About Ong Jason Website

https://ongjason.com is a website owned and operated by a blogger Jason Ong. This is a website about lifestyle, life, lessons and value.

The idea for the website started as a hobby where the author want to share things he have learned in life and to promote ideas that are worth spreading.

This website is famous for bringing updates to vision improvement, book reviews or anything that is related to self-help and development.

Here is my Contact Page in case you need it: Contact Page

“In this site, I will share things about self help and development, my goal is to help as many people as possible by providing the most accurate answers to their questions.”

Jason ong (blog owner)

The Website and the Author’s Story

ongjason.com has been a project I am eager to start since I want to share a lot of things about the world. Point taken that I am still young to share a lot of things but I make sure that every information I give is backed by strong evidences.

I am familiar in the world of research. In fact, I am a lecturer when I first started this blog. But this is where the story begins.

As of writing this about me page, I am not anymore. But the experiences I’ve learned by browsing research papers and understanding them makes me a good source of information in articles. I also ask experts such as optometrists and doctors when I am confused about a certain topic to get their honest opinion.

I am not saying this to brag. The reason for this is that I need to share this to let your trust me even if you are just visiting this website.

Also, since I am a former teacher, I have learned how to share complex information into a really simple to understand ones. That is also the reason why I started my own YouTube Channel.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel if it interests you: YouTube Channel

Also, I am a firm believer in experience is the best teacher. I don’t know on what stage of my YouTube channel you’ll be visiting but I started really awkward.

I just used my phone camera and a crappy microphone. Also, I can’t seem to get myself out at start. I am still on improving myself in vlogging but I am getting there.

I want that to be a source of motivation for people who want to start their dreams. In fact, here is my first video as I am proud of where I am right now through constant struggles life has thrown on me.

Once again, this video is not about bragging. In fact, I am so grateful to people who appreciated the video even if it was my worst video ever. And to those people who like the video and even disliked the video, I am grateful to all of you.

My Followers are on YouTube

It’s true that I’ve once done a YouTube detox which you can actually see in this website. But also, I know that YouTube an be a wonderful tool in communicating with the community.

In fact, most of my subscribers are from this website which came to my YouTube Channel.

Once again, you can visit and be part of our community by going to: https://ongjason.com/youtube

Oh and one thing to describe the community I have in YouTube: THEY ARE ALL AWESOME!

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