Hi, I am Jason

Welcome to my Personal Development Blog

I am Passionate about Writing things I Learned and experienced as effective in improving our lifestyle.

I also know that a lot of concepts can’t be in my blog so, I decided to make a YouTube Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a Self Improvement Guru?

No, I don’t consider myself a guru. I just share what I think is effective and worked for me.

That’s why I like reading personal development books and blogs then share what I learned with the community

2. What are the things you like?

Upon self-reflection, I actually like sharing things I’ve learned. That’s why I made this website and create youtube videos.

3. When is my life changing moment?

My life-changing moment was when I was 26 years old and I thought of going all-in blogging and vlogging. At that moment, it didn’t matter whether I succeed or not.

4. Did you buy an around the world ticket?

Actually, no.

Although, it is one of my dreams to travel the world at least once in my life.

A little about my story

Before this blogging and vlogging journey, I am a person who likes to take things to myself.

Why do I need to share these things I know? I am living comfortably with my job as a lecturer and enough resources to live by peacefully.

However, it changed.

I know that there are things that I wish I knew and upon learning those things, I feel quite sad that a lot of people don’t know these things.

This is not fake guru material. I never tell people that I am an expert in anything.

But what I found I’m good at is researching.

You see, when I was in college, my classmates would be surprised that I got a lot of information in our assignment because I’m good at searching for a topic.

And well as students, they copy my work. But I’m fine with it.

It took very long for me to realize this but I am good at researching.

And I always ask myself, what if I do the research for people? What if I share what I learned by reading journal articles and research?

Thus, I came to a conclusion. I am going to share things I learn starting now. This is the start of this website.

Frankly, when I started this website, I don’t know where to start but as I got the traction of blog viewers, slowly I found out why I started this website.

People ask me a lot about my posts and it turns out that the searches I’ve made had made a difference in their lives.

Such stories are their success in reducing their myopia and such.

It makes me happy to see people finally having light in their eyes that light of hope.

But that is not all.

To make things better for the community, I started a YouTube Channel which made it a lot better because I can make a lot of demos.

But will I stick to one topic on this website?

I will not. I still remember the time when I ask myself what to put on this website and it is to share more information.

Thus, things get more broad as I’ve covered more things in this blog.

I hope you join me in this journey.

Jason Ong