Do all people hate studying?

With 70% of people not reading books after graduating, it now seems common to see that people really hate studying. If you also hate studying, then it is safe to say that you are not alone. This article would deep dive into this topic. We are going to talk about if everyone really hates studying. I would like to start by straight-up answering the question.

Not all people hate studying. Some people really love studying simply because they found a deep reason to love it. This means that while most people generally hate the act of studying, some people really love studying just because they find it interesting.

In this article, we are going to talk more about this topic. We will discuss why many people hate studying, is it really bad to hate studying, what we can do to start loving to study, and find if there are really people who like to study. Now, let’s get straight into the topic.

Does everyone hate studying?

Not everyone hates studying. In fact, some people love studying. The simplest reason is that they’ve found their deep reason why they do it. Their reason might be related to their goals or just the importance of the topic in their everyday lives.

It is not surprising that many people hate studying.

But we need to dig deeper into this topic because there are reasons why many people hate studying.

First, many people hate studying because they don’t have a valid reason to love it.

What I mean by valid reason is that they see no importance to what they’re studying. It is not that they hate studying, they just don’t feel that what they are studying is important.

For example, teaching algebra to a student doesn’t matter if they don’t see its importance in their lives.

That’s why you see people complaining that what they’re studying in school is not important.

I really can’t blame that since that is really common.

I explained this in more detail in an article where I talked more about the importance of relevance to studies. I suggest you also read it because you need to know the deep reason why people hate studying: Why do some students hate studying?

Going on point, relevance is one of the reasons. Our system of education is so focused on the curriculum that we often forget the importance of relevance of the topic.

Have you ever wondered why students are always excited when they hear that there will be an experiment in the class?

It is not that they just wanted to waste their time in school. The reason why students like experiments are that they can see the things they are studying into action.

It is one thing to learn about the topic, but it is different seeing it in the action.

If we see it that way, we can easily spot why most people are now hating the act of studying. The reason is that there are no valid reasons to do it aside from passing the exams.

Because of that, schools start to give more exams just to force students into studying. And forcing students to study can hurt their love for studying.

The perfect example is my dad that was forced to study and was a straight honor student until middle school. When he reached college, he developed a continued hatred until today because he was forced every day.

But not everything is about school. there is also something we didn’t anticipate.

That is the universal access to education.

Don’t get me wrong. Universal access to education is awesome especially for people who want to get out of poverty.

Before, education is something of a privilege for a selected few. Educated people are widely looked upon because only a few people have finished their studies.

When something is rare, we value it. Same with education.

Because everyone now has access to education, it seems that its value is becoming less. Because of its reduction of value, more and more people tend to hate it.

The reason is the rewards of education are becoming less and less. Before graduating college is a great feat and career opportunities would flood you if you have finished college.

Right now, it is hard to find a job that would fit your degree.

Do you see where I’m going with this? This is something hard to accept but the reality is, we are hating the act of studying simply because we forgot its importance.

That is also the reason why you’ll see more people from poor countries who love studying. They see education as a privilege to get them out of poverty.

When everyone has access to something, it seems not that important. It seems very normal like what’s happening with education.

Is it bad to hate studying?

It is not bad to hate studying. The reason is that hating to study basically means that there is something wrong with what we are doing. The key to solving this is to learn what makes you feel bad about studying and find ways to make you love it.

Remember that it is a good thing that we feel hate for studying. This doesn’t mean that we really hate studying. It just means that there is something behind studying that needs changing.

For example, we might hate the subject we are studying but not the act of studying itself. This means that you could make the topic more interesting to learn how to love studying.

That’s our topic earlier. But there is something more.

Another reason why you might really hate studying is because of distractions.

An example of it is games. We find games much more rewarding. Thus, we begin to hate studying.

This means that maybe, you might now be addicted to games which is the one that you feel is more rewarding than studying.

That’s why it is good to have a proper self-assessment of why you’re feeling hateful about studying.

Self-reflection is necessary to find out the root cause of your hate for studying. It is there for a reason and if you neglect your hate, it would become even bigger in the future.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to self-reflect effectively, then I have a guide for you. I know it would help you a lot. So read this after this article and learn how to do proper self-reflection. This is important to find the root cause of the problem: How to Develop a Self-Reflection Practice

Does anyone like studying?

There are people who like studying. They are the ones who find out the deep reason why they study. This means that they are genuinely interested in the topic and sees the relevance of studying to their goals and aspirations in life. This can be done by anyone.

That means that you can also do it.

If you hate studying, you are part of the majority you really hate studying. But there are others you have overcome this and learned to like studying.

As I’ve said, it is important to reflect on what are the specifics behind studying that you hate. It is important because it is targetting the root cause is the ultimate solution.

If you find out that what you’re studying is irrelevant to your goals, then find ways to make it relevant. Find a reason.

You might also change what you’re studying if you really can’t find any motivation to like the topic.

If you see no real-life application on the topic you’re studying, then look for one.

In our age, information is relatively easy to find. Thus, you can quickly find applications to the things you’re studying with just an internet search.

I’ve actually made an interesting article on why do people like studying. It is also a good read after this article. Feel free to check it out: Why do some people like studying?

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