The Meaning in Finding your Purpose

About a year ago, I was contemplating what do I do with my life, which is typical for a person in his mid-20s on a quarter-life crisis. It took me lots of assessment of what I am going to do with my career and my life and came up with nothing. It took me long to realize that I want to be a writer. But what does it mean to find our purpose in life? I mean how would you know that you’ve found meaning to your life’s purpose.

The meaning in finding your life’s purpose is to have a sense of direction. This sense of direction is what makes us happy and satisfied with how our life will progress and change. Without any purpose, we would not know what success truly is like.

I remember that I had lots of things I want to do with my life. The reason why there are lots is that I don’t know which is actually my life’s purpose. I don’t see any meaning and wonder if I will be really happy if I achieved these things.

The truth is we have a purpose, I don’t mean a cosmic purpose that is predestined. Your purpose is something you just have to find yourself. What would you feel when you finally have a purpose? Let’s find the meaning of our life’s purpose in this article.

What does it mean to find your purpose?

The moment you find your purpose, it will mean that you are going to start doing things that make you happy. This is because having a purpose is having a sense of direction where you want to go. Without a sense of direction, we will be lost in life.

The reason why you might be wondering how to find your life’s purpose is that you don’t even know if you have one.

Don’t worry because I’ve been there, and I believe that I am also with you since I believe that we are going to have multiple purposes throughout our lifetime

What I find interesting is that people are always about the fun they will experience after the process. Much like how people tell me that if I only achieve that, I will be happy. If I only had this thing, then I will be satisfied.

Here’s the thing.

Why aren’t we having fun during the process? Why are we always looking at the target without thinking of the things we have to do to reach that target?

While having a goal and finding your life goals and values are important, enjoying the process is also important.

“Finding Purpose Means That You Are Finding What You Want To Do in Life Which Makes You Have Fun During the Process.”

Jason Ong

People who find meaning can attest that while they want to achieve something in life, they are getting up every day because they enjoyed the process. They want to achieve their goals but they are having fun in the process.

For me, finding the meaning of your life’s purpose is enjoying the final product and having fun while still not reaching the goal. Having the best days of their lives while celebrating small wins.

These small wins will ultimately make them win big.

I actually made a very in-depth article on The Importance of Having a purpose-driven life. It is a good read if you want to know more about the importance of a purpose and more examples of its importance. I recommend you read it too. Here is the link: Is it important to have a purpose?

But let’s go back.

Finding our meaning in life means that we have found a sense of direction. Finding where we want to go and enjoy the process of getting there.

As an example, since I decided that my life goal is to be a writer, I love the process of writing. Even if writing is definitely hard because it needs a lot of creative energy to write these types of articles, I enjoy the process especially when I start to be in the zone of writing.

Will this site succeed? Actually, it actually is succeeding, I am now getting more views each month, last month is a 50% growth in my website traffic.

But when I was starting to write, I have no idea. In fact, I don’t know why I chose writing. It took me extremely long to finish my first article of 800 words that took me 4 hours to write.

But I enjoyed my process of getting here. Including my mistakes.

If you are interested in how I found my life’s purpose, then I recommend you check my article on self-reflection. It helped me materialize what I really want to do in life and I believe that it can also help you find out your purpose: How to develop your self-reflection Practice

The reason for this is that I was quite disappointed when looking for ways to find my purpose online. I mean the tips given by others in ways to find your life purpose are good, but I believe that finding meaning behind your purpose is something personal and should be done with proper self-assessment.

Also, I believe that the steps should be as simple as possible, not something like a professor teaching you how to work in a laboratory.

Check out the article later and you can see how you’ll find your life’s purpose with just paper, a pen, and me-time.

Why is it important to find your purpose in life?

It is important to find your purpose in life because it gives you a sense of direction. Without finding a sense of direction, not only you’ll become lost, but also you won’t know what are things that would really make you happy. This is because happiness should be personal.

Do you know the problem these days?

With the advent of social media, we’ve been shown what the ideal life should be.

The problem with that is that is your influencer’s ideal life is not the same as yours. Furthermore, we have to remember that what people are posting on those platforms is the things they want us to know.

Most likely, you are seeing the best parts of their lives and you are comparing the best days of their life to your normal life.

That is very unfair.

It is also untrue that the latest smartphone will make you happy, or just having that extremely expensive laptop will ultimately bring you happiness.

It is just marketing doing their best to make a sale.

The importance of finding your life’s purpose is to know what you really want in life.

For me, I want to be a writer, I want to inspire others and make videos about it. But it is not my purpose to obtain the latest gadgets.

That’s why marketing campaigns that show me things such as this simple gadget that will make me happy won’t work.

Simply because I already know what makes me happy.

So should you. If your life’s purpose is to just live a quiet life on a farm away from the city then that is your life purpose. Things you do should be taking small steps into reaching that dream.

Find what makes you happy and not what others want you to be happy about.

“Have Your Life’s Purpose in Check Because if You Don’t Have One, Someone Else Will.”

Jason Ong

If you don’t have your life’s purpose in check, somebody else will give you theirs.

Most likely, what they will give you would make you miserable.

I did a social media detox because of that and it is very worth it. I would suggest you read what it is all about. But basically, not only did it made me had a reset on my goals, but also increased my productivity to the next level: Everything you need to know about social media detox.

Why is it so hard to find your purpose in life?

The reason why we find it so hard to find our purpose is that we always give our attention to others. If only we learn how to listen to ourselves, and not just to follow other people’s purpose, then we can easily find meaning in our own purpose in life.

It’s kind of sad how our society became a society where we are always looking for what others are doing.

This is because we often forget ourselves.

I believe that a simple reflection practice which I said above will help you find your purpose. When I searched for how to find purpose on the internet, I was quite disappointed with the results.

I know that those are good tips and backed by scientific research, but it seems like it is very complicated for someone who is lost in life.

For example, if I searched for that when I was in a quarter-life crisis, I would be more lost because it seems like a professor is teaching me how to find my life’s purpose.

It is filled with words that are hard to understand and research papers that people who aren’t into science will find hard to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a lecturer of Clinical Laboratory Science so I know how to read them. But to the general public, I think it would be extremely hard.

In fact, I read something about 3 times just to get their meaning.

But the truth is, it is simple. Just learn how to listen to yourself. There is a high chance that your mind is already screaming what it really wants and we just don’t know how to listen.

To find your life purpose. It is not really hard. Just give yourself some time to be alone and do self-reflection.

Also, try not to be taken away by people on social media showing their luxurious life. It’s usually not your life purpose. Remember that it is called life’s purpose because our purpose is usually different from each other.

Again, here is the link on how to do self-reflection practice: How to develop your self-reflection Practice


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