90 Days After I Quit Gaming – Experiences, Thoughts and Tips


90 Days After I Quit Gaming

Quit Gaming

Hi, I’m Jason, and on the 10th day of November 2018, I have completed the 90 days no gaming challenge that was on the internet. Here is my exact case study, my experiences, advice, recommendation, downs, and lows in this journey and what I am going to do next. but before that, let me ask you first these things so I will know if we are on the same page.

Do you really want to quit games? Do you like to know what life is after quitting? What are my experiences in it? To be honest, life after quitting games will really be different based on my experience. Let us find out.

First, I will be completely honest with you guys on my experiences, and if I will ever offend someone about speaking what I feel, I am sorry. But I am going to share my experiences on why I quit gaming.

Second, I have no proof or anything that I have really finished the 90 Day No Gaming Challenge. No pictures or video that I am not playing at all, but I truly swear that I have never played video games of any kind this whole time.

Third, I will be completely thorough with this article, so If you just want to know the summary of what I will be writing, you may scroll down directly into the conclusion which I will provide.

And fourth, I have tried to quit gaming ever since I finished I was in college when I was 19 years old, and I did not have the courage to finish it until now that I was 24. So I am pretty sure that this has been a really big step for me, and you will know why.

So before I start with this post, let us have some before and after pic, shall we? 🙂

As you can see, I guess you can guess what the before picture is. The before was actually a picture of me when I was very addicted to gaming and those were the times that I can’t survive a day without games. Without a doubt, I was suffering from video game addiction.

The after picture, I can’t really tell. I just went out and had a little vacation on the beach. I have a friend that took a picture of me, giving me suggestions on what pose should I do, and as you can see. That is the pose suggested to me. 🙂


To start, I should be introducing who I actually am.

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I told my name earlier and to be honest, this is my personal blog. This is one of the products that I have made after I quit gaming. I will explain this more in detail later on.

So my name is Jason, if I could remember correctly, I started video gaming when I was 8 years old. I started to play a game called GunBound, where we have tanks that fight with each other. To be honest, I reached the silver battle ax level that time without donating or spending a single dime. That’s how I was committed before in gaming. I fought with people who literally spend hundreds of dollars just to get the best avatars and I am just using the free versions, and I can still win against them.

After that, I played a lot of games online such as Ran Online, Flyff (Which is one of the last one I played), Special Force, Cabal (Which I was Ranked first in a private server named EG Cabal, If you know the IGN “PolyKill”, that is me), Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Counterstrike 1.6, Source and Global Offensive, Skyrim, Oblivion and too much more to remember.

You see, that is how much I played before. I can’t remember a single day before where I did not have at least a single game, but to be honest, the game that took most of my time is no other than Defense of the Ancients, also known as DOTA. As you can see video games consume my life especially on the early days of my life.

I could not provide a picture of me playing these games, well because I don’t have any. I deleted it as part of my detox and I didn’t think of making this article for you guys so I am sorry.

So What Happened with DOTA

Well, I can’t say that I’m good at the game. I am just an average player. I started playing DotA at the age of 14 years old with my first hero “Drow Ranger”.

However, my favorite hero became Bounty hunter and Shadow Fiend.

I am also one of the people who first got the Beta Keys on DOTA 2 (IGN: PolyKill). So I actually played DOTA 2 when it was in beta. It did not have a lot of heroes to play with back then. I remember using Pudge and enjoyed meat hooking everybody.

If there are LOL fans out there, I enjoyed playing Pantheon, but most of my time was spent of DOTA.

The time I was addicted to games too seriously is when I was 15 years old, and I still played Flyff even on 24 years old. (too much that my back literally hurts every day from sitting on a hunch back)

What Made Me Decide to Quit Gaming

The truth is I has a lot of epiphanies to quit gaming earlier, even when I was 19 years old, but I can’t really help it because it is hard controlling it. I would uninstall the games and all of the sudden come to realize that I am playing it again. You can’t blame me and I can’t blame myself. I was addicted.

It affected me to a point wherein I just want to stay at home playing video games without talking to people. Well, I talk with people online but virtually, but there is no real connection with people.

