Confidence: Most Important Quality?

Many self-improvement gurus talk about confidence. Some argue that it is the most important quality. In my case, I am a firm believer that confidence is necessary in order to achieve great things in life. While I am not inherently confident, through learning I was able to have confidence as a trait. In this article, we are going to talk about why confidence is one of the important qualities.

Confidence is the most important quality because it is very essential to have confidence in order to start working on things, that seem beyond our capabilities. Because of confidence, we learn by doing. And the skills we learn by doing will bring us to our fullest potential.

Confidence is a skill that will bring the best out of us. Without confidence, we won’t bring out the best we can do. While doubting yourself is important in some situations, in other instances, confidence is important. Success starts with confidence. The confidence that you can improve.

Is confidence the most important quality?

Confidence is the most important quality because it removes fear. Fear is something that holds us whenever we will do something that can improve our life and career. With confidence, we are able to still work on our goals despite questioning our abilities making it a meta-skill.

Meta-skills are skills that improve other qualities of your life.

This means that these type of skills will affect not just your work, but also other aspects of your life including family, friends, business and many more.

In one of my other articles, I talked about confidence as a skill in which I said that it is a soft skill. Soft skills affects many aspects of our life.

This is because confidence is a meta-skill. Improve your confidence and a lot of good things will come to your life.

If you are interested in knowing more about confidence and why I argue that confidence is something that we can improve upon, here is an article where I explained that while self-confidence is something others seem just born with, it can be improved by learning. Is confidence a skill?

To give you an example why confidence is a meta-skill, let me explain it with a short story of my life.

Unlike other people who seem like they have self-confidence ever since childhood, I was actually the person that is bullied in school.

Thus, my self-doubt is quite low ever since I was young. That might be the reason why I went to escapism in which I found something that helped me cope up with the bullies. My personal escape is games. I have a story on my gaming life and an article on why I quit gaming for 3 months. Here is the article if you are interested: Quitting Games

That is my biggest reason for my low confidence and it prohibited me from wanting to face my goals and dreams.

But I still have goals, I want to make a website to help people. To give relevant information. Thus this site was born.

I do not have any confidence to build this website. Trust me I really don’t. In fact, I just mustered up all my confidence in order to make my first site.

I made my first site even if I am filled with self-doubt. What am I going to do here? I have no idea about website design. I am not a good writer.

But it is the belief in myself that got me here. I got every confidence I had into building a website, placing a theme and started making my first article.

My first article is only a short one, very short one but took me 4 hours to write.

Looking back, now that I have made hundreds of articles, I can say that it was a long journey.

But it all started with confidence. Giving all the confidence I can give just to create a website.

Through using my confidence, I was able to make this website bigger. I was able to publish a lot of articles. I was able to find out what I want to do with my life.

All of those started with confidence.

That is why self-confidence is a very important quality. It must be one of the important quality if we are talking about starting a project or improving yourself.

First, you have to believe. Then work really hard to build your skills. Finally, once your skills are built, your confidence will definitely rise.

And the confidence you get from building your skills, is the best confidence you can have.

I talked about the relationship between skills and confidence in this article. They are very related to each other unlike what others think: Which is more important confidence or skill?

Why is confidence the most important quality?

Confidence is the most important quality because it is a meta-skill. Meta-skills are skills in which they affect almost all aspects of our lives. These skills generally make our quality of life significantly better the more we build it. A confident person would usually have a better life in general.

Confidence can affect many areas of our life.

A confident person will usually have better relationships, career, personality and life.

That is why one of the qualities that is important to build is confidence.

The moment I got my confidence through working hard, I became happier. When I see improvements and growth in my work and myself, I become more confident.

It is a cycle in which my skills improve as my confidence improves.

With my confidence, I was able to live a happier life. Of course, there are still times that I doubt my abilities. But it is different from before.

Right now, I had my doubts before writing this article. But because of my experience, I was able to force myself into writing.

These things which confidence force us to do makes us a better person overall.

A master artist started writing one art. A legendary song writer started writing one song. A professional basketball player started by trying to shoot a ball.

For me, a blog writer who made a short article already made hundreds of articles.

The hardest step to take is the first step. But it is worth it because it all starts from there.

It is confidence that forces us to just do it. Even if it seems way ahead of our abilities, it is our confidence that tells us to just take it and learn it along the way.

Without our belief in ourselves, going up the ladder or improving ourselves will be close to impossible.

So my point here is this. Confidence is one of the most important quality not just because it is a meta-skill in which it improves all aspects of our lives. It is also the first step in many of our endeavors. It is what makes us work for our life goals because starting is the hardest part of every endeavor.

I’ve made an article listing 13 benefits of having self-confidence. It is a good read, especially we are talking about why is self-confidence one of the most important quality. You can read it here: Why self-confidence is more important than you think?

“The most difficult step ever is the first step. It comes with doubts, uncertainties, and all sort of fears. If you defy all odd and take it, your confidence will replicate very fast and you’ll become a master!”

Israelmore Ayivor

Confidence as the Most Important Trait

Now, you already have the reason why confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have.

It is very important to use confidence in our lives in order to start doing things that seem really hard.

Do not get me wrong. I also attributed where I am right now to my doubts. In fact, I believe that self-doubt and self-confidence would work together really well. In fact, I made an article discussing the importance of self-doubt. This is because my self-doubt forced me to not just take the first step, but to also work on myself to build my confidence. Here is the article if you are interested in knowing the benefits of self-doubt: Is self-doubt a weakness?

I am someone who believes in the power of both self-doubt and self-confidence, and if we only know how to use both of these, they will be very important in our lives.

But my central point is this. Confidence is the most important trait we can have especially if we are talking about taking the first step to challenges in life. The first step is usually the hardest, but it is necessary for us to use our confidence to work things out because happiness happens after starting our journey.

This is because the moments where we give our best are the best moments of our life.

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