What I Learned from “10x Rule” by Grant Cardone

The 10x Rule Summary and Review, does the 10x Rule Work?

What I learned from the 10x Rule Grant Cardone

The 10x Rule Summary

Basically, this book tells about the importance of doing more effort in doing all the things you dream about. It focuses on doing 10x more effort in doing things for your goals. Doing 10x the effort makes the roadblocks along your way to success so much easier to face because you are ready for them. Only few people will be willing to do 10x the effort to succeed in life, if you are one of them, then congratulations! The only thing you need is action.

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We live in a world where people with high work ethic are being praised. People that don’t accept failure or giving up. We see people who seems like they are living their lives for 48 hours each day like their productivity is sky high. We look up to them but we never really ask ourselves. Can we be productive like them? Can we work like them? What separates them from us? Is our gap in work ethic really that high? Here’s the thing. We are all human.

The real question is why are we giving up so easily. Like we see them being productive and working like we’ve never seen in real life. Why do we just accept that we can’t be productive like them. I mean even is getting just 50% of their productivity is already big. Also remember that most of them have assistants to make their work easier. So with just getting their work ethic and improving our abilities overtime, slowly, we can also reach our full capacity. Getting to their level is not instant, but with time on our side, if we just use our time properly, it’s possible.

So what is the difference between success and failure? Is there even a single big factor that differentiates them? This book seems to give an answer. Some might say that the answer is fairly obvious, but there are also times that we need to be reminded of these simple answer. It’s called reinforcing. Reinforcing something into your brain to remember it really well.  So What separates success and failure is what is called the 10x rule.

Basically, the 10x rule is just doing 10x the effort to achieve your goals. Here’s the thing. All of us want to be successful, but to put the effort in order to achieve success, it seems just half of them will be willing. And doing 10x the effort in order to achieve it, will be so much slimmer.

Here’s the thing with 10x the effort. What most of us seems to forget is that in achieving your goals, there will be roadblocks along the way. Something we don’t anticipate. So the reason for the 10x rule is to be ready for them as soon as possible.

Let’s set myself as an example, I already had a plan when to start making this video. Which is next week. However due to circumstances that I can’t control. Such as a surprise business trip that will immediately happen also next week. I had no choice but to do this video a week before. Can you imagine how much effort I need to do just to be consistent with my weekly videos. It is my commitment to both the business and this channel. So with more effort than usual, I did two videos at a same time to make up to it. Well not 10x, but 2x.

That’s the power of the 10x rule, since you are already prepared to do the work 10x than usual, you are always ready for any roadblocks along the way. Something this book has explained all throughout the book, is that there will also be additional road blocks along the way. But that is not unusual, let’s make a car analogy. The faster you’re driving, the more bumps you will face. That’s basically a rule of life. The faster you finish a task, the more bumps you will cross at a small amount of time. But that’s the beauty of the 10x Rule, you are ready for it.

The next thing this book has told is that success is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to reach your true potential. Just like how I explained in my video on extreme ownership that you should be a leader of your own self first before being a leader of a team, the same is being explained in the book. It simply means that you first need to master yourself before others. I will put a link in the description box below if you also want to watch my review for extreme ownership. One of the great book when it comes to responsibility.

This means that it is your duty first to master your emotions, to know yourself, to know your capacity, to know your skills before doing great things in life. It is also your duty to increase your knowledge in capacity over time. Apply the 10x rule in this and you will see significant results. Also remember that you should also be working efficiently not just hard. Combine the two and you will have a recipe for a better life. I made a video review on Cal Newport’s Deep work, it is a great book for working efficiently, it helped me a lot. I will also leave a link in the description box below so you can also see it if you want.

One thing I want to tell you guys, but this is from me. Not from the book. Is that I believe that success is not what others should tell to you. Success is personal. Within you, you know what you want. If success for you living in a farm, growing plants and eat them. Then good for you. If success for you is to build a billion dollar business and to live in a city then also good for you. Success is what you are dreaming about. Not what others are telling you to do! They can give you ideas but ultimately, it is your responsibility to know what your success looks like. Why am I telling this. Because for me, in order to reach your goals. It is like shooting a basketball. You can’t land a three point shot if you don’t know where the rim is. Same, if your real dream is live a simple life, drive a van across different places and what you’re doing is working to reach the highest corporate ladder, then ask yourself.  I am not telling you to quit your job. But I just want you to know what your real goal is. Just like what the book 7 habits of highly effective people, telling you about thinking of the end in mind, it’s the same. Think first what you really want, put it in a piece of paper and always remind yourself that this is your dream. I also made a video about that. Link also in the description box below.

Another thing this book has taught is kind of a motivation for the right people. It is that you should never fear that only a few people succeed in a certain goal, if you are part of those few people. Like you don’t need to get scared that only 5% of the people succeed if you are in the top 5%. Because you will have 100% chance of success if you are in the top 5%. How can you reach that? Be responsible in your own life. Learn by reading books, watching tutorials, understanding how and why work is important. Success is your responsibility and Duty.

Before I end this video, there is one last thing I want you to understand. It is that Success is infinite. There will never be shortage of success IF you are willing to do the work to attain them. I am actually recording with a cold sore on my tongue, so I am sorry guys for the sound. But I hope you can still understand what I’m talking about. As always, thank you soo much for watching and see you in the next video.


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