In fact, I realized after I quit that I am all alone. All of my friends that I met on games are just well… Not really since I haven’t met them, and when you quit gaming, they are not there anymore. But you know what, they are one of the things that are really hard to let go.

So to return, the strongest reason why I quit gaming is what happened on my 24th birthday. As you can see, we are all excited when our birthday comes up. We have celebrations, cake or parties to have that joyous moment. But not for me.

I realized that I am 24 years old but I have nothing to be proud of in life. I don’t even try to make friends with the people around me or earn a substantial amount of income to fully take care of myself. I felt really empty.

So on my 24th birthday, I was really sad that there is nothing going on with my life. Which I realized that is part of a quarter-life crisis as people on my age call them, but that is the reason I thought again of quitting games.

To tell you frankly, I did not start to quit gaming instantly after deciding to quit.

But I already have the question of: “Should I stop playing video games?” in my own mind

In fact, I was disappointed because it was the moment that I want to fix my life where my girlfriend broke up with me, saying that she is really busy with work.

I know that I should’ve improved upon myself earlier, so she could be more proud of me. I realized how important it is to spend time with your loved ones rather than spending it in front of a monitor wishing for that level up.

But, I must ask you… We got a lot of level ups online. Hundreds or even thousands of level up.

However, when did you last level yourself up?

Why did I Blamed it to Games

In reality, there is nothing wrong with games. In fact, there are some research that games increases your reaction time. Which is true considering that you need to cast the skills of your heroes, or shoot the sniper as fast as possible in order to win.

That is true! There is nothing wrong with it. This article is not to make you quit gaming, but to share what happened in my life after gaming.

But if there is a chance that you think that games are controlling your life, I suggest you have a detox. Just see what happens and you are free to come back to gaming if nothing happens.

Its just 90 days right? Compare that to a lifetime.

But I blamed it to games because there is something that it took from me.

Time my friend, it took a lot of my time. I had a lot of regrets that if I just used that time to improve upon myself, it would not be this way. I though that if only I stopped gaming and worked on myself to create an online business, or to have a workout, take care of my body instead of eating microwave oven foods. My life would be better!

So there it is, I can feel that games are strangling me around, and I can’t control myself but to continue gaming, spending the whole night playing and seeing the sunrise only to realize that I played so much that my body is falling apart.

It is true and I am not kidding, I was hospitalized when I was 15 years old because of too much gaming, and my body became weak because I am literally not sleeping right anymore. So the doctor had no choice but to put me on I.V. infusion.

So what did I do? I gathered all of the willpower I have and decided to quit gaming. I am ready on quitting gaming for good.

Where did I learned about the 90-days Game Quit Challenge

So upon deciding to quit games, I looked for the internet and I found a channel on YouTube talking about this and here is the exact video I’ve watched

So in that video, that is Cam Adair. He has a YouTube channel and a community called “Game Quitters.” Which, as the name implies, is a group for people who are seeking help to quit gaming.

No, I did not ask him to help me since I tried to figure things out for myself on how to quit. I just took the 90 days challenge from him because he said that it requires that much time to rewire our brains again.

To tell you the truth, I think he is right. As I don’t have any urge right now to play video games because believe me that the first 2 weeks will be EXTREMELY HARD if you try to quit.

Where am I Right Now?

Before I start this part, I would just like to say that I am not an expert in this kind of things, and I am not here to brag on what I accomplished after this challenge and I am not promising that you will have the same results. We are different and unique in our own ways.

But what I am going to share is my experience, where I am right now and how I did it. I hope that my tips will give you better insights, guide or tips on how to quit if you decide to also do it.

So where am I right now?

I couldn’t be more happier! I started the challenge and believe me that It was really hard and I will share you some tips on how did I do it.


I have also enjoyed hanging out with my friends and begun to have deeper and meaningful conversations. I became less awkward and ready to talk to them without worrying if they will accept me “Which I know a lot of gamers would Understand.”

Because most of the times, we go to gaming because we think it is hard to talk with the people around, believe me, that you just have to try.

What I also realized is that I took care of my physical and mental health more. I began to constantly meditate in the morning, eat healthy foods, do intermittent fasting and most importantly, to try and always improve upon myself.

