Why self-confidence is more important than you think?

Self-confidence is very important in our lives. There is a reason why most people believe it to be one of the most important quality or trait to build. That is why to motivate people into developing or improving their confidence, I have made this article which gives you 13 reasons to believe how important self-confidence is. These 13 reasons prove why self-confidence is more important than you think.

Here are the reasons why self-confidence is important:

  1. Confidence produce Fearlessness and Less Anxiety
  2. You’ll be Better in Handling Stress
  3. Greater Motivation and Energy
  4. Strong Leadership Presence
  5. Confidence Helps Know Your Values
  6. Learn to Handle Failure
  7. More Positive Outlook in Life
  8. Better Relationship and Influence
  9. Confidence Unlocks your True Self
  10. Better Self Worth
  11. You’ll Basically Look Better
  12. Freedom from Limiting Belief
  13. Your capabilities will increase over time

Of course there are some of the benefits or reasons that you already know. But as many things in life, we all have to be reminded. Let this article be a motivation for us to improve our confidence.

In this article, I will discuss each of these benefits one by one for you to have a clearer understanding why each of these is affected by self-confidence.

In one of my articles talking about confidence, I made a point where self-confidence is a meta-skill which means that confidence will affect all areas of our life for the better. In this article, you are now going to see why.

In case you want to read that article where I explained why confidence is one of the most important quality, check this out: Is confidence the most important quality?

1. Confidence produce Fearlessness and Less Anxiety

Once you increase your confidence, you will doubt yourself less and less. This means that you are going to experience fear less than usual.

In my experience, my first time writing an article is really stressful. But once you’ve started having confidence in your work, it will become easier.

Right now, the fear I experience if I think I will write another article is far less than the first time.

This fearlessness is what others usually see in confident people. When challenges come to life, confident people know how to do the first step.

They learn things by doing. They know that unlocking their capabilities will increase their confidence.

Because they are always going into the challenge, they won’t have any anxiety that came from what ifs.

What if I didn’t give up. What if I just started the project. What if I worked on my goals rather than running away from it.

Because they are taking challenges, they are less prone to these what ifs, making them less anxious than others.

For example, if I didn’t make this website, I will still be wondering what if I followed my dream to make my own website and help people.

Rather than that, I was able to get some confidence to start every thing even if I don’t know what to do.

That’s why by building your confidence, you become fearless and in turn, will reduce anxiety. This is because confidence and fearlessness is necessary in order for us to do the first step towards our dreams and goals. This makes us less anxious because we are working on our dreams in life.

2. You’ll be Better in Handling Stress

When we start having more confidence, we start doing the steps towards achieving our life goals.

One of the biggest stressors in life are our what ifs.

There are times that we are just scared to do our dreams but it is necessary. This is because our dreams will often surface and we usually feel guilty if we are not doing something about them.

Because of the feel of guilt, we often lose sleep at night. Our brain tells us why are we not moving. Why are we stuck in a job we don’t like.

And the usual cause why we don’t is that we are scared. We are scared that we might fail. That’s why we don’t have enough confidence in fighting for our goals.

In turn, it will give us unending stress. Simply because it is close to impossible to deny what you really want to do with life.

My goal is to be a writer. A self-help consultant. I want to be someone who can help people. That is why I built this website even if I have no idea how to write.

It took me hundreds of article to reach this place. I always get tired because my schedule is filled up with things to do.

But they are related to my goals.

Because of that, I go to sleep each night happy even if I’m tired. I took the challenge and I know that my success depends on me. I am depending on myself.

In turn, I sleep better, wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for another challenge.

I have no intention to brag. I am just telling you that if you really want to be happy, and enjoy the process of reaching your goals, you have to start working on it.

We might fail. I might fail. But I am enjoying my journey. I hope you do too.

The stress will always be there. To reduce or remove the stress, you have to do what you need to do. Take the step and be confident on your choices.

Confidence will reduce your stress simply because you are not running away from your dreams. This is because the desire of reaching your goals will always be there and will be with you whether you accept it or not. The only way to remove that stress is to just do things with confidence and trust.

3. Greater Motivation and Energy

I remember 3 years ago when I am working in the hospital on a night shift always asking myself what do I want to do in life. I was completely lost that I am just following my work schedule.

I find no meaning towards doing anything because I don’t know what to do and what my goals really are.

That is the reason why I always tell about having clear values. Clear values are very important if you want to reach your true goals. You have to be clear on what you want.

I have made an article discussing the importance of having clear values in life. It is a good read because you need the right target in order to achieve big things in life. Here is the article: The Importance of Having Clear Values

Fast forward now, I am older than my 22 year old self but I feel more energetic than ever.

