Why is Time Management a Skill

It’s actually sad when I hear people say that they are not just productive and that time management is something inborn with people. That is because I know that time management is a skill that you can learn. When I was new to personal development, I have bad time management skills and wasted a lot of my time. I was able to learn how to do time management. So this article will be to explain why is time management a skill that we can develop.

Time management is a skill because it is not something that we are born with. Time management is something that you can learn with practice and experience since it is composed of different skills that would ultimately lead to us saving time.

In this article, we are going to give more details on why time management is a skill and it is something that can be learned by anybody. People like me who have bad time management skills were able to learn it by experience and looking at others. So we are also going to share some benefits we can have with time management skills.

This article will give you a clear view of why time management is a skill and why you should learn to improve these skills.

Why Time Management is a Skill?

Time management is a skill because it is something that we learn through practice and experience. Time management is not something that you are born with. People who have good time management skills are just the people who did their best to learn the skill.

When I was a fresh graduate and just learned about real work, I was very naive to think that my time management is bad.

It came to the point where I really think that there is nothing I can do with it.

But it is completely wrong. I have just been out in the real world from school so it is close to obvious that my time management skill is bad.

For example, I am bad at scheduling so my time in doing tasks is like a shoot to the moon.

I really hated those moments where I feel like I have no life balance and I am always busy without achieving anything.

So I tried to improve and learn my time management skills if possible.

As of now, my time management skills and productivity has increased a lot and I thank my past self for trying to improve.

Am I already perfect when it comes to productivity and time management? I don’t think so. I know that there is always room for improvement.

But I am happy with my current situation and it is all thanks to me believing for a few seconds that I can improve my time management skills.

I was able to build this website you are reading while having other jobs such as being a lecturer for Clinical Laboratory Science. I was able to make time for my aims and goals in life because of time management.

So it is my turn to give back. I want you to know that time management is a skill. It is a skill that you can learn and improve upon.

And upon more research, the reason why there are just people that seem to have inborn time management skills, we don’t know what they’ve experienced in their lives.

I know someone who is very good at time management ever since she was a child, when she shared her life, I was shocked.

She just learned how to manage her time because she wants to improve herself since when she was a child, she saw her parents struggling to work just to make her go to school.

That’s why it seemed like she knows how to manage time wisely as she has honors ever since she was little.

But it’s not something she is born with. It came from her desire to work better and save time.

So I hope you get the idea why time management is a skill. It is something that we can learn.

In fact, time management is comprised of different skills and one of them is to focus. To focus on what matters to increase your productivity.

In fact, if there is only one thing that I would instantly boost your time management and productivity to another level, it is to learn how to focus on things that matter.

It is the lesson in the book, Make Time. I learned this big lesson on how to manage my time. Actually, I have a book summary of that here so I think it is good for you to check it out.

Here is the link for the article: Make Time Book Summary

If you want the book, then here is the link for the book: Make Time Book

Plus, I have a video that you can also watch since I made a video about it.

Why do we need time management skills?

Now that we know why time management is a skill and not something you are just born with, it is time to give you reasons why time management skills are important to our lives. We are going to give reasons why we need time management skills in this section.

We need time management skills because they keep our life balanced. The reason for this is that it makes us more productive so we can have many other things to do which leads to freedom. Furthermore, these skills make us less stressed because we can finish our tasks faster.

Now, let’s explain why we need time management skills here.

1. Time management skills keep our life balanced

Time management skills would help us keep a balanced life. This is because when we are good at time management, we can give more time to other things that also matter to us.

It can be a side job, your relationships, your family, or whatever it is.

This balance makes us generally happier and more fulfilled every day.

2. Time management skills make us less stressed

Time management skills make us less stressed because we tend to finish more work if we know how to properly manage our time.

Because we can finish our work, there is no guilt telling us that we have unfinished work when we are enjoying life.

For example, after making this article, I can now do anything I want guilt-free because my objective which is to write this article is already completed before 7 AM.

3. Time Management skills makes us more productive

Time management skills make us more productive because we finish more tasks when we know how to strategically manage our time.

When I finish this article at 7 AM, I am now free to do whatever else I want.

For example, I want to read a book about self-help, or I want to rest, then I am guilt-free because I started my day and it has been very productive.

4. Time Management skills gives us Freedom

Freedom is one of the benefits you can have when you learn how to do time management. The skills you can get from time management make us more productive which frees up a lot of our time. This leads to much free time for us which makes us feel free.

For example, when you are done with your work early because of time management, then you can do other things that matter to you.

It might be to work on anything else, it can be going to school to improve your skills, or it can be to have a meaningful relationship with people you care about.

As you can see, the list is endless depending on what you really want to do. This freedom is only possible once you learned how to do time management.


I hope I’ve made my point on why time management is a skill and why we should build them in our life.

So here is the point.

Time management is a skill that anyone can develop. It is a combination of different skills that can ultimately lead to a well-balanced life and freedom. These skills can be learned through reading books, articles, and through courses and experience.

Thus, don’t give up, and may this article serve as motivation for you to reach your goals and dreams. The best time to improve yourself is 10 years ago, the second-best time is right now.

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