Why Some People are Quiet All the Time

There are times where you will meet people who are just inherently quiet all the time. They are the types of people where you have no idea what they have in mind. I am an example of a person that is also quiet. I know how those people feel and why they aren’t talking. Thus, this article would answer why some people are quiet all the time.

In general, some people are quiet all the time because they see no reason to talk. There are just people who value the words coming out of their mouth thus, they only talk when necessary. For others, it can be that the person is shy or not confident enough to speak for themselves.

Although there are many reasons why people are generally quiet, those are the most common reasons. As you can see, there is no one size fits all reason. Being quiet can also be caused by something good such as they value their words, or bad such as the lack of confidence.

Here, we would expand this topic in greater detail. Let’s begin.

Why you’re quiet all the time

What causes a person to be so quiet is usually because they see no reason to talk. These people are generally the people who prefer listening rather than speaking. For others, it can be caused by past mistakes causing them to completely do their best to talk less.

One reason why some people are just quiet all the time is simply that they find no reason to talk at all. These are the people that prefer listening rather than talking.

I belong to this category. I know that being quiet is a powerful tool to show dominance and it just helps me get into conversation easier.

In my other article, I talked about how to stop being so quiet. One of the things I talked about is that we need to learn how to listen if we want to be better at communicating.

The reason is that we can only respond well to conversations if we know what the topic is all about. Thus, we need to be immersed first before responding.

This is what most people fail to realize. They always think about what to respond but actually, what you would respond would come naturally if they just listen.

For more tips on how to stop being so quiet, feel free to check out my article. Here is the link: How to Stop Being so Quiet.

So here’s my point.

Sometimes, a person just sees no reason to talk. If a person is comfortable with being quiet, he or she would just be silent which is not at all bad.

These are the people who prefer to listen instead because they know that it will be better to listen to what others are saying instead of continuously talking.

As you’ve noticed, I said that “If a person is comfortable to be quiet.”

The reason is that a person being quiet also depends on their personality.

There are just some people who feel that being quiet is awkward which is in their personality. That is actually the majority of people. Most would just feel uncomfortable with silence.

Thus, they prefer to add more into the conversation by speaking.

But there are also people like us who are comfortable with silence. Most of us are what people call introverts and we think of socializing differently from others.

We don’t mind silence and we are usually not a fan of small talks which people usually do to prevent this awkward silence.

But as I said, it is in their personality and neither is right or wrong. This depends on the person’s preference whether they want to be quiet or not.

I actually have an article that got viral on Reddit where I talked about how introverts socialize. You can find there how introverts are different from extroverts. It is a good read if you’re interested: How do Introverts Socialize

However, those are not all the reasons why a person may get quiet all the time.

Sometimes, there are just people who are not confident enough to speak.

The lack of confidence is one of the most noticeable reasons why a person is always quiet. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen.

A common reason why there are people who lack confidence in themselves is just that they made some mistakes in the past which caused some sort of trauma.

For example, a kid that’s active in recitation got scolded by their teacher, or classmates making fun of them can cause them to lose their confidence.

This kind of trauma can cause someone to lose confidence and be quiet every time.

Generally, it is wise to learn social skills and confidence. This is because there are just people who still don’t know how to build their social skills.

I was one of them. So, I made a guide for you to check out if you’re interested in learning social skills and build confidence. In that article, I gave 25 tips for you to check out. Here is the link: How to build social skills and confidence

It might also be that the person is just shy. Which is neither a good nor a bad thing.

A person can also be shy. That’s why they aren’t talking. This usually happens when it is your first time meeting each other or it may be just in their personality.

Is being quiet all the time bad?

Being quiet all the time is not inherently bad. The reason is that there are just people who prefer listening and being immersed in a conversation. However, there are also people who are quiet because they can’t speak up for themselves which can be bad on certain occasions.

Being an introvert, I know the current stigma we face that a lot of people are telling us that being quiet is bad and we should be more extroverted.

Here’s the thing.

Being an introvert or an extrovert is a matter of personality and both have different pros and cons.

What we need to understand is that being quiet all the time is not bad. There are just people who value their words.

It is a general rule that the rare it is, the more valuable it can get.

It’s the same for words. The more you speak, the lesser its value. That’s what I learned from the people I look up to.

Thus, being quiet is not inherently bad. There is nothing wrong with it except if the cause of you being quiet is your lack of confidence.

I have made an article discussing this in greater detail as I’ve explained silence being good or bad. I think it is a good article to read if you’re really interested in the various pros and cons of being silent. Here is the link: Is silence good or bad?

If the source of you being quiet is that you lack confidence, make sure to differentiate it from being shy.

Being shy is normal especially if it’s your first time meeting a person.

However, being too shy is different. If that’s the case, maybe you need to do something about it.

Other than that, there is nothing wrong with being quiet. There are lots of people who talk less but are successful.

There are also people who listen a lot and are considered to be good at socializing.

In terms of a career where communication is important, one of the key essentials on those jobs is that you should know how to listen.

This makes being quiet not at all bad even on careers or jobs that require communication.

As a saying goes in sales, “You have two ears and one mouth.” Thus, you have to listen twice as more as speaking.

As you can see, it is important to also stay quiet in conversations. That’s why excellent communicators are also great listeners such as Sigmund Freud.

If you’re interested in the advantages of introverts and being quiet, you may check out my video on YouTube.

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