Why are we scared of Dogs? [My Personal Review on Cynophobia]

Chances are, you are reading because you might be scared of dogs like me, or you are one curious friend of a cynophobe. So here, I am going to explain why are we scared of dogs. Let me show you what we feel as someone who is really scared of dogs since I was a kid.

To go straight to the point, the reason why we are scared of dogs is not because we want to. It came from a trauma. Either from childhood or adulthood. It can affect everyone, even people who really like dogs. But, as it came from a trauma, we could reduce it. I did, so can the others.

I get it, It’s quite weird right? Dogs are considered as a man’s best friend. Which believe me is true. In fact, dogs are the most famous choice for a pet. Well, also cats but you get my point.

Because of that, dogs are usually a very big part of a family. In fact, there are approximately 77.5 million canine companions in the U.S. only. If you consider the whole world, there are already about 900 million dogs.

Why are they successful as a specie? Because people love them. For a lot of people, there is no more great joy than going home with their dog wiggling their tail as they lick their favorite person. Currently, dogs are increasingly becoming popular due to the advent of social media.

Who can blame them? They are really cute. In fact, to be honest, I really like dogs but I’m too scared to go near them simply because I’m a cynophobic.

Why are we scared of Dogs

Why I wanted to write this article.

There is a reason why I wanted to write this article. I want people to know what it really means to be a cynophobe.

It is also quite sad to see that people are looking at it as a complete disability. Some even telling that we are sick and weird.

Well, I do not think so. It is not great to be left our just because you are scared of dogs.

So the reason I want to write this article is for cynophobes to understand that they are not alone. They can even show it to their friends to let them see what he/she really feels.

And remember, just like everyone, we want to be better. We also want a day where we are not having a panic attack just by seeing a dog looking at us. What more if you see a group of dogs?

If you are a cynophobe, check out one of my instagram stories below:

Dogs waiting for me

Usually, you will have a panic or anxiety attack just by looking at this. Others will make fun of you.

That’s why I want to make these series of articles. To help you guys out since to be honest with you, I still felt fear but not the old me kind of fear.

I am not a guru or a psychologist that can help you with that anxiety, but what I can say is that I’ve been in your position as a person who is scared of dogs. With that, I know what you feel, how others feel about you, and how I got through that big hole in my life. I really hope you do too.

So just a favor? Can you please send this link to the people you care about? They will really appreciate you sharing what you feel to them.

So What causes Cynophobia?

Cynophobia is not something that happens on birth.

And no, we did not choose this to be the norm of our life.

It happens from a trauma. Something a dog did on a certain part of your life.

It could be anything such as a dog bite, bark and many more.

For me, I do not really remember how it started. I has this phobia ever since I was a kid.

However, based on what my mom told me, it started when I was a baby. (That’s why I do not remember why.)

Her story said that she was making me pet a dog while suddenly, the dog barked. I was so surprised that I suddenly froze and cried.

That has to be one of the most important things I learned about my fear of dogs, since this is also the reason why I succeeded on lessening my fear in them.

It may be something like a very rare phobia compared to a phobia of snakes, however, like the other forms of phobia, it is still a real deal.

What do I feel as someone with Cynophobia?

Well, for someone that people are making fun of, and dogs that readily feel fear, it is quite a hassle.

Just imagine how we need to prevent ourselves from running and showing fear. Because believe me, dogs do really feel fear.

It is a positive feedback loop. We are scared of dogs that when dogs feel that we are scared of them, they will become more story.

And the scary cycle continues.

Imagine what we have to do just to suppress our fear in them. We prevent looking at their eyes. Imagine a stray dog looking at you.

Now imagine that people are making fun of you simply because they know you are scared of them. They even try to put up the dog and give it to you.

Can you see? It is like putting some gasoline into the fire.

Imagine going out to your friend’s house when suddenly, they got tons of dogs INSIDE their home.

Imagine having a girlfriend who really loves dogs. (Been there, we have broken up though.) You how hard to explain to them that you are scared of them.

I still thank them though, I got the willpower to remove this phobia from my life. It is not 100% remove (and I think it never will) but I can now pet a dog without freezing and having a panic attack inside my head.

To the Cynophobes out there, worry not. We can lessen this fear. It is like speaking on public. At first, you will feel shy and scared. After a long while, while you might still feel some form of scariness into public speaking, but the difference is you can do it without any problem. Same with Cynophobia.

For the people who are friends, relatives or whatever relation you have with a cyphobe, please do not make fun of it. We are living with something we do not want for out whole lives. It would be great if you would be cheerful and supportive to us. It might also be great to help us in reducing our fear of dogs.

Why are we Scared of Dogs

Why are we cynophobic

It usually came from a trauma

Some people think that we are scared because we are born with it, or we are just acting up, or we just want to.

But those are all wrong.

The reason is a trauma. Whether we experienced it as a child or adult, it came from a trauma.

And the action of the dog should not necessarily be big to cause trauma

I know someone what got bit by a dog ferociously so he became scared of dogs, and someone who got the phobia from a big bark. (Like me)

A trauma is a trauma. It happens, an experience that puts us in chains. However, it is not the end of the world.

As I said, as with any phobia, it can be cured. Do not worry since I will explain how I cured mine in the next articles.

So whether you are a curious friend of a cynophobic or someone who is scared of dogs, that’s a great news right?

And No, people making fun of us for being scared of dogs is not funny

No Offense though, it is really not funny when I think of how people want me to touch their dog. I know that you think it is the kindest dog in the whole wide world, but not for me.

I can still remember how people forced me to tame a dog. It was a really big step for me to even HOLD IT. I even pat his head.

I felt so cold, stiff and I do not know what to do. But people are just laughing since they know that I’m really scared of them.

No, I am not mad at them. That day I realized what a great life it is to at least remove 90% of my total fear of dogs. And now, I can say that I am on 50%.

The moment you felt and realize that you have the will to cure yourself from this condition is the first step to the curing process.

It is true, my friends forced me to tame a dog, made fun of me and many more things that I can’t remember, I am greatly in debt of them.

Because Now, I can say that I am not as scared as I once was.

How great it is to be someone who got out of that whole where I once was.

I am happy to even share my stories and failures to everyone. To help people who is also suffering from this condition.

To give hope to them that it could be the other way around.

That they can overcome it.

To give tips to a friend who is concerned about their friend.

While it is true that I am not 100% cured of it, i can now say that I can pet a dog without much problems.

So do not lost hope, stay motivated.

Key takeaway

Well the reason why we are scared of dogs is because of trauma.

Whether it is big or small, a trauma is a trauma. it can strike anyone from child to adult.

It did not come from birth, we just want to, or we are just acting that we are scared.

But Do not worry, it is not the end of the world.

Accept who you are, and improve.

More articles about this topic coming out soon.

Lots of love,



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