Because I took the step in following my goals and dreams, I wake up every day full of energy to work on myself.

I became more motivated because I know that I am now working towards my dreams in life.

Confidence will bring you this motivation. The more you achieve, the more your confidence.

For me, it was one article, then another, then another, until now that I’ve made more than a hundred articles.

Each success leads to more motivation and energy to achieve more.

And it all started with mustering up all my confidence to make a website.

Confidence will bring motivation and energy because it is required to use confidence to do things. When you are confident, you are more motivated to do things because you know you can do it. This will also increase your energy levels because you are working on something you are confident in.

Remember that doing things half-heartedly does not bring the full energy inside of you. That is what I felt when I was working in a hospital. It felt like I was moving but nothing.

But now, it is different. I wake up refreshed and energize to work and learn again. That’s what confidence can give us.

4. Strong Leadership Presence

People with extreme confidence and charisma are usually great leaders. This is because confidence is contagious. If the leader is confident, the followers will be motivated to work on something. If the leader loses his confidence, then the followers will also lose their confidence.

One of the key aspects of great leaders is that they have confidence. They are confident in their company, people, or their product.

You can easily feel if a leader trusts you. You can tell if your boss has faith and confidence with what you are selling.

Building confidence means that people will believe what you are saying. They can easily tell if you are pretending to be confident, or if you are very confident.

Confidence increases the morale of your followers. If you want to be a great leader, you have to work on your confidence.

The most common reason why people stay in a company is not always because of their salary. It is because they believe in their leader. That their leader is worth following. Leaders like this are what they are looking up to.

If you want to be that leader, build your confidence.

If you are interested on how to build your confidence even if you have high self-doubt like me, then I recommend you check out this article: Which is more important confidence or skill?

In that article I explained how we can use our skills to increase confidence. It worked for me and I hope it also work on you.

5. Confidence Helps Know Your Values

There is a reason why I am always talking about having clear values in life.

Without any clear values, you will be lost.

It is like shooting a basketball without any rim. Where will you shoot? What is your target? Without any clear values, you are just wasting your time.

That is why it is important to know yourself. Knowing yourself will be the first step towards confidence because finally, you will understand what you want in life. If you want to start knowing yourself better, I recommend you do self-reflection. I made an easy guide for you to follow so you can do it easily: How to Develop your Self-Reflection Practice

But back to my point.

You can only be truly confident if you know yourself. If you know your values.

What do you like? What don’t you like? What are your goals? What are your dreams?

All of which is important to know if you want to be confident.

Confidence is becoming totally fine with what you truly are. Once your confidence comes from your personality and not any artificial thing that can be gone immediately, then you are truly confident.

Confidence is the belief in yourself. In believing yourself, you need to have the right values. You need to know what really matters to you. This is because you can only believe in yourself if you truly know who you really are. Confident people are confident because they truly know themselves.

They know their weakness and strength. They know when to fight and when to run. That is real confidence.

Confidence is not going to a challenge without any preparation. Confidence is doing something which you have faith you can do it.

And to have faith in yourself, you need to understand who you really are.

6. Learn to Handle Failure

Failures are a big part of life. Every thing has risks.

Even a simple business or career choice will always have risks.

Did you know that 90% of the blog and website right now are not making any money? I know that but I still did my best and made my own website.

The fact that I am making money in this site proves that this website is in the top 10%.

But that is not to brag. It is to say that failures are inevitable.

I said that confidence is knowing that you can take on the challenge. Confidence is also the ability to handle failures and to rise again.

My first 2 years blogging is a total failure. I am learning and writing but I never got any visitors to my website. This is because I am still inexperienced.

The first 2 years are all me losing money because of site maintenance.

Those two years are the longest. I am always questioning myself if I did the right thing.

But I am confident. I know that these failures will not be the same if I just do my best in every thing.

Right now, I am earning from this website. If I didn’t handled my failure, you won’t ever see this article.

Confident people know how to handle failure. They accept that failure is part of life. When they fail, they only have two choices. One is to force their way by working harder, the other is to just run away. Confident people know what they are capable of and most choose to fight for their dreams.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsch

7. More Positive Outlook in Life

Most negative people I’ve encountered are the ones who prefer not moving outside of their comfort zone.

They don’t want going out so they are just satisfied with what they have and telling people that going for their dreams are unnecessary.

The most common reason for this is that they experienced rejection in their life.

Rejections makes us negative. The problem with being negative is people will start to stay away from us because we are breaking their dreams even if we don’t want to.

On the other hand, people with confidence knows that there are things in life that they can do. Thus, they handle things even if there is a chance for failure.

