What I Learned “Start with Why” By Simon Sinek | Book Summary and Review

Start With Why by Simon Sinek Book Review

In my previous book review for extreme ownership, I said that you should always be the leader of yourself. But how? I mean what is the best way (if there is) to recreate yourself. There are lots of times that what you want yourself to be, is not what it is. Or your ideal version of yourself is not what you are doing. There is something that needs to be fixed.  Most of the time, you lack the “Why.” So you should Start finding your Why.

Here is the summary of the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Start with Why explains the importance of finding out why you do things to achieve your goals in life. Starting with why will differentiate you from others who do it in another way. In here. you will be introduced to what he calls the golden circle where you will understand the importance of “why” in your way to success. 

The good news is that you don’t need anything to start finding out your why. Because it is in you. You just need to be clear to yourself why are you doing this, Why you want to make a great business? Why do you want to be better? Why do you want to lose weight? The great thing about why is that it gets deeper the more you do it. Identifying and Finding out your real reason for your why will give you a reason so get up each day. To hustle your way to your goals. It might seem simple, but it really works.

So how is this possible, let me explain. To explain this better, this is the golden circle as Simon Sinek taught in his book. Most people who don’t succeed in becoming a good leader is because they are starting with the outermost part of the circle. The What part. “What” is the outermost part  of the circle. It works for starting things up but without the why, it would be lost as time goes by. Also, this is the hardest because with only the outer portion, it would be hollow. Without any meaning, Doing things without any meaning will have no impact at all.

The Golden Circle

Let’s give my channel as an example. What do I do? I make videos. Without the “Why” portion of this, I would’ve stop making videos by now. Because without the Why, I won’t find any meaning to it. Why do I need to make these videos? Why do I need to tire myself in editing or preparing the script in these videos. I have other jobs to attend to. But the reason I am still here is because I have my why. I know why I need to make this video. because I know the feeling of some people who just  go to YouTube to search book summaries because they don’t like reading. I also did , I hate reading before, and because of that, I want to share things I’ve learned to people. That’s why this channel was born.

It’s the same with self improvement. You should start finding out your why and why you want to improve yourself. You need to focus thinking by yourself and find out the real reason why you do this. Why do you want to get in shape? Why do you want to live simply? Why do you want to learn from books? The deeper you know your why, the better it will be for you to stick with your goals.

Now let’s take the middle portion of the circle, the “How” part. Some people will tell that they have their “Why” but they don’t change. They really want to change, they really want to improve themselves but it just seem not possible. Know why? They don’t have the “How”.

The how part is how you will do the change. How can I get in shape? Of course eat healthy and exercise. The how is how you are going to execute your plans. Real effective plan plus a solid why is the recipe for success. You have the willpower to push through things because of your why, and a carefully made up plan because of your how. Everything will come to place.

Let’s make this channel as an example. I want to make videos because my why is to help people who are seeking information about self improvement, How can I do it? First is to do my best in making quality videos for you to get value from this videos. Second is that if you like my video, you will leave a like because it really helps me and tells YouTube that my video is good. So Please if you really like this video, consider leaving a like so that YouTube will push this to other people’s recommendation list. The more people I reach, the better and I want to thank you for liking the video. Now let’s go back to the How. I need to make quality videos so I need to make sure I have good audio, video and value for everyone that watches this channel. That is my how. I might have a solid why on why I make videos, but without the proper systems and plans, it will be for nothing.

Now with those two in place, the what will come easily. Why do I make videos? I want to give value to more people who are seeking self improvement. How will I do it? I will create good quality videos so that you will enjoy watching them. What do I do? I make videos. Really simple, but with those in my mind, especially my Solid Why on doing it, it will be easier for me to stick with my goals in life.

This principle is great and all, it makes your habits stick. It makes you ready to achieve your goals as the leader of your own self or even your business. In a business sense, the Why is from the leader, the leader’s job is to always remind the people on the company’s why. Because the Why is their sense of Identity. The How is actually done by middle managers, how can they help in achieving the why of a business. And the what is done by the employees. Starting with why is an important part of success in a business, a great leader will always start with why and that is also the reason why some successful people fail.

There will come time where people who stick with their why becomes filled with success. That is normal. because if you stick with your why and go through with your how, success is just easy to find. But this is a warning to you guys, once you are filled with success, things will become easier and you might forget your why. Always remember to stick with your why. Always remember the hustle you did to reach that goal. It is like what the others say that it is hard to reach the top, but it will be harder to stay there. Always remember your why, and I hope you succeed.

After watching this video, I want you grab yourself a piece of paper and pen. If you don’t have any, you have a notepad on your phone or computer. Start finding out your why and I really hope you ask yourself enough to reach it. Once you reach it, start finding how you will achieve it. I hope you get something from this video, and see you in the next one.


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