I realized how important it is to communicate with people and it is actually not hard at all. You just have to speak, they are also human beings like you. Not just that, I began learning new things as I started to improve upon myself more and more each day.

I would not say that I became a perfect being, but I can say that I have completely changed compared to what I was 90 days ago. It was just 90 days and there is no way that I am a completely different person in such a small amount of time.

Benefits of Quitting Video Games

Before I start this part of the article, I should first note that these are the benefits that I have gained after quitting games. This might also be the benefits you will experience, but it will not be all true for everybody. So here are the benefits that I had after I quit and letting go of video games.

1. My Sleep Got Better

Ever since I quit gaming, my sleep became better. Literally, because I started to do some light exercise, and instead of playing video games every night, I began to do some meditation to relax myself before going to sleep.

Because my body clock has been changed for the better, my overall mood became as perfect as it could ever be. Which is great considering that insomnia is really hitting me hard before.

In addition to this, because of the exercise regimen, I am doing with dumbbells at home. I gained some muscles and I got stronger to lift heavier weights. This is great as I am not seeing improvement upon my physical well being.

Exercise will also improve your quality of sleep.


2. Discipline and Willpower Got Up

I can’t stress this enough, if you can gather all of your willpower and stop yourself from playing video games, that is already a big improvement.

You see, you need willpower in order to do this and to prevent yourself from playing for the purpose of improving your own self. This is important considering that studies have shown that people who have a higher willpower tend to be more successful in life. Most importantly, it can be gained through hard work.

Ultimately, once you gained willpower to improve upon yourself, you start to develop discipline. This is a key factor in changing your life. Do not believe me? Watch this video.


3. Learned the Importance of Time

One thing that I learned when I quit games is that time is really important. I learned to value and give it into the things that are very important to me.

For instance, I gave time for my self-improvement. Leveling myself up, increasing my confidence, Physical capabilities and more.

I even used the time to work on myself to create a working business online.


4. Motivation Dramatically Increased

My motivation started to rise up. Here is something I want you to understand, the dopamine release when you stop playing is significantly lower especially when you quit.

One thing you have to understand about the dopamine hormone is that it is the feel-good hormone. You release it when you are having fun, and chances are if you reading this, you are mostly having fun by playing video games.

Playing video games is not wrong. It just needs some balance, if you can balance it then good for you.

So when you quit gaming, you are losing one of your dopamine sources. Your brain does not like that. Who wants to have less fun anyway?

So it will find a way to get you happy, and you will have the motivation to do things that usually do not make you happy before.

For example, when I quit gaming, I started to love hanging out with my friends instead of just sitting all day in front of a screen.

Combine this with Discipline and you have a greater formula towards success.


5. Decreased Anxiety

This goes without saying, but when you start to get compliments on how you are improving and how have you changed in just a few months really makes you happy about yourself.

Another is that every morning when I look in the mirror, I see my body is completely different from what it was before.

My posture even got a lot better and I started to see muscles growing on my arms.

Combine that with people proving that I have really changed, especially my attitude and how much I tend to be always calmed down.

I tend to be less aggressive and likes talking to people on a deeper level. Forming deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Overall, I gained self-confidence.

6. I Gained some Self Confidence

As I get all of the benefits above, I had a better mood, better physique, deeper and meaningful relationships, and most of all, discipline.

I started to gradually form self-confidence which is really great!

I tend to calm on things that I usually get aggressive on. I became more understanding to the people talking to me, I am less awkward in asking the waiter or talking to a cashier. I can talk to them directly without blinking or swaying my eyes off.

All of that because the final end of all of this, is you will be proud of what you have built for yourself. With your own hands and efforts. That is something very irreplaceable.


Are my changes all because of quitting games?

Of course not! That is not true.

While it is true that quitting video games changed my life. But it is not all because of just quitting games.

How I changed my lifestyle is not all because of games. To be honest with you, I am not sure how much of the change came from quitting games because I am not even sure what happened to me, or if I really changed, or it is just my feeling.

But one thing is certain, the way I feel about myself is different.

I am proud that I am able to go and exercise, eat healthier, work on my online business and of course, talk more with people.

There are still times that I feel that I am alone, but those feelings become less and less as soon as the day goes by.

So the next question is, how did I do it.

