How does personal development affect our life?

Doing personal development for years made me aware of how it affected my life. The transition of not doing personal development to someone doing it has been quite big and honestly, I don’t want to go back. I decided to write this article because I want to share the benefits I’ve experienced while practicing personal development.

Personal development affects our life by helping us find our true self and purpose. Furthermore, it helps us know what aspects need improvement. Doing this helps us build the skills we need in order to create more life opportunities such as in our personal life, career, and relationships.

In this article, I have 10 ways personal development affect our life. I am going to explain each of them as to why they are good for your life in general. I hope this serves as a motivation for you to start or continue improving yourself.

How does personal development affect our life Infographic

1. Personal development helps in finding your true self

Personal development helps us find our true self because we learn bit by bit what works for us and what doesn’t. When this happens, we learn more about ourself so we also find out more about our dreams and aspirations in life. This makes personal development an act of self-love.

If there is one thing that really helped me grasp the importance of personal development, it is that I learned more about myself.

The reason is that I firmly believe one big part of personal development is finding out what works for you.

As an example, some people would prefer having some meditation and having some quiet sessions to feel more peaceful, while some would use personal development to build their productivity in order to achieve higher in life.

Neither of these is wrong and it depends on the person’s current situation.

By finding out what works for you, you would slowly see your current situation and which are the ones that need improvement.

Furthermore, you would also find your true self and the values you care about the most.

In fact, only by incorporating personal development or self-improvement did I actually got what I really want in life.

You would only be happy if you know what specific thing would make you happy.

The problem I often see is that a lot of people are chasing happiness without knowing what exactly would make them happy.

That’s a big problem since if you don’t decide what makes you happy, others will. And believe me, what they will offer you is not something you would like.

That’s why you’ll see people buying everything they can buy because advertisements say that they would give them happiness.

The truth is, the start of finding happiness is to know what exactly makes you happy.

If you’re interested in knowing more, I wrote an article on the importance of finding your purpose. You can find it here: What does it mean to find your purpose?

2. Personal development helps in finding your purpose

Personal development helps us find our purpose because it helps us find our true selves. A part of finding our true self is to find what are our goals and aspirations in life. Only by finding our real goals would we be able to start working on them.

The thing about personal development is that it helps us find our purpose. It gives us reason to rise and wake up every single day.

If you’ve felt some days where you don’t really know what to do with your life, that’s what it feels if you don’t really have a purpose.

I have also experienced that when I was not into personal development. I find no reason or goals so I just feel like I’m just going to the wave called life.

Of course, because of self-improvement, I was able to rise up every single day ready to do something for my goals.

While I do not believe I’m already there, I know that I am slowly getting there.

One small step at a time.

If you’re interested in finding out your purpose, I recommend you to have some quiet time to think about it, I promise you that there is something beneath that you might be neglecting. It might be some career goal such as being a musician, dancer, writer, or whatever that is.

Here is a quick guide for you to be effective in personal reflection. This is what I’ve used to find my purpose. Here is the link: How to develop self-reflection practice

3. Personal development helps create more opportunities

Personal development helps build or create more opportunities simply because you just get better. The more skillful you are, the more opportunities would come. Thus, it is a good idea to start slowly improving yourself since most of us don’t know how much you’ll be better in the future.

Famous personal development blogger James Clear said that if you try to improve yourself just 1% every single day, you would be 37 times better in just a year.

Just incorporation of some simple personal development habits would make you instantly better.

What some people miss is that education is a form of self-development.

The reason you go to school, get a diploma, and job training is for you to have more career opportunities.

It is the same for me, the moment I’ve built myself by trying to teach a whole class, learning basic coding and writing, I was able to get more job opportunities.

Not just job opportunities but business opportunities.

This is not only in education. just developing yourself into a more productive person would make you an asset to any company.

Furthermore, proper grooming which is also personal development makes you better socially.

Whether it is a career, personal, or social, personal development just gives us more opportunities.

4. Personal development promotes self-love

Personal development promotes self-love because we are giving time to improve ourselves. There are just times where we don’t appreciate ourselves enough. Thus, giving time to make ourselves better is an act of self-love because it helps us understand and appreciate the value of our dreams.

When we talk about personal development, we are usually talking about giving some time for ourselves to improve.

That’s the basic concept of personal development. What people miss is that it is not actually boring because giving yourself some time is an act of self-love.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you truly want? Are you really following your dreams or are you just following what others are telling you to?

Are you chasing what makes you truly happy or you’re letting marketing campaigns decide what makes you happy?

You see, there is a big difference between what would make you happy and what others want.

For example, I am happy to share what I’ve learned on my YouTube Channel and this website. Getting the latest phone version would not make me happy at all.

