Like Studying? Here’s why

I like studying, especially math. When we look at society, it seems that the majority really hates studying. But you might be here right now because you are really asking yourself why are you like studying. Well, there are numerous reasons why you like studying and we will discuss them here. In this, article, we’re going to find out why some people like studying.

In general, you like studying simply because you have a deep reason to like what you’re learning. When we have a clear and concrete reason to love what we are doing, we tend to love it even when others don’t. This makes you love studying even if society thinks it’s forced.

That’s the general rule on why people like studying. But there are deeper reasons. Reasons that are easily missed by others. This is especially true for people who hate studying. In fact, if you really hate studying, then I also invite you to read more into this article and have a proper assessment of why you really hate it. Because in this article, I am going to explain why there are people who love studying.

Why do some people like studying?

The most common reason why some people actually like studying is that they have a deep reason to like the subject. Furthermore, it might be that the subject they are studying is in line with their dreams and goals in the future. Thus, they like what they’re studying.

Our society thinks that studying is something forced. This usually happens because most of us study to prepare for a quiz or an exam.

You see, that reason is just so shallow that results in people hating the thought of studying.

It might seem simple but that is the most common reason why people hate studying.

But the opposite is also true for liking or loving to study.

All of us have dreams. Sometimes, a person might have a really intense desire to reach those dreams. Thus, they work so hard to reach those goals.

Once we have a deeper sense of why we study, we tend to love what we are doing.

To give you an example, I have a classmate that really wants to be a doctor. Thus, when our subject is about the medical field, she likes what she is studying.

The result is that she is always at the top of our class. When you look at her books, every chapter of her books has highlights, and the activities after each chapter are answered even if it’s not our assignment.

The reason for this is that the subject is something she likes because it is in line with her dreams to be a doctor.

That’s the simplest and most common reason why people like studying. But there are other reasons.

Another reason is an inspiration. When I was a student, I had a teacher that is really passionate about math and teaches us the real application of math that can be used in our life.

The result is that I learned to love the subject. In fact, the highest grade I had in college is in Trigonometry.

Most people hate math. The is granted considering that’s what I’ve seen and I studied Clinical Laboratory Science which is in the medical field.

But the thing is, with the right teacher, you can easily love a subject. If we just learn the real-world application or the importance of the subject, we’ll learn to love what we’re studying.

The perfect example is my teacher who teaches trigonometry by looking at real-world examples. When we talked about triangles, he talked about how to get the distance of an object just by using its shadow.

Compare that to a teacher which gives absurd examples in an exam like buying 100 watermelons. Who buys that much if you’re not selling or donating that anyway?

If you can see the difference, the one that inspires shows where we can use the topic. The one who doesn’t teaches it just for the sake of following the curriculum.

But the most striking reason why people love studying for me is in fact, the lack of distraction.

When we see people who hate studying, one of the most common reasons is that they just have something they like doing other than studying.

As an example, when I was in college, I am addicted to video games. Which made me think about quitting a few years after and made an article about quitting. Here is the article if you’re interested: Quitting games.

But my point here is this. There was a point in my life where I just hated studying simply because I am distracted by games.

In my mind, I just prefer playing games rather than studying. This made me hate studying because it forces me to stay away from games.

People who like studying, on the other hand, tend to have fewer distractions like this. For example, they have less desire to just browse social media feeds or play games.

This might seem really simple but it’s a common phenomenon to people who hate studying.

Compare this to people who like studying, they are just more focused on studying than others.

I am going to explain this further in another article. But basically, there is simple psychology behind this that makes a big difference. For starters, these distractions offer greater immediate satisfaction than studying which is an example of delayed gratification. Here is the link: Why you don’t like to study

But now, let’s go to the next section where I am going to explain why it’s not weird to like studying.

Is it weird to like studying?

It is not weird to like studying. Liking the subject you are studying simply means that you have a deep reason for loving the subject. It might be that the subject is interesting or it is in line with your goals. Furthermore, you might see studying as a privilege that others don’t.

It’s sad to see the general hate our society has when it comes to studying. But as we’ve discussed earlier, it became what it is because of multiple reasons.

However, it is not weird to love or like what you are studying.

The basic reason for this is that you are just interested in the topic or your goals and in line with what you’re studying.

It just means that you love the subject you’re doing or what you are studying is in line with your dreams.

Another thing is that there was a big change in our society right now that made us hate studying.

Before, only a selected few studied in universities or go to school. That’s why they see studying as a privilege.

When we see something as a privilege, we tend to value it more.

However, what happened right now is that almost everyone has access to education.

Don’t get me wrong. Universal access to education is a good thing. Definitely a good thing.

But because of this, it is now not seen as a privilege. That’s why a lot of people don’t value it anymore.

As an example, if you’ve seen people in documentaries with no access to education, you can see them studying really hard and loving the subject they’re studying.

The simple reason is that they see studying as a privilege they don’t have. That’s why you’ll see a lot of people who love to study in poor countries compared to rich countries.

If we see studying as a privilege, we would love to study. But that’s not what is happening to our environment right now.

If you like studying, it might mean that you are just grateful for having the opportunity. That you are privileged to study because you saw others who don’t have access to education.

That can become an intense desire to make the most out of it which makes you study.

As you can see, it is not weird to like studying. Liking to study is normal. Even if society thinks that studying is bothersome, you are most likely just appreciative of the subject.

The reasons for your appreciation might be that you see it as a privilege, or it is in line with your goals. It might also be that you just love the topic you’re studying.

But the most important thing is that you have a deep reason. A reason that is deeper than everybody else. That something is what separates you from others.


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