keys to happiness is to have something to look up to.

For me, that is sharing more things either through blog or video.

Each day, ask yourself if there is something you want to do. It doesn’t need to be a goal. Just something that would make you happy while doing them.

The good news is that the more you know about personal development, the happier you will be. The reason is that you will see learning as something fun.

The endless supply of books to read is just amazing and getting some cool insights from self-improvement books makes it even better.

That’s why I always wake up happy since I am always excited to learn something new.

Furthermore, I am also happy whenever I achieve small victories.

I learned to be contented with life and be happy. I attributed that to personal development.

8. Personal development gives confidence

Personal development gives us confidence because it helps us understand our worth. This is because we just get better and so, our self-esteem and confidence would rise. Furthermore, we would start believing in ourselves because we can see that we have the capability to improve.

What makes people confident is not that they know everything, but they know that they can improve.

In my opinion, confidence is important in the sense that it gives us the courage to carry on.

The more we practice personal development, we also start learning to value ourselves. The more we see we are improving, the more we would trust ourselves.

Each small victory you have would eventually make you more confident.

Before, I wouldn’t even think of making my own YouTube channel. But because of my tiny victories, I decided to take on the challenge.

As I said, being confident doesn’t mean that I can. It only means that I know I will do my best.

Even if I’m not good at video editing, or speaking to the camera, I started making videos. And that was like a year ago.

9. Personal development makes us grittier

Personal development makes us grittier. It develops grit which is one of the most important traits a person can develop. Grit is our ability to strive under pressure and to go on with life even if it seems against us.

Grit is our ability to stick with our plans no matter what.

This is what separates people who strive and the one who quits.

For me, the confidence you gain from personal development would eventually lead to grit.

That’s why you would always hear people saying that to start personal development, start small.

The reason is that we will first build our self-esteem which would come from small victories. It can even be as simple as finally cleaning your room.

The more small victories we have, the more we will trust ourselves.

Thus, when we are faced with adversities, we know that we can face them just to reach our goals.

As a YouTuber, it was quite hard to see my channel not getting views. However, through grit, I was able to publish videos without thinking about it.

As long as I am happy, I would still do it.

Grit is one of the traits that would really bring you success. In fact, no empires were made overnight.

It took years to build something big and I know that it will also take years of learning for me to be a better blogger and YouTuber.

Only the things I love.

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Recommended Books

The next thing is books. Books are, for me, one of the cheapest ways to get invaluable information. We can learn personal development, finance, career, relationships, and many more from books.

Here, I will be listing my favorite books in different categories.

  1. For Beginners7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – Personal development has a lot of concepts and ideas to learn. Thus it can be really hard for beginners to know where to start. Thus, I recommend this book since all the basic concepts of personal development are here(except finance, check what I recommended for that)
  2. ProductivityThe One Thing by Gary Keller – This book teaches us the power of focusing on one thing which is the ultimate source of productivity. The concepts taught are what I am using to constantly publish YouTube videos while maintaining this website.
  3. Busy?Make Time by Jack Knapp – This book teaches us how to make time for the things we love. The concept is really simple but I think that makes it a book worth reading.
  4. HealthLifespan by Dr.Sinclair – This Book teaches about the latest scientific research on lifespan. In his book, he has shared numerous things he is doing to slow down his aging process. This can be as easy as eating less which he recommends.
  5. FinanceThe Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason – Perhaps one of the first books I’ve read about Finance, this book for me is the best if we are talking about learning basic finance such as basic saving and investing. The concepts are very simple but effective.


Take this advice as a grain of salt.

I don’t recommend buying Audiobooks one by one. I mean, audiobooks can be quickly finished by listening while working out or doing some mindless tasks.

So here is to save you some money. Just go for a monthly subscription to Audible. I believe that you will save a lot of money with that plus, they usually give freebies to anyone starting.

My Audiobook Recommendation will always be the same as my book recommendations, but I personally like The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. I like how she is so casual while reading her book.

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