How I Quitted Games

Believe me when I say that quitting is definitely hard! Especially if you’ve been in these type of things since you were 8 years old. I was addicted to gaming and I just went cold turkey. Imagine how horrible that is to me.

But I survived, and I will share with you here what happened.

So to start, I quitted gaming by deleting all of the games on my computer, because I only play PC games. So my detox is purely on qutting pc gaming.

But I did that before, and I managed to put it back and played again. But this time, since I also suffered from a heartbreak, I am really serious in changing myself.

There is a problem though, I want to quit gaming but I see those online streams on the internet and it made me realize. Almost all of my relapses before came from this. I see people playing and I become envious that they are playing. So I also ended up playing.

So the second thing I did is I unsubscribed and unfollowed everything that is related to gaming. Believe me, it is a hard step to take, but it helped me since I need to give my all in this.

But as you quit gaming, you will realize something else. And I think that most people fail to quit or see the benefits of quitting games because of this.

Ready to know what it is? Here it is.


You realize that you have a lot of time to spare, that you will not know what to do with it. What happened to me is because of that too much time, I started to browse through Facebook, Instagram, youtube and other social media platforms and believe me that you will be ultimately updated with each of your friend’s life.

I even experienced Instagram saying that there is nothing it can show me since I have already scrolled through down everything.

By the way, you can follow me in social media, I have my social media links in the footer of this website.

So there you have it. If you don’t know how to utilize the time that is surprisingly long, there will be no benefits for you from quitting games.

I stayed like this for almost 2 weeks, and I am left wondering what it is just like me playing again, but this time it is full of gossips from people.

So that is the reason why people see no benefits from quitting games, and it is the same reason as to why I did not experience any difference during the first month of my gaming detox. To be honest, if you did it right, a month without video games is sufficient enough.

What did I do Next?

You see, what we fail to realize is that we need to give time to improve upon ourselves, and if we can’t do that, there is no reason for us to quit gaming. We need to have the will to improve upon ourselves.

So upon realizing this, I started to meditate and think about what it is that I want, and the core reason why I quit gaming, and I found the answer.

I saw a note that I wrote when I was 21 years old when I was playing too much and couldn’t help but continue. It says that I want to be financially free. It might sound odd to you, but it is a big deal to me. I want to earn money in order to be free and to do what I want in life.

I love to travel and would like to travel more. I would love to have a job where if I could exert all of my efforts in it, it could grow and give me freedom in the long run.

So if you want to succeed in quitting games, I strongly suggest that you write down what your core goal is. As it is the one who will push you further along the way. It is great that I realized this after scrolling through social media for 2 weeks. Because if I did not realize that, just imagine what I am right now.

So all of my spare time was consumed in creating an online business, working out, reading books and generally anything to improve upon myself.

I even started to learn how to speak Nihonggo, I hope I could learn fast because I plan to go there on a vacation once my business grows.

So to sum things up, these past 3 months, I was able to use my time in making my own business online rather than playing in my computer, and I can’t be even more proud of myself that finally, something that I can see that I leveled myself up.

However, this does not mean that you should also start your own business. Believe me that it is not as people promised that you will earn 6 figures income instantly. It requires continuous efforts and perseverance.

I am just saying that you should use your time into something that would benefit you rather than browsing through social media or checking out when did your friend’s dog went to the vet.

For example:

  1. Go to the gym and start working out!
  2. Start eating healthy
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Read self-help books
  5. Go out with friends
  6. Talk to people

Basically, anything you could do to improve upon yourself.

Did you remember what I wrote before? The question is “When did you last leveled yourself up?”

So if you want to succeed and reap the benefits of quitting games, the spare time that you will have should be spent on improving upon yourself.

I promise you that after a month, you will be happy that you spent your time improving yourself.

You do not know how much 90 days can change your life. I promise that if you commit to it, it will be huge.

My Downs

I can never say that these past 90 days have been easy for me. It is not all fun because I always improved upon myself. There are times where I want to go back to gaming because I was feeling down.

There is something that still lets me down sometimes. It is that my enemy became my own self. What I mean by this is that I want to improve and there are a lot of times that I really felt like I am not in the mood to improve upon myself. Even waking up early is a tedious task for me, and I can’t always stick up to my schedule.