People like this are positive. People usually like hanging around with positive people because they feel empowered whenever they are around them.

Confident people usually have a positive outlook towards life. This is because they know that only if they did their best, they can achieve result. They are not scared to try new things because they know they can adjust. These are the people who generally have less stress and are generally happier in life.

8. Better Relationship and Influence

Confident people are usually fun to be around. They empower people around them making them feel better within themselves. Usually, confidence makes conversation enjoyable to both parties. This is because it makes us feel that we are talking to someone true and genuine.

Have you wondered why people always tell that genuine people are the best?

That is because their honesty is something you can feel. Someone who is very honest and knows their boundaries are fun to hang around with.

People who are confident have a clear sense of their identity and value. This is because they know their limits.

When talking to others, they can show their true self and become really genuine.

Genuine people are the people who accept who they really are, and those are the confident ones.

They accept everything about themselves and knows that some people won’t like them.

People who are not confident will usually find it harder to communicate simply because they are hiding a lot within themselves mostly because of shame.

That shame comes from them not accepting themselves. If you can’t accept yourself, how can you expect others to accept you? If you don’t love yourself first, why would others love you? If you don’t care for yourself, how would you expect others to care for you?

Be confident with yourself. It is important to social skills.

If you are interested in social skills and how to develop them, then I have another article that has 25 tips to improve your social skills and infographics. Here is the article in case you want to read it: How to improve your social skills and confidence

9. Confidence Unlocks your True Self

Only by unlocking your core beliefs and principles will you be truly confident.

Confidence brings out the real you. This is because part of confidence is for you to fully accept who you really are. You need to accept everything including your flaws, weakness and your dreams. Only by knowing all of those will you get true confidence.

Each one of us has weakness. We all have flaws. That makes us human.

There is no such thing as a perfect life with no problem. Even the rich ones have their own set of problems.

What separates the happy ones from the others is that they are still confident and they accept their current situation.

“All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.”

William F. Halsey

Confident people know who they really are. Thus, they know their true self including their weaknesses. It doesn’t matter since you can work on your weaknesses and confident people know they can make themselves better.

10. Better Self Worth

This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your true self.

By being confident, you will know your self worth and usually, confident people will start respecting themselves more.

Confident people have a higher self worth because they believe in themselves. While they know that they still have some weakness like every body else, they accept it because it is who they are. This in turn makes them love themselves better ultimately leading to a higher self worth.

Once you accept yourself, you will know you worth.

Once I figured out my dreams, I know the worth of my time. That is the importance of confidence in terms of your self worth.

It will be rare for you to see me waste my time because I know its worth. You will only see me doing that if I know that I deserve it such as when I finish writing this long article.

11. You’ll Basically Look Better

Being confident with yourself means that you will look better. This is because you will value yourself more than before. Because of that, you will take care of yourself more than ever before. You will give yourself the love it deserves so you will also eat right. These will make you look better.

I remember when I was working in the hospital. Of course, I am not sleeping well, I am always eating fast food. I waste my time just playing video games because well what other else to do.

Right now, it is completely different. I take my sleep seriously, I eat well and prevent myself from eating junk food. I always do some exercises.

I look very different from before because of that.

Once you learn how to respect yourself, it will be obvious by how your body will look.

And the bonus is once you have a better physique, you will also be more confident.

12. Freedom from Limiting Belief

The best benefit you can have from confidence is that you will be free from your limiting beliefs. Once you are free from your limiting beliefs, you will start to appreciate yourself even more. You will value yourself more.

You know you can handle more tasks in life because you trust yourself.

Confidence frees you up from your limiting beliefs. This is because you will start to understand yourself further. Once you start understanding yourself, you will know your true limitations. Limiting beliefs are the ones that you think is your limit. But you are always more than that. Confidence will show you the better version of yourself.

13. Your capabilities will increase over time

Confidence will make you go on with life even if it is hard. It will force you to take on challenges in order to improve yourself. Thus, with every challenge, your capability will increase. The more challenge you face, the stronger you become. Confident people know that there is always room for improvement.

I told you that for 2 years, I only lost money in this website.

Right now, I am earning money but it took a very long time for me to learn how.

Because of new challenges such as making infographics, making high quality articles, designing a fast website, and many more, I was able to reach this level.

I am not stopping. I know that I can still improve.

That’s the beauty of confidence. You always know that there is room for improvement and it is the one that forces you to take on challenges.

The reason I am here right now is because of confidence and doubt. Confidence that I can do it, and doubt that I need to improve to finish it. It is a cycle that makes me better every day and I love that it brought me the life that I want.

Bit by bit, I am going there. Slowly, but surely. I trust myself. I hope you do too.

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