Being Lazy on Day-off: Good or Bad?

I know how it feels to be guilty when doing nothing on your day off. Actually, for me, a day off feels like something big or a bigger project is coming. Much like a calm before the storm. That might be the reason why we are asking ourselves if being lazy on our day off is a bad idea.

Being lazy on a day off is not a bad idea. Our day-off is our time to be ourselves and having a proper balance between work and life is important. Not resting on day-offs can even be bad for us because it is one of the most common causes of burnout.

While there might be the feeling of guilt getting to us like we should be working instead of resting, it is not true. Our society evolved to be very appreciative of working that it forgot how important resting is for productivity. It is also important to rest and appreciate time for ourselves.

That’s what this article is about. We will be discussing why it is a good idea to rest on day-offs, if it is normal to feel tired on day-offs, and is it good to be lazy at times.

Is it bad to be lazy on your day off?

It is not bad to be lazy of our day offs. Day offs are meant for us to recharge not just our bodies, but also our mind. Being productive in work is not all about working hard all the time but also taking rests seriously because we can’t function properly if we are not well rested.

As someone with a business, I know the guilt when we are having our day or time off from work.

We are always being told that we should get out of our bed immediately and do something right after waking up, or that time always fly so we have to keep up.

But we need to remember that we are all human.

We need to have some rest because rest is very essential in order for us to function properly.

In fact, a well rested state is correlated with increase in productivity and creativity which helps a lot in our career and business.

Furthermore, there is a reason why you are feeling tired on your day off. It might be that you are really working hard on your job that you need some rest.

It is never a good idea to continue working if you are extremely tired. While our society rewards people who seem to work all the time and not resting. Working all the time might lead to burnouts.

Burnout usually happens when we don’t have enough balance too our work and personal life. As a person, we have needs. Of course work satisfies one of our needs which is money.

But we also have other needs such as family, friends, hobbies and many more.

Burn out happens when the balance is lost and we are only focusing on one aspect of our life.

The purpose of a day off is to put the balance back. It is time to be with yourself and have your recharge if you are an introvert, or go outside with your friends if you are an extrovert.

Of course, you can also go out with your best friends as an introvert, but I hope you get the idea.

If you are interested in how introverts socialize, I have made an article discussing this. It is also interesting for an extrovert because you will see how we introverts socialize. It is good if you want to befriend an introvert: How do introverts socialize?

If you prepare to just lay in your bed and get your well deserved rest or me time, then do it in your day off. Day offs are meant to keep your balance in check.

It is not bad to be lazy on your day-offs as long as you know you deserve some rest from a long time in work.

Is it normal to feel tired on your day off?

Feeling tired on your day off is normal especially if your work is physically or mentally draining. But feeling tired on your day off might also mean that you are not having enough rest in your workdays. This means that you should take rest on your day off seriously.

When we work, we use our physical and mental energy to do our tasks. This means that it usually drains our energy.

Whether we are working on a physically demanding or a mentally demanding work, we are going to get tired when we work the whole day.

Combine that with working continuously for a few days then it is normal to get tired on your day off.

But that doesn’t mean that the only cause of getting tired on your work is that your work is physically or mentally demanding.

This might also mean that you are not taking your rests seriously.

As an adult, you should take rests seriously. It is recommended to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

If you are neglecting yourself because of work, it is a different story.

Becoming physically exhausted on day-off can be bad if its source is that you are not taking care of yourself properly.

For example, when I was working, I usually have 16 hours of duty and night shifts. This tires myself out so on my day-offs, I usually just stay at my home and rest.

This does not mean that I am lazy, it just means that I am tired and I need some rest. I need to take care of my body because I know that I will suffer in the end if I don’t take rest seriously.

While I am an advocate of not being lazy and working on your goals, I take rests seriously. That’s why even if I made an article on the disadvantages of laziness, it doesn’t mean that you should not rest. Take care of your body if it is tired and don’t force it. If you are interested in the article where I gave the disadvantages of laziness and you need some motivation to stay out of bed for some reason, then you may check this out: What are the Disadvantages of Laziness?

So with my previous job, it is normal to get tired on my day-off. It is by no means bad especially if you are working really hard.

Is it good to be lazy sometimes?

It is good to be lazy sometimes because it is our means to balance our life. This means that if you are lazy because you want some time for yourself or for others, then it is completely fine. However, too much of everything is bad including extreme laziness.

We all need some balance in our life whether it is for ourselves or for our relationships.

What I mean by this is that if we are becoming lazy in our work, this means that our body might be telling us that we just need some rest.

As you can see, I know how detrimental laziness is for our lives. However, I also know that we all have times where we are just not in the mood to do things.

And that is just normal. To be lazy at times means that you might need to take care of yourself for some time.

What is bad is that you’re being lazy all the time. This means that you are staying away from your responsibilities in life.

But taking a break once in a while to travel or just to enjoy is not a bad idea.

We take our day offs because it is our time to balance things out.

Because in life, we have to balance every thing in we want to be satisfied. This includes work, personal, relationships, and many more.

And our day-off is our time to balance our work to other aspects in our life that seem important.

So if you just want to be yourself and rest on your day off, then feel free to do it. If you want to meet your friends then it is also good.

Taking some rest and being lazy on your day off is good because it helps us find balance in our life. Furthermore, it helps us prevent burnout. Day offs are the perfect time to rest, recharge and find things that interest us other than work.

But also take note that too much of every thing is bad including laziness.

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