It is because I still want to play deep inside. I want to have some fun, rather than improving upon myself each and every time, I am still looking for some ways to have fun.

So if I am not careful enough, I could’ve been backed at gaming again.

So I still have some fun, I go to the spa and enjoy time with friends. In my free time, I work and improve my business.

But trust me that the first month in quitting games will be hard since you will be looking for it. I don’t know why, but I am really looking forward to playing a game.

My Tips for Quitting Games ( How to Quit Gaming Addiction )

So here we are on the part on my suggestions for you to quit games. I promise that quitting will be extremely hard and you will need some help, but most importantly, you should hold on to your willpower to not to try opening games for a while

1. Uninstall or Remove your Games

The first thing you should take note of when quitting games is that you should keep your environment free from games. As much possible, remove things that would remind you of playing. For me, it is to first uninstall all my games on my computer. If you have any more else to remove for a while it is best to remove it seeing them will be too much of a temptation especially at times where you are craving to play.

2.  Stop Watching and Unsubscribe to Game Streaming Videos

The reason I failed multiple times in this is I like watching game streaming videos. I get that we are not the one who is playing, but truth be told. It is one of the main reasons why people relapse. Not just me but a lot of people who try to quit failed because of this.

Look, you are quitting games. If you are watching someone play, chances are you also want to play. It is like putting more gas into the fire. Don’t do it. I know it will be hard unsubscribing to your favorite YouTuber or whoever that is, but just think that it will be for your own self.

3. Have another means to have fun

You know that you play because you want to have fun. That is normal considering that it releases dopamine to our brain. That is what I got wrong when I started to quit. I tried to get my dopamine from social media. Which is wrong.

Get it from something else such as talking to people on a deeper level. You will get used to it. I promise.

You could also do some workout, it really feels good after. The feeling of accomplishment after you’ve finished a workout is great.

Go to a spa and relax, whatever it is that will keep you away from using the computer.

4. Go out

If you are like me that plays the desktop, chances are you play at home. If this is the case, I suggest you to make some time outside, maybe get some fresh air or jog. Sunlight is also good for the body. It is tempting in the start to play especially if you always see your computer.

Try to go out and jog, walk or whatever it is.

5. Write a Journal

If you are serious about improving yourself, write a journal. It would help you track your growth and how much you have improved through the days.

What’s also great is that you can write things down when you feel the urge to play. Just write it down and I promise that it feels better to let it out even just on writing.

Just an Epiphany for me, I should have written my journey on quitting games within the blog, sadly I just figured it out now. It could’ve helped me better in my Journey in the 90 days.

6. Accountability Partner

This tip is not something I’ve used, but I found out how great this will be.

If you have someone to ask to every morning or evening before sleeping if they played a game. That way, you could both help each other on the dilemma.

It is a great way to start talking with people on a deeper level. I promise that it would be Worth it.

So If you have the luxury to find an accountability partner, consider yourself lucky! Hey! Maybe you could find one in the comments section below. 🙂

7. Ask for Help

One thing is for sure, there will be hard times where you can’t even trust yourself if you can do it or not. There will be downs and lows.

This is the moment that your brain is rewiring to a better your. You are losing some dopamine receptors that will generally make you more sensitive to little things that don’t seem to add fun for you before. For me, that was communicating with people and going out with friends. You will find out yours soon.

8. Use your Time Wisely

I told you that time will be your enemy if you quit gaming. You will have a lot of time to spare that you did not know that a day is really that long.

Do not be like me that just scrolled through Facebook and watching YouTube videos all day just to spend my time. Using YouTube can be bad for your quitting challenge since there will be chances that your favorite Gamer will upload a video that you will be tempted to watch.

Instead, build a new hobby. Play the guitar, learn to dance, meditate, Exercise, learn that new language you’ve always dreamed of learning.

There are tons of possibilities to spend your time, I did it by building my business online, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it like me.

In the end, you success depends on how you spend these extra time. Use it wisely, by the way, if you want to learn a hobby or a new skill, I recommend you trying SkillShare, if you already have it, then you know what I’m talking about. It is where I learned how to dance and basic Japanese. You can use my link to get 2 months FREE trial. If you don’t like it, just cancel the subscription anytime. This is just a tip though, because I really don’t want you to spend too much time on YouTube, because it could be a trigger to go back to playing games.