That’s why there are people who keep buying things because they think that would make them happy and that’s their definition of self-love.

But the truth is, only by personal development would you understand what truly makes you happy. That is real self-love.

5. Personal development builds better relationships

Personal development builds better relationships because one of the parts of personal development is improving your social skills. The moment you know how to properly communicate or socialize with others, that’s where you will build better relationships.

Have you encountered someone who doesn’t get along with anybody?

Chances are, it is not actually the person’s fault. It might only be that they still don’t know how to socialize properly.

That’s why one of the key principles of self-development is how to build better relationships and socializing properly.

This comes with building a person’s confidence, ability to get into conversation, and so much more.

Thus, personal development makes you more likable and sociable.

If you’re interested in learning how can you build confidence and improve social skills, I have 25 tips for you. I made an article listing all of them and I believe that it would help you a lot in improving your social skills: How to develop social skills and build confidence.

6. Personal development builds confidence

Personal development builds confidence because you will just feel more proud of yourself the more you see your improvements. Seeing positive changes within yourself builds our self-esteem and we would trust ourselves more. This leads to confidence.

One misconception from others is that they feel like there should be an endpoint with personal development.

The truth is, the joy of personal development is in the process.

You will just feel happy the more you get productive or the more skills you’ve developed.

Small victories thanks to personal development would just make you more confident in the future.

Slowly, you would see how much you’ve changed for the better.

As I’ve said, just 1% better every day.

Each of those victories such as cleaning your bedroom, or reading a book would boost your confidence so you can trust yourself more in the future.

So, try building your confidence. It is very worth it.

If you want more motivation, I suggest reading my article about how confidence feels like, it is a good article if you want to get a grip on how does it feel to have some confidence. Here is the article: What does confidence feel like?

7. Personal development makes us more resilient

Personal development makes us more resilient, especially on changes. The thing is that the more we become better, the more we can adjust to whatever life throws at us. The moment we learn to accept and adjust to change, the happier we would become.

Change is always a part of our life.

Most of us including me hates change, but we can’t do something about it.

Thus, we need to learn how to accept change.

Because changes are a part of life, personal development teaches us how to respond to changes.

It helps us be more resilient. It helps us fight, and work for our goals.

There are just times that we would want to go against the tides which are completely fine.

Becoming better makes the possibility of succeeding in life far more likely than not trying to develop ourselves.

The more skills we have, the more we can be resilient. The more confidence we have, the more we would trust our own abilities and weaknesses.

8. Personal development makes us more grateful

Personal development makes us more grateful. The reason is that a big part of personal development is just being grateful for what we have. Personal development shouldn’t stem from a mentality that we aren’t enough. Instead, it should be our desire to get better and be contented with what we have.

Sometimes, it is hard to explain it to people who are really focused on personal development.

As I said, the joy of personal development is in the process.

You can’t really have joy if you aren’t grateful or contented.

For example, I am contented with my life. However, I also want to improve my career and skillset.

There is nothing wrong with that. Plus, I am enjoying the small victories I have when I learn something new.

When we learn contentment which is part of personal development, we just become happier.

Contentment and gratefulness are just a part of personal development since the goal of personal development is basically being happy.

9. Personal development builds our mindset

Personal development helps us build our mindset. The more we do self-improvement, the more it will be instilled in our mind which would eventually become our mindset. A good mindset is actually a key to success because the more we think success, the more likely it would come.

The more we develop ourselves, the more it will be instilled in our minds.

The more we achieve victory through self-development, the more we would trust ourselves to take more risks.

That’s the power of personal development. It is actually exponential growth.

When you start having a mindset of growth, you won’t be afraid to take things that seem hard.

This is because you know that you would always have the ability to improve which is very powerful when we are talking about achieving our dreams.

10. Personal development challenges us for the better

Personal development is a challenge. It is a challenge that we can be better. No matter what anybody says, there would always be a belief that we can change. If we believe that change is constant in life, there is nothing wrong with thinking that we can always change for the better.

I remembered a few years back when I was at the lowest point in my life. It is the quarter-life crisis that a lot of people have experienced.

I started questioning if I would really want to work night shifts all my life even if my body always aches because of the lack of sleep.

Then I started to challenge myself to be better.

I started learning more about business, to try to build myself even if not all the odds are on me.

Even if my specialty is in medical technology, I started to learn more about other things.

You see, I challenged myself, and where I am right now actually came from a simple challenge.

Thus, personal development is a challenge for us to get better.

The question is would you take on the challenge?

If yes, I will be with you. Here is my YouTube channel to help you in your journey. Furthermore, feel free to browse this website for some articles you can read.

I hope you took on the challenge.

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