Why is Confidence a Good Trait to Develop

As a person who always has self-doubt, I always try my best to build my confidence. Through confidence, I was able to do a lot of things that look very challenging. I am not someone who is really the confident person you will see in movies. But I really tried building the trait. I am going to show in this article why confidence is a good trait.

Confidence is a good trait because it is a meta-skill in which building confidence positively affects all aspects of our life including our career, relationship, health, and many more. This means that confident people will generally have a better quality of life.

Confident people will have a better quality of life. That is a given in our environment right now. People like hanging out with confident ones. They like having business deals with confident ones. Confident people generally takes care of their body so they are healthier. There are numerous advantages in being confident. We are going to talk about these in further detail in this article.

Why is confidence a good trait?

Confidence is a good trait because it affects positively a lot of aspects of our life. People who are confident usually have a better overall life including their health, relationship, and work. This is because confident people usually respect themselves more compared to others.

The important thing to know about confidence is how you respect yourself.

By showing respect to yourself, you will start appreciating what you have such as your abilities, skills, and many more.

This is because there is a simple rule in this world that favors confident people.

If you want to be respected, learn to respect yourself.

By showing confidence, you are showing people that you respect what you have and you are proud of it. People who are seeing that will usually learn to also respect you.

Furthermore, confidence helps us improve our career. Usually, the hardest part of any endeavor is the first step. Our mind will always tell us that we are not enough to do something big.

Confidence is the one that breaks that chain. It helps us go to challenges because of hope. A hope that we can succeed.

Actually, I have discussed in a more detail why self-confidence is a very important trait. In that article, I have made 13 benefits of having confidence. Here is the link in case you are interested in reading it: Why self-confidence is more important than you think?

But let me get things straight. I am not an inherently confident person. I also believe that self-doubt is here because it is very important to us.

In fact, too much confidence is really bad. In my opinion, there is something called fake confidence or what I call empty confidence.

Empty confidence is confidence without any substance. In short, your skills and abilities won’t support your confidence. Too much of this type of confidence is bad. That is why I believe that the best confidence we can have is the type of confidence that comes from skills.

Confidence alone is not enough. It can easily be broken down. The foundation of confidence is skills.

This is another topic that is very important to discuss.

While confidence is a good trait to develop, it doesn’t mean that it is the only thing you need to develop.

Confidence is the belief in your skills and abilities. But if there is no skills to belief at the start, confidence is useless.

But there is an exemption. Confidence is there to force us in accepting life’s challenges. And the best thing about confidence is that even if we currently don’t have the ability or skill, if we are humble and confident, we can succeed.

This is because being humble and confident will spark our willingness to learn. If you don’t have the skills, at least use your confidence learn things in order to succeed.

Even in my case where I started building my first website without any knowledge in writing or design, I believe in myself because I know that I can improve along the way.

The problem I see with people who are extremely confident is that they don’t want to learn and will just rely on confidence.

Remember that too much of every thing is bad and can lead to disaster. Be confident and humble at the same time. Arrogance is not confidence.

Confidence will build your skills. In return, your skills will build more confidence.

I have made an article discussing in detail the relationship between skills and confidence. It is important to know about this if you are very interested about confidence: Which is more important confidence or skill?

Confidence as an important character trait

In life, there are numerous challenges that we will face. There will be times where we can’t rely on our abilities. However, we know that if we just pursue and hold on, we can see the light in the tunnel.

The power that lets us face challenges with just the belief in ourselves is confidence. It is the force that lets us take the first step to achieve our dreams and goals.

In the last section, I told you about how confidence can cause problems if it is too much. However, confidence is really an important trait to develop.

Remember that if you want others to believe in you, you have to first believe in yourself. If you want to be healthy, you have to first believe that you can eat right and exercise. It is the belief or confidence within you that lets you start doing things.

In my life, I faced numerous challenges. I remember when I first had my lecture. My first lecture is in front of 200 plus students. Self-doubt got me that time. I really think that I can’t do something like that. How can a 22-year-old teach 200 plus students that are just a few years younger or even older than me.

I had nothing to rely on that time but confidence. With confidence, I studied a lot. I practiced the way I will speak in public. I prepared myself for that day.

When that day came, it is still my confidence that forced me to speak on the stage in front of those students.

Because of confidence, I got that job and became a lecturer for the next 3 years.

As you can see, confidence is the first step towards the hardest steps in life. The steps which will put your life to the next level. It is also confidence that forced me to make this website to help more people.

That is why confidence is a good trait to develop. Everything in your life will start improving if you take the first step. That’s why some people say that starting is 50% of success.

That 50% relies on your confidence. That even if currently you do not have the abilities to do the tasks, you are confident that you will learn along the way.

The central point is that confidence is an important character trait because it is one of the meta-skills in life. Once you have confidence, everything in your life will change for the better. You will take care of your health more, and people will also respect your more because you respect yourself.


Jason Ong is a YouTuber and the one who owns this site. He shares what he learned with people and makes videos if necessary. He was a former lecturer. The things he taught are topics related to Clinical Laboratory Science or what others call Medical Technology. Right now, he is also working part-time in an app company as a production supervisor. You can visit his YouTube Channel on https://ongjason.com/youtube

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