9. Build your Willpower

One thing that helped me is meditation. It helped me have a greater focus and have a better self-control upon everything. It increased my discipline and I am glad that I started meditating.

I found an easy meditation guide on YouTube, thanks to a YouTuber named Improvement Pill. I will put his guide here for you to see.

This is you are interested though, if you think it is hokum, then that is your belief and I respect that.


I Quit Video Games, Now What?

It will still be the same, I will continue to improve upon myself every day. Adding skills to my current capabilities. Write a journal down to see where I am right now, and continue to strive for the best.

For me, I will continue working on my online business and improve my overall well being.

And no, I don’t plan to celebrate the 90 days by having one game. Actually, I don’t really want to play video games anymore. I already learned to live without it and I am happy about what I have accomplished these past 3 months.


Life after gamesLife After Quitting Games

2 years after quitting games.

It has been a long journey for me. I am now checking up after 2 years. The relationship between gaming and me became more apparent as time passes.

To start, I have created more articles in this blog and I am starting a YouTube channel soon. I want to connect with more people and I know that I need to step up again. While Blogging has been a huge step for me, I can’t remain stagnant again. Thus, I really plan to make a Youtube channel to compliment this with a video.

While my blog is not focused on just gaming. It is a blog for self improvement and such. It has a wider niche, that I am proud to tell you guys that I have made tons of new articles that attracted more viewers, making me inspired to continue and step up in the vlogging game.

This site in not over though, as I said, it will be a complement to my YouTube Channel. I will also make a video for this article soon as soon as I am ready with my preparations both physically and mentally.

If you are wondering some of my top hit articles as of this writing, one of which is how I reversed my myopia since I have became myopic thanks to staring at the screen a lot of time before. Here is the link: How I cured my Myopia

Another great hit is my Dopamine fast where I had a day without things that stimulates our brain chemicals to the fullest. It is great since it complemented my quitting gaming to success. I also read more books after that as a side effect. Here is the link: Dopamine Fasting. Reset your brain.

I have more and you are free to browse my website for more. But I need to tell what happened to me after quitting games.

I remembered to write in this part because I relapsed.

Because of the strict quarantine protocols, I have been stuck in our house for awhile. Which means that I became a lot bored. This resulted to me playing a mobile game which lasted for about 3 months.

Is it worth it? No. I started going back to my senses on the 2nd month of playing. Since it is a competitive game, I started learning heroes, items strategy and such which took a lot of my time and energy.

For what? A slight burst of dopamine? Outside the game, no improvements on my character. Even worse because I did not read more books than usual and forgot to exercise.

So get this from me, If you are not planning to quit video games. At least quit multiplayer/competitive games which takes up a lot of time.

With what I experienced, you can still play but not the competitive ones because those games are easy to learn but almost impossible to master. Some examples of these games are: CSGO, DOTA, LOL, ML, PUBG

Of course, I can’t list every game but I hope you get my point on what to avoid.

Oh, I would also like to add that mobile games are a even worse. Why? Because now you can bring your game anywhere!

Those are from experience, the game I played for 3 months is a mobile game which means that I can play it while laying down interrupting even my sleep schedule.

At least, if you want to play, go with games that has an ending and story. Something like Dragon Age, Skyrim and such are great examples.

You can also play games that improves your creativity such as Sim City or City Skylines. Great games in improving my imaginations. For me, they don’t get me addiction because I can go for months without playing them.

What helped me the most is because of you guys.

I want to thank you guys because if not for this blog and article, I might still be stuck in a hole playing games.

Because I am the one preaching to limit gaming or better, quit. I can’t become a bad example to you guys. Thank you for always being on my mind. That is also the reason why I put up all my effort again to start over.

This means a new chapter for me. This bonus time that I got because I quit gaming will be put to use for my next project which is my own YouTube Channel. 🙂

Will I Ever Play Video Games Again?

I don’t want to promise something that I can’t possibly do. The truth is I do not know if I want to go back to playing video games. I am happy with the things I have now, and I love that I was able to make a significant change within myself in just 3 months. I would just want to continue.

If I will play video games soon or not, I really don’t know. But right now, I don’t have any urge or will to play video games. It could be part of the detox where my brain is already rewired to be able to live without it.

Please, if you want to try this challenge, remember that it would take a little time to get results. It took me 90 days to feel that I am now free from the binds of video games, it might be a year for you or just 30 days.

Just continue to celebrate little victories you are having while in this challenge. I know you can do it.

P.S.: If you have read the part above, I relapsed but came back to my senses. 😀

Should you Quit Gaming?

I have answered and explained everything to the best of my abilities, if you have things that you want me to tackle about, just place it down in the comments down below. I will try my best to add more information to this article whenever I thought of something new.

But before I leave my final words, I would just to say one last thing.

It is your time to level up. Give yourself the same effort that you’ve given to get that +10 armor in an online game you like.

You’ve given a lot of your time to games and there is a possibility that you’ve forgotten to improve upon yourself.

Let me ask you this again, You’ve improved your character in games. You’ve achieved a high level in games. You’ve continued to level up your character hundreds or even thousands of times in-game by giving them strength, agility, and intelligent points.

But when did you upgraded your own level? When did you increase your own mental strength? Your physical strength?

I am not saying that you should quit gaming. It is great if that is the source of your fun. But do not forget that you also need to improve upon yourself. Without that, there will be no balance, and you will regret how much time you’ve lost in the end.

So before this article ends, let me share you a picture I created it via paint so forgive me if it does not look good. I just want to prove a point.

Life chart

As you can see, each box is a representation of each month of your life. Each row is equivalent to three years.

I don’t really think it is that big, I don’t know about you.

And the truth is, we don’t know if we will reach the age of 90 or not. So it might not be as big as that.

Another is we have consumed some of it, as you can see by the arrows.

So I would like to finish my article with this question to you, where will you spend your most valuable time that even the richest can’t buy?

I hope you know the answer.

Final Verdict

I created this article alone, with all of my knowledge about this 90 day game quitting challenge. My experience, tips, thoughts and advice for everyone who is interesting to go through this journey.

However since I did this alone, there is a very big chance that I might have missed something important.

The best part is that if you have some things and thoughts that are worth sharing. Please do not hesitate to comment or to contact me and I will edit this article more and more to help those who need help. 

I believe in a community, and I hope you will be part of it.

So if you have comments, suggestions or things to add, don’t hesitate to comment down below! Also, follow me on social media! We’ll keep in touch and I will try my best to tend to your questions as fast as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I quit video games forever?

Quitting video games can be a good step in improving yourself. If you feel like the game you are playing is not fun at all or it feels like just a daily grind to do daily quest. It is important to give yourself a real self assessment.  

Does gaming affect your relationship, health, studies or work? Instead of you controlling the game, is the game controlling you that you can’t help yourself but to play it? 

Do you have something you are escaping from such as past relationships, secrets or guilt? Ask these yourself.

The most important thing is this: The fact that you are reading this article until this part means that you might feel something is wrong. And maybe that is the case. The point is you are the one who is in control of your life. You should be, not your games. Whatever you decide is completely your decision and own it. 

Remember: Don’t let any others control your life, not me and not games.

2. Does quitting video games make you happier?

Quitting video games makes you happier especially if you’ve finally had the courage to face the challenges in life. The fact that you’ve started to get out of your bedroom, taking care of your health, using your time wisely to improve yourself and relationships makes it a great investment.

However, if you think that quitting video games is a one size fits all solution, you are mistaken. The benefit of quitting games is to actually regain your time and how you use that time is 100% dependent on you. 

Take control of your life and see the results day by day. Level yourself up and give yourself the care it deserves. Like leveling your character makes you happy in game, leveling yourself up by doing the things you are interested in makes you a lot more happier. 

3. What age should you stop gaming?

There is no specific age on when you should really stop gaming. Gaming is actually good in moderation. The thing making it bad is the obsessive use of gaming and using it to hide from what you have to face. If you are a person that can control your gaming to less than 2 hours a day, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you stopped at 20, 30 or you did not stop at all. Gaming is a form of relaxation. Like a tool it can both be beneficial or harmful to us. 

When do you quit? When you know that something is wrong. Deep inside you know something is lacking. Something you want to do that needs your time and energy instead of playing.

4. Are video games immature? 

Video games are a form of relaxation. It is by no means immature. Everyone plays and not just humans but animals play. If game are your form of releasing stress, you do not need to force yourself to stop. Games are not childish of sort.

5. What is considered excessive gaming?

More than 2 hours of gaming on screen a day is bad. Says the Council on Science and Public Health to the American Medical Association (AMA). This so-called “gaming overuse” is a phenomenon where someone is  playing for longer than 2 hours.

In fact, the World Health organization in 2013 suggested that internet gaming disorder say that while there is no sufficient evidence to put it in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, they considered it worthy of further study.

6. Is it good to quit gaming?

Quitting gaming is good on people who are compulsive in gaming. Compulsion in gaming is defined by playing for more than 2 hours per day. This releases much time that they can use to improve upon themselves. If they don’t do anything on those free time, then quitting games will be meaningless.

7. Is 12 or more hours of gaming bad?

Prolong gaming of more than 12 hours can cause you to forget about your health, relationships, work and so much more. If you forget about eating right and the only thing you want to do is play and it affects your sleep, then it is bad. 

8. How many hours of gaming is healthy?

Less than 2 hours of gaming a day is healthy, according to the American Medical Association, those playing more than 2 hours is considered compulsive which means that if you play for only a short time (less than 2 hours), it is completely ok.

Gaming can be a wonderful source of relaxation and can be used to cope up with stress. Just don’t overdo it.

9. Is gaming bad for your mental health?

Gaming can affect psychological symptoms, maladaptive coping strategies, negative affectivity, low self-esteem, a preference for solitude, and poor school performance which affects your mental health. A research study titled: “The Association Between Video Gaming and Psychological Functioning. 

It is said in the research that although gaming can be a source of friendship, it can lead to many other problems on mental health such as low self-esteem, negative affectivity and more.

10. Does gaming cause depression?

Gaming is significantly associated with higher number of preadolescent youth. Said a research paper titled: “Daily Violent Video Game Playing and Depression in Preadolescent Youth” By Susan R. Tortolero, et al. There is an association between daily gaming and depression.

There are many reasons why this is happening, the most famous theory is the theory of dopamine. Gaming is designed to causes you to release dopamine. When you level up, you release dopamine. When you get rare items you get dopamine. When you win a roll, you get dopamine.

Overtime you’ll get used to the dopamine in your brain making you need more dopamine in order to be happier. This cycle never ends and until you need a lot more dopamine in order for you to be happy.


Jason Ong is a YouTuber and the one who owns this site. He shares what he learned to people and make videos if necessary. He was a former lecturer. The things he taught are topics related to Clinical Laboratory Science or what others call Medical Technology. Right now, he is also working part-time in an app company as a production supervisor. You can visit his YouTube Channel on https://ongjason.com/youtube

2 thoughts on “90 Days After I Quit Gaming – Experiences, Thoughts and Tips

  1. Hey, I just read the whole article and I think it’s amazing!

    However, I’m running into the problem that 1. My friends are addicted to video games as well and they don’t see it as a problem. This means that I can’t do fun activities with them. Which brings me to 2. I want to make new friends but I live in a not so big city and I’m only 15 years old. Have you got any ideas on how to get to know new/more people?

    Thanks a lot for this article!
    I really hope to get a response.

    1. Hello Lars,

      Thank you for reading and I am glad that you’ve liked my article.

      I understand your problem and I’ve already faced that dilemma. However, I promise you that you will have something better.

      In my case, the people who are playing video games are my relatives, which is also hard on my part. You just need to stay firm on your decision.

      Once people get to understand who you are, people will eventually respect your decision. Remember this. People are always looking for genuine people.

      They can feel it when you are showing them the true you or not.

      Remember that there will be people who will eventually accept you for who you are. The problem you are facing is only temporary. 🙂

      In the meanwhile, you may divert your time to improving yourself. Live in the world and I can assure you that it would be much pleasant than the screen being your world.

      If you have more questions, you can ask me